Best Rear Outlet Toilet Reviews

If you’re preparing to add or replace a bathroom toilet in your home or business restroom. It’s important to know if a rear outlet toilet is the best option for you. This type of toilet typically takes up less room and fits into a smaller area, creating a great space saving solution for small bathrooms.

Top Picks : 5 Best Rear Outlet Toilet

What is a Outlet Toilet?

floor outlet toilet

A back outlet toilet, also referred to as a rear outlet toilet or back flush toilet, is different from a standard toilet in that instead of the plumbing going down below the toilet in the way that we are most accustomed to, it goes into the wall behind the toilet.

There are several reasons you may need a rear outlet toilet. Here are just a few:

  • You are remodeling or renovating a bathroom where the existing pipes are already run through the wall behind the toilet
  • Your bathroom sits on a concrete slab or other orientation where it is not feasible to run pipes below the toilet
  • Your bathroom is above another floor where the ceiling below does not provide room for downward piping
  • The clean lines and minimal footprint of a back outlet toilet works best in the tight confines of many smaller bathroom and half-baths

In short, you can install a rear outlet toilet where you never before thought it possible.

Whether you are looking for a floor-mounted or a wall-hung toilet with tank, here are some of the top rated back discharge toilets to consider for your home, garage, office, or other location.

6 Best Rear & Back Outlet Toilet Reviews

1. Saniflo 083 White Toilet Bowl Round, One Size

SANIFLO Round Toilet Bowl - Soft Close - Residential - White

Saniflo 083 white is a less known water-efficient rear toilet that can be perfect for your home. It has a frame height of 16.5″ that is efficient for elderly and adult users. The trapway, low flush, and wash down style increase comfort and make it a perfect sitting toilet.
If you need a toilet to install on your surface or in the bathroom basement without affecting your floor outlet toilet, this is the perfect option to go for.


Elongated bowl and vitreous china tank: The elongated bowl helps provide additional comfort when you sit on the toilet. It only comes with a limited warranty of 1 year in China.

Enhanced flushing: Saniflo 083 provides you with an enhanced flush performance every time. It uses 1.28 gallons of water in each flush to clean the bowl well.

Standard height: It has a standard height of 16.5 inches, comfortable for most elderly and adult people.

Complete package: The toilet is supplied with a pair of lag screws, china protectors, and plastic anchors used for easy installation.

Material and dimensions: Saniflo are made from plastic materials that are hard enough. The product dimensions are 17.75 x 27 x 16.75 inches, which makes it perfect for adult use.


  • Made from durable vitreous china plastic material that lasts for long
  • The elongated bowl adds comfort when sitting in your toilet
  • It has a height size of 16.5 inches high that is perfect for adults
  • It saves water for future use at it uses only 1.28 gallons in one flush


  • Some customers complain about easy breakage of the toilet

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2. Swiss Madison SM-2T120 Calice Two-Piece Elongated Rear Outlet Toilet

Swiss Madison SM-2T120 Calice Two Piece Elongated Rear Outlet Toilet, Dual Flush

Swiss Madison SM-2T12 is a rear two-piece outlet designed to be used in areas with less space for installing the flush toilet. Its graceful design adds elegance to the bathroom and offers improved comfort when you sit on the toilet. You will also have significant water savings as it uses a dual flush.


Great design: Swiss Madison has a skirted trap way design that adds elegance to your bathroom and makes it easy to clean. It also features a soft closing toilet seat that closes gently and quietly when using.

Easy installation: The toilet contains side holes that provide easy access to the floor bolts for you to install easily without any complications.

Dual flush: It provides you with full flush and half flush options to use; this helps save the amount of water you use per flush to clean the bowl.

Ideal height: The 16-inch height bowl is comfortable for all members of the family. The bowl is elongated to provide improved comfort. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Product dimensions: This rear outlet toilet is made from Ceramic material with a modern style and weighs 105 pounds. It also measures 25.6 x 15.4 x 33.07 inches, making it ideal for all family members’ use.


  • Dual flush that has a full and half flush option
  • Made from a high-quality, durable ceramic material that lasts for many years
  • Provides a one-year limited warranty
  • It features a soft closing seat for easy use
  • An elongated bow that provides an improved comfort
  • Looks great and easy to clean


  • Customers haven’t reported an issue with it

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3. Saniflo 082-007-005 Saniflo Rear Spigot Toilet

Saniflo 082-007-005 Saniflo Rear Spigot Toilet with Macerating Pump

The Saniflo Rear Spigot Toilet is a highly rated back outlet elongated toilet bowl. Made of white vitreous china, it sits 16 ¾ inches tall and is ADA compliant.


  • Available in white
  • ADA compliant
  • 16 ¾ inches high
  • Hooks up to a standard 3 inch waste pipe
  • Pair it up with a Saniflo Toilet tank, and if needed, a Saniflo extension pipe, for a worry free, straight forward installation

This is the least expensive unit we reviewed, and can be an excellent option for most any budget.

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4. American Standard Yorkville Pressure-Assisted Back Outlet Toilet and Tank

American Standard Yorkville El Pa 1.6Gpf Comb White

This Yorkville rear discharge toilet from American Standard features an elongated seat and a pressure-assisted jet action flush. The tank and everything you need is included, making for an easy installation.


  • Available in white
  • EverClean ceramic surface inhibits mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Pressure-assisted siphon jet action flush
  • Fully glazed 2 1/8 inch trapway
  • The tank, chrome trip lever, and four bolt caps are included

The super strong flush (although a bit loud) makes the American Standard Yorkville back outlet toilet a winning choice for most uses.

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5. Kohler Veil Wall-Hung Toilet Bowl

KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl, White

The Veil Wall Hung Toilet by Kohler is a sleek looking one-piece toilet that doesn’t touch the floor at all. This neat unit fits beautifully in the most compact spaces, making it ideal for the smallest of spaces.


  • Available in 5 colors: white, black, almond, biscuit, and dune
  • One piece unit combines with (purchased separately) Kohler in-wall tank and carrier system
  • Supports up to 800 lbs when installed
  • Mounting hardware is completely sealed and out of sight

If you’re looking to be as space efficient as possible, and add a clean, sleek look to your bathroom area, then this Kohler wall hung toilet may be the right choice for you.

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6. Kohler Anglesy Comfort Height Commercial Grade Rear Outlet Toilet Bowl

Kohler K-4352-L-0, White

Here’s another option manufactured by Kohler, but this one is floor mounted toilet that’s engineered to meet the more challenging demands, including high-use commercial bathroom locations. With an elongated bowl style, it boasts a high performance flush that consumes 20% less water and qualifies as a high-efficiency toilet (HET). It is available in multiple colors to complement any decor.


  • Commercial grade – high-efficiency toilet and water conserving high-performance flush
  • Available in 6 assorted colors: white, almond, biscuit, black, Mexican sand, and sandbar
  • ADA compliant
  • Fully glazed 2 1/8 inch trapway

When looking for a toilet with higher use demands, such as in a commercial location, then this unit from Kohler is surely an option to consider.

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Factor to Consider When Buying a Rear Outlet Toilet

best rear outlet toilet

If you are planning to buy a rear and back outlet toilet, you need to consider coming with the best device. They include

The Toilet Brands

Due to the e-commerce market, trade has become easy. With a rear flush toilet, understanding the brand you want to buy is vital. There is an excellent toilet brand out there that you can check and buy one. It is not necessarily that the great toilet should be from popular brands, but it should be well known.


Before you buy a rear outlet toilet, ensure you have measured the size of your bathroom to avoid disappointment. Measure the length between the wall and the middle of the drain pipe. Knowing this allows you to buy a compatible rear outlet toilet based on the available space and measurement.

Mounting Type

The rear and back outlet toilet requires plumbing when installing it, and it is good to know if you are going to buy a wall-mount or a floor-mount rear outlet toilet. Choose the right back outlet toilet based on the plumbing type that is available in the bathroom.

Water Usage in Each Flush

Every Rear back outlet toilet has a given amount of water consumption per flush which can be either 1.6 or 1.28 GPF. With a dual flush, they can be either 1.6 or0.8/0.9 GPF in full and half flush, respectively. It is said that a worthless toilet uses up to 1.6 GPF of water. Choose wisely on the water available and water use per flush to clean your bowl.

Bowl Shape

There are two primary popular bowl shapes in toilets, elongated and round shapes. Some prefer an elongated bowl because it offers improved comfort, while others prefer a rounded bowl shape. You can buy either of the two based on your preferences.

Flush Type Mechanism

The flush mechanism can be a dual flush or single flush rear outlet toilet. The pressure-assisted toilets are a bit famous as opposed to gravity back flush toilets. All the two systems are ideal and provide an outstanding performance that uses less water.

Tank Inclusion

Some rear back outlet toilets don’t come with a flush tank, and they only have a toilet bowl. It is good to confirm if the toilet will include the flush tank or not. If they are not inclusive, then you need to find a compatible tank that goes with them. But always choose those toilets that include them as opposed to those that don’t include them.

Seat Height

Rear back outlet toilets either come with a comfort height or a standard height option. The standard height is usually 14 inches, while the comfort height is something from 17 to 19 inches. The comfort height is convenient to both elderly and disabled people.

What Is a Back Outlet Toilet?

back outlet toilet installation

The Rear back outlet toilet is a type of toilet that discharges the waste via the wall behind it instead of the standard toilet you drill on the floor. They are used majorly on high-rise houses where it is challenging to do plumbing on the floor.

The back outlet toilet works by connecting the waste outlet with the wall hub fitting with a P-trap connector. The idea is that whenever you flush your toilet, the waste will flow through the wall into the septic tank using the sewer line you connected.

In most cases, this type of toilet uses a pressure-assisted flushing system that is powerful but a little noise compared to the gravity flush system. The back outlet toilet creates a strong siphon that requires a pressure-assisted flushing system for excellent work.

The pressure-assisted toilet contains a secondary tank inside the toilet tank referred to as a pressure vessel that holds compressed air. This compressed air mixes with water flowing to the toilet tank and making the flush of the water have higher pressure when it enters the toilet bowl.

How to Install Rear Outlet Toilet?

how to install a new toilet

There are two types of rear outlet, two-piece and single piece. Installation of one piece is much easier compared to a two-piece that is a bid hard. You need to install the toilet bowl first before you install the toilet tank. If you have all the requirements, follow the following steps.

Step 1 Toilet tank preparation

  • Slide the steel washer and follow with a rubber washer on every toilet tank bolts. Ensure the washer has come into contact with the toilet body to prevent it from cracking.
  • Feed your bolts from inside the tank into the mounting holes
  • On the bolt at the bottom of the tank, place rubber wash and follow it with a metal washer and nut.
  • With the use of a deep socket wrench, tighten your bolts.

Step 2 position the toilet

  • Put your toilet bowl on the area to be installed
  • Measure the distance between the wall hub fitting and the end of the toilet outlet; once you have known, cut the p-trap connector into the required size using a hacksaw.
  • Trace the bowl’s area with a pencil on the base and mark the areas where two mounting bolts will be placed.
  • Remove it and place it away from the area.

Step 3 Drill holes

  • With the right size drilling machine, drill the holes to mount the toilet on the floor. You can drill the holes also if you want to secure the tank.

Step 4: Install the toilet

  • Glue the P-trap connector with PVC glue and slide it to the wall hub fitting
  • Lift the toilet gently and align it, ensure you slide the waste discharge to the connector.
  • Place bolts on the toilet base mounting holes, tighten them with a screwdriver, cover the exposed part of the toilet bolts with the matching bolt caps.
  • Place the toilet tank gasket on top of the tank and install it. Secure the two bolts through the mounting holes on the bowl.
  • Place steel washer, rubber washer, and a nut and tighten the bolt from under the bowl.
  • Connect the toilet tank with water supply lines.
  • Click clockwise the turn-on valve to allow water to fill in the toilet tank
  • Flush your toilet many times to see if there are any leaks.
  • Pu the toilet lid on top of the tank
  • Align the toilet seat


  1. What is a back outlet toilet?

This is a toilet that discharges waste products via the wall behind the toilet, unlike the standard toilet that discharges through the floor. This toilet waste outlet is connected with a wall hub fitting using a P-trap connector. They are common with high-rise apartments that are difficult to do drain plumbing.

  1. What is a rear outlet toilet?

A rear outlet toilet is a drain pipe that is found on the back of the bowl toilet. It comes with an S-shaped path used to remove or transfer waste products from the bowl in a solution form when you flush with water. It sucks waste from the bowl and takes it into the floor drain.

  1. Can toilets be back to back?

Some old constructed homes use a double sanitary tee that can accommodate drainage from two toilets installed back to back. In this case, a forceful flush can cause some water to cross the other double tee. But honestly, I doubt this can be done on the modern drainage system. It does not make a back-to-back brass, and therefore you will find it difficult.

  1. Will all toilets fit the same?

Not really; however, most toilets have a 12-inch rough-in, which makes them similar, although not all. If you want to repair your actual toilet, look for one with the same rough-in. Toilets that have large rough-in will need you to change the plumbing configuration.

  1. Why is the back of my toilet empty?

Your toilet back can be empty because it has randomly emptied itself due to many reasons. It is either your sewage system is not well vented, causing a back siphoning from the toilet. There is also a high possibility that the flapper on the toilet is damaged and does not seal properly, causing random slushing.

Final Thought

Rear and back outlet toilets are the best option for those looking to install the best toilet bowl far from their sewer lines and that does not need floor drainage. Installing them is easy and faster, as we have seen. The information we have provided is accurate on what the reviewed product can do for you.

As you prepare to buy one in your home, know that not all the products found in the market are good. With the discussed above factors, you can know which product is good and which one is not. We hope you will get the best rear and back toilets that will meet your needs.

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