AKDY® 185 Nozzles 3-way Overhead Rainfall Shower Head

Have you been looking for a cost effective way to improve your shower? Does the luxury of a spa seem to be unattainable as far as bringing such enhancements into your home?

Your search is about to come to an end.

The AKDY® 185 Nozzles 3-way Overhead Rainfall Shower Head allows you to change your entire shower experience. By employing the rainfall jet spray style at the main head combined with relaxing massage jets, you can turn your home shower into a top-notch spa with the touch of a knob. The greatest element is that this shower head is easy to install and use.

A Relaxing Rainfall

The relaxing rainfall allows you to turn your shower from simply a routine into something much better. With multiple rubber nozzles, the stream of water that flows creates the right amount of water pressure to ease the tension after a long day. You can control this aspect of the shower head with easy to control dial and provides a comforting massage as you shower. The best way to describe the relaxing rainfall is that it emits ‘a taste of heaven’.

The Flow

The shower panel is well-made and very attractive. It even has an led screen (requires battery) that will tell you when the water has reached your desired temperature.

The multiple flow settings are also a wonderful addition to your home shower. With adaptable washing, you can customize your shower in a way that you take pleasure in the most. You can go from the energetic rain to a waterfall as well as a mist. With the correct amount of water pressure, you can be assured for a complete clean each and every time. What’s even better, you can use the flow settings for a quick and effortless cleaning of your shower stall to keep your bathroom immaculate at all times.

Upgrade Time

Not only will you upgrade the overall feel of your bathroom, the manner of the way it has been constructed will be particularly eye-appealing. It has a sleek and stunning appearance. The showerhead, which also has heat-resistant construction, completes the modern look of the ultra-luxury shower head. The thermal plastic is soundly created which allows one to enjoy a long, hot shower. Without a doubt, this will be a welcomed addition to any homeowner who wishes to modernize their bathroom.

Water Diverter 

Another amazing feature of the AKDY® 185 Nozzles 3-way Overhead Rainfall Shower Head is the multifunctional water diverter. One can easily switch from the jet massage option to the waterfall. The best aspect about this feature is how it allows a redirection of the flow of water from overhead right into the shower wand. One doesn’t have to worry of loss of pressure of the water when using this function. The 3 way water diverter can be easily installed without any additional tools and only takes five minutes to complete the installation. The only additional item needed is Teflon tape which is included with the showerhead.

Low Maintenance 

The rubber shower nozzle offers you a worry-free and hassle-free maintenance. Keeping your showerhead well taken care of is a top priority for any homeowner. Luckily, the design which the AKDY® 185 Nozzles 3-way Overhead Rainfall Shower Head has is intended for an easy clean. Using only your hands, you don’t need to scrub or acquire chemicals that may be harmful to the family or the environment. Whether you clean your shower stall or tub weekly or daily, everyone can enjoy spotless showering experience.

Easy Installation

The simple method of installation for the new showerhead allows you to set up your AKDY® 185 Nozzles 3-way Overhead Rainfall Shower Head within minutes. In order to install your new showerhead, all that is required is to remove your old showerhead and attach the new deluxe model. The plastic is lightweight and sturdy and is an ideal attachment to more fragile shower fixtures. The main shower head is neither excessively large nor does it take up a lot of space. The curve design promotes a natural fitting as you complete the installation process.

  • The AKDY® 185 Nozzles 3-way Overhead Rainfall Shower Head is cost efficient.
  • Provides a spa-like experience for your home bathroom.
  • The Ultra-Luxury Shower Head has been known to not have enough water pressure.
  • Ensure that the water pressure in your home is working.


Q. Can the wand be used at the same time as the shower head?

A. For this instance, you may use one or the other as far as the wand and the shower head are concerned. Both cannot be used at the same time.

Q. Doesn’t it need an adjustable wrench to install it?

A. You do not need any other tools for installation.

Q. Is the arm included?

A. The arm is not included. The nozzle does screw into the arm aperture.


The AKDY® 185 Nozzles 3-way Overhead Rainfall Shower Head is a cost effective way of modernizing your bathroom and offers a spa experience in your home. The installation and maintenance of the showerhead is simple to manage and to ensure the showerhead’s longevity. ADKY also issues a lifetime limited parts warranty which promises that the showerhead is free from any defects. Strongly and beautifully created, your showering experience will be, truly, like a spa.

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