5 Best Waterfall Faucet For Vessel Sink

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With so many people looking to transform their bathroom into a peaceful retreat, it’s no wonder that the waterfall faucet for vessel sink fixture has become such a popular bathroom upgrade solution. The waterfall faucet design provides an updated touch while adding a calming feel to that room in your home where you seek relaxation and restoration.

These waterfall faucets for bathroom sinks provide the look, feel, and sound of a soothing waterfall. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, so you are sure to find one the matches the style and décor of your bathroom, whether classic or contemporary. And in fact, they don’t even have to be coupled with a vessel sink. So if you prefer having the extra bathroom storage space of a cabinet under your sink, no worries, you can add a waterfall faucet to virtually any type of sink.

Top Picks :

Top 5 Best Waterfall Faucets Reviews

Below we’re reviewed 5 waterfall faucets for vessel sinks that have received top ratings from buyers. These cover a range of styles, finishes, and prices to suit every budget.

1. Jaida Waterfall Faucet from Pfister

Pfister F042JDKK Jaida Single Control 4' Centerset Bathroom Faucet, Brushed Nickel

The Jaida Waterfall Faucet is a simple yet graceful single handle faucet from Pfister with soft sleek lines and subtle traditional styling. The single handle, single faucet hole versatile design can be mounted on either a sink deck or counter top. Available in 3 stylish finishes.


  • Comes in your choice of brushed nickel, polished chrome, or Tuscan bronze finishes
  • Comes with optional deck plate for covering extra sink holes during faucet installation
  • Includes Pfister’s innovative Push and Seal pop-up drain assembly, designed to provide a tight seal even with an imperfect drain hole of a ceramic sink
  • Comes with Pfister’s Pforever Seal – advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee
  • Meets or exceeds standards of EPA WaterSense, reducing water consumption by 30% and helps average households save up to $200 in their annual water bill
  • Fully ADA compliant
  • Comes with full warranty from Pfister


  • Spout Height: 4.875 inches
  • Spout Reach: 4.438 inches
  • Total Height: 8 inches

The Jaida Waterfall Faucet is an ideal pick for those seeking a stylized, high quality faucet with a modest yet elegant design, backed by one of the premium manufacturers in the industry. With nearly 200 reviewers averaging a 4.5 star rating, this is sure to be a winner.

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2. KES Bathroom Waterfall Faucet

KES® L3109B Soild Brass Bathroom Single Handle Waterfall Vessel Sink Faucet with High Spout Tall, Chrome

This waterfall faucet for vessel sinks manufactured by KES comes in two heights to accommodate your needs, whether you have a tall vessel sink, a built in basin, or desire a more dramatic plunge. It has a large rectangular spout and a modern yet classic angular design.


  • Available in brushed nickel or chrome finishes
  • Constructed of solid brass for durability and longevity
  • Smooth, long lasting, drip-free ceramic disc cartridge
  • Quiet operation

Tall Model Measurements:

  • Total Height: 12.5 inches
  • Total Length: 5.5 inches
  • Spout Height: 9.5 inches
  • Regular Model Measurements:
  • Total Height: 6.5 inches
  • Total Length: 5.2 inches
  • Spout Width: 1.6 inches

It seems you can’t go wrong with this faucet, which is rated a full 5 stars by users. With 2 height options and 2 finish options, you can choose the one that best fits your décor.

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3. Oil Rubbed Bronze Waterfall Sink by Rozinsanitary

Rozin Waterfall Bathroom Sink Vessel Faucet Oil Rubbed Bronze One Hole Basin Mixer Tap

Rozinsanitary brings us this bathroom sink faucet constructed of solid brass with a rustic oil rubbed bronze finish. Uniquely curved lines give this piece a unique look.

  • Comes in a black based oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • Strong, solid water flow, ideal for larger sinks
  • Lower price than many other styled alternatives

Measurements :

  • Total Height: 12.2 inches
  • Spout Height: 7.5 inches
  • Spout Length: 3.74 inches

The unique yet versatile look of this faucet together with its low price make it a good option for a more economical upgrade to your bathroom.

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4. Vega Waterfall Faucet from Pfister

Pfister F042VGKK Vega Single Control 4 Inch Centerset Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel

Like the first item above, the Vega Waterfall Faucet is also manufactured by Pfister. But this unit offers a chic, contemporary design with a slick, angular spout with a longer reach.


  • Available in brushed nickel or polished chrome finish
  • Comes with Pfister’s easy to use Push and Seal pop-up drain assembly. Just press with your finger to seal and press again to open. Designed to provide a tight seal every time. Available in 2 finishes.
  • One or three hole installation made easy with included optional deck plate
  • High efficiency flow rate meets or exceeds EPA WaterSense Standards, lessening the impact on the environment while helping you save on your utility bills
  • ADA compliant
  • Comes with Pfister’s limited lifetime warranty


  • Total Height: 8 inches
  • Spout Height: 4.2 inches
  • Spout Reach: 5.2 inches

Another top pick from Pfister, the Vega Waterfall Faucet is a perfect choice if you’re looking to add an ultra-modern, clean-lined touch to your bathroom.

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5. Deck Mount Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet by Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox Contemporary Deck Mount Single Handle Widespread Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet Chrome Bathtub and Bath Tub Mixer Taps Plumbing Fixtures Single Hole Faucet Direct

The Lightinthebox brand waterfall sink faucet is our least expensive pick. It is a low profile fixture with a widespread spout, and comes in a scratch resistant chrome finish, and also a newer


  • Polished chrome finish
  • Thick brass base and double bolt installation for solid, secure fit


  • Total Height: 3.9 inches
  • Spout Height: 2.3 inches
  • Spout Width: 3.3 inches

If you’re looking for a low cost, unassuming yet classic looking waterfall faucet to add to your bathroom, then this one by Lightinthebox is absolutely worth considering.

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Buying Guide: Waterfall Faucet for Vessel Sink

wash hand waterfall faucet

Now that you are aware of the top 5 Best Waterfall Faucets for vessel sink available in the market, it is also good to understand what makes them the best. The 5 Vessel sink faucets we have reviewed are not the only types that are in the market. They have stood to be the best due to the top-quality features. If you want to know the best consider

Mounting style

Mounting style is the top-quality factor you need to look at. Vessel sink faucets can be counter-mounted, sink-mounted, or wall-mounted. Wall-mounted faucets are hard to install because they need a water pump running up on the wall. They are ideal for one that doesn’t have enough space around the faucet.
Counter-mounted faucets are the most popular type in many vessels’ sink faucets. They appear to be similar to traditional sink faucets, although they are different. They have a single tap for cold and hot on top, and they are much taller than the standard sink faucets.
The sink-mounted faucets are the last type, and this, however, might not be the ideal option because it depends on the type of vessel sink faucets you have. To use it, you need to have a wide sink on one side and a space to mount it. So, it is good to decide on which mounting type is ideal for you.

Faucet spout Height

Knowing the height of your vessel sink should be the starting point when you are about to buy your faucets. The faucets need to be taller than the edge of the bowl to give you plenty of space to wash them comfortably. Avoiding choosing a faucet that is too long or short, it appears out of place. It is good to measure the reach-out spout.

Faucet Finish

Do you need a faucet that will blend the rest of your room? Then consider the finish of cabinet knobs and showerhead, something that will complement your bathroom. Various faucets are available in several finishes like popular brushed nickel. You can also choose a black finish if you need something unique.

Ease of Installation

We all need to buy a waterfall faucet that we can install by ourselves. You won’t be comfortable with a complicated sink faucet that needs many plumber skills to install. Ensure you have checked the mounting holes on the sink so that you can choose the faucet that matches it. This will make the installation process easy.

Water Flow Movement or Water Pressure

You need to check on the flow of water in the faucet you choose. There are two types, aerated spout that provides calm water movements with pressure assistance and non-aerated spout that creates free flow water. Choose which waterfall is suitable for your bathroom.


Waterfall faucets feature a wide spout that resembles a waterfall. Some models have inbuilt LED lights that draw the attention of waterfall effects. This kind of faucet adds a touch of elegance to your room. You need to decide if you will have such a waterfall faucet to blend your room.

How to Install a Waterfall Faucet

how to install a bathroom faucet

Replacing the traditional faucets with the waterfall faucet isn’t that easy. There are steps you need to follow to have a successful installation of it. The steps include

Step1. Preparation

We are ensured that you have eradicated the old sink faucets in a proper way. The area should be free from any obstructions when you start working.

Step2. Waterline connection

Attach the cold and hot water equipment lines to the faucet assembly. The faucet assembly is designed to accept all traditional layouts of cold on the right and hot on the left. Tighten the connection with pliers to ensure it is good.

Step3. Rubber over brass

Ensure that you have inserted the rubber washer into all brass before mounting them with a screw into the gasket hole.

Step4. Waterline through the vanity

Feed every water line via the corresponding holes that are under the vanity top

Step5. Mounting the faucet assembly

Secure the mounting screw below the faucets appropriately as you hold the faucet assembly above. Ensure that the rubber gasket is in contact with the vanity. Ensure that you have secured it tightly and it is stable before you let it.

Step6. Another screw mounting

There are some hovels that you need to mount with the second screw to make it stable. Ensure that you have tightened the waterfall faucet assembly and mounting screws well.

Step7. Water connects

Connect every water line to the appropriate control valves, the hot on the life while the cold on the right, and tighten them well.

Step8. Drain

Put a basin on the vanity hole and put a drain in the holes. Assign drain locking nut from under and ensure it is fastened well against the basin to prevent leaking. Place a drain spacer ring on the fitting against the bottom of the basin.

Step9. Set the drain hole

Put some drain fittings on the vanity drain hole to ensure the spacer ring is in the right place between the vanity and the basin. Fasten the drain assembly, and it will be ready for use.

How to Clean the Waterfall Faucet?

how to clean faucet filter with vinegar

Cleaning waterfall faucets makes them look stylish and prevents them from rusting due to some foreign materials on the faucet. Cleaning the faucets is simple. If you want a daily clean, you need to use a clean microfiber cloth in wiping the waterfall every day.
This helps to avoid anything that might be abrasive to the waterfall. If there is limescale on the faucet, use the lemon ingredient to clean it. You place a small lemon ingredient on a clean, soft cloth and wipe the limescale materials from the faucet.
It is good to ensure you avoid toothpaste getting into contact with the waterfall taps as it can affect the coating more, especially those with a gold finish.


Do waterfall faucets use more water?

Waterfall faucets have a spout mechanism designed to control the water flow and temperature that one uses. With this technology, you will realize that the amount of water used is not more. All you need to do is to check on the pressure the spout is having.

Do tall faucets splash more?

If you select a faucet with a sprayer like simplice, then opt for a deep sink. When the faucet is taller, there are higher chances of splashing out more especially when you are washing your vegetables, and therefore, you need to go for a deep sink.

How long should my vessel sink faucet spout need to be?

The length of your vessel sink faucet spout depends on how far the faucet will be from the vessel sink. Measure the distance from where you will mount the faucet to the vessel sink to help you know the length of the faucet spout you need. Don’t buy any faucet spout length if you are not sure.

How can your faucet save water?

The only way you can save your water is to install a waterfall faucet with a slow water flow pressure. This device saves a lot of water as it adds air to the water stream to use as minimal water as possible.

How do you reduce faucet flow?

To adjust the flow of the faucet is possible. You need to rotate the valves in a clockwise motion to reduce the water pressure. If the water pressure is higher, turn the valve in clockwise by a quarter, ensure you have tuned the other valve the same.

How does a waterfall tap work?

A waterfall tap is a modern device that is used in sink faucets instead of traditional taps. It works through a spout mechanism that controls the amount of water and temperature that the tap reduces. It also features mixer taps that have flow regulators to control water temperature.

Final Thought

Getting a stylish vessel sink faucet that meets your needs is important. It not only makes your bathroom look sophisticated but also stylish and adds elegance to it. All the vessel sink faucets we have reviewed are of high-quality features and it can do an amazing job of transforming your small space into a useful one and attractive one.
If you have been searching for the best sink faucets for your room, I am sure you landed in the best place. We hope that the top 5 devices we have reviewed will meet your needs. To know if it is best, check on the factors we highlighted you need to check on.

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