Best Towel Holder & Rack for Bathroom

Best towel holder and racks come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. And with brushed nickel being one of the most popular finishes in contemporary home hardware, finding one that goes with your bathroom décor and meets your needs can present several beautiful and varied options.

Brushed nickel is a rich and subtle satiny finish that provides a high quality modern look, and without constant fingerprint smudges like you get with polished chrome, is easy to clean and maintain. Depending on the manufacturer, the color and look of brushed nickel, satin nickel, brushed chrome, or polished stainless steel can all be very similar and the names used interchangeably.

Top Picks : 3 Best Bathroom Towel Holder

6 Best Towel Holder

Whether you’re looking for something to stand on the floor or on the counter, we’ve identified 6 top rated bathroom towel stands in brushed nickel that can make a great addition to any bathroom.

1. Floor Standing S Shaped Towel Holder in Satin Nickel, by Gatco

Gatco 1508 Floor Standing S Style Towel Holder, Bronze


  • Hand-polished satin nickel finish
  • Two simple yet elegantly curved rods create an “S” or waterfall shape – The higher bar measures 37 inches off the floor and the lower bar measures 35.5 inches from the floor
  • Tall enough so that a standard 50 inch bath towel folded in half over an arm for drying easily clears the floor, making it perfect for hanging bath towels or entire towel sets
  • Total weight is about 10.5 pounds, weighted at the 10 inch diameter base to prevent tipping.
  • The base can be up against a wall and still have a .5 inch clearance between the towel bar and the wall, so it can work great in a corner or just outside a shower or tub
  • Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

This lovely satin nickel waterfall towel stand is a freestanding unit that rises about 39 inches from a round base on the floor of your bathroom. Towels hang from two curved arms that form the shape of an S, sometimes referred to as a waterfall.

This stand is very highly rated by users, and can be a perfect solution when there is no wall-mounted towel rack where you need one. If you like this shape but need a small counter top version, have a look at number 5 below.

2. Brushed Nickel Double Hand Towel Tree Stand by Umbra

Umbra Palm Double Hand Towel Tree, Brushed Nickel 2 Towels Holder and Accessories Stand for Bathroom Vanities - Slim, Modern, Durable Bars With Base Serves as a Jewelry Tray for Rings


  • Measures 13.5 inches tall, and 10.5 inches wide across the widest parts including bar and end caps
  • There is approximately 2.5 inches between the two bars, which is perfect for draping two small hand towels, or a single towel elegantly over both bars.
  • Round base of stand is weighted to keep it upright and steady

This two-tiered palm towel tree from Umbra is a great way to keep small finger tip hand towels neat and easy to reach on any countertop, bathroom shelf, or tub rim. Constructed of durable metal and plated with a brushed nickel finish.

This small brushed nickel towel stand makes a nice choice for keeping finger tip towels, well, at your finger tips. This may just be the stylish accessory you’ve been looking for to finish off your bathroom design.

3. Floor Standing Swing Arm Brushed Nickel Towel Stand

Free Standing Swing Arm Towel Stand - Brushed Nickel


  • Stand is 38.5 inches tall
  • Three rods or arms hold three bath towels or a set of towels
  • Arms swing independently and can be opened wide or tightened together to fit the space you have available
  • Round stand base is weighted to keep it sturdy and prevent tipping

This free standing towel rack stands anywhere on the floor. It has 3 arms that swing independently of one another and can each hold a bath towel or hand towel. The free swinging arms can be arranged however you like to fit best in your bathroom space.

With its simple lines and smooth brushed nickel finish, this towel stand can be at home in any bathroom.

4. InterDesign York Lyra Satin Finish Fingertip Towel Stand

iDesign 62775 York Metal Free-Standing Hand Towel Drying Rack for Master, Guest, Kids' Bathroom, Laundry Room, Kitchen, 6" x 9" x 13.5", Satin Silver


  • Clean traditional design
  • Durable steel with a satin finish make this a sturdy and steady counter height stand
  • Compact space-saving design measures 13.5 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 6 inches deep
  • Comfortable holds two washcloths or a washcloth and a hand towel
  • Part of a matching line of InterDesign products that includes toilet paper holders, magazine racks, and more

This stain finish counter-top towel stand from InterDesign’s York Lyra collection is a favorite for smaller bathrooms or vanities. It comfortably holds two small towels on two separate rods, great for a washcloths or small hand towels.

The traditional design of clean lines and gentle curves of this rack look great with any décor. And the small size provides a space saving solution for your bathroom that can be placed on a small counter-top or an over the toilet shelf.

The low price and high quality make this compact satin bathroom towel stand a top value for your powder room. Plus, you can add other accessories from the InterDesign York Lyra line to carry this classic design throughout the room.

5. Satin Nickel Counter Top S Shaped Towel Holder, by Gatco

Gatco 1547 Counter Top S Style Towel Holder, Satin Nickel


  • Hand-polished nickel finish
  • Two staggered curved rods create an “S” or waterfall shape – the higher bar is 13 inches high and the lower bar is 12 inches high
  • Ideal for hanging smaller hand towels and washcloths
  • The base measures 4 inches in diameter
  • Protective foam-like material on the bottom prevents countertops from scratches
  • Comes with Gatco’s 1-year warranty

If you like the waterfall shape of our first pick above but prefer something to place on a counter or shelf instead, then take a look at this brushed nickel towel holder.

Made with the same skilled craftsmanship and fine satin nickel finish, this counter top towel holder has the same two-rod S shape, but stands just about 14 inches tall.

This can be a nice item on its own, or for larger bathrooms, combine it with the floor standing version in #1 above for a matching set.

6. Satin Nickel Counter Top Towel Ring, by Gatco

Gatco 1454SN Countertop Towel Ring, Satin Nickel


  • Two independent rings swing up and down for easy handling of two small towels
  • Coated in a hand-polished nickel finish
  • The base has a plastic cover on the bottom to protect your counter from rust or scratches
  • 1-year limited warranty is included

Another option from Gatco, this countertop stand is simply and functionally designed with two towel rings. This is a small stand, made for smaller sized finger-tip towels or washcloths, and works well next to the sink, at the tub rim, or in any other compact spot.

This small piece is an ideal space saving solution for having a towel or two nearby when there is no room for a wall rack, such as at a vanity or in a small guest bathroom.

Whether you’re looking for a decorative floor standing towel rack for a large master bathroom or a compact counter-top stand for a smaller space, these 6 highly rated choices offer a nice variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to meet every budget and décor.

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