7 Best Bathroom Cabinets Reviews on The Market

You can enhance your bathroom’s beauty and add storage space by adding a new cabinet. The best bathroom cabinets can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes. You can find a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

A bathroom cabinet is one of the essential pieces of furniture in your bathroom. It plays a vital role in the comfort of your bathroom. One of the most crucial pieces of furniture in your bathroom is the bathroom cabinet with a mirror.

I bet you’re wondering, “What are the best bathroom cabinets on the market at the moment?” Most people wait to shop for bathroom cabinets until they have an empty wall to fill.

The best way to learn something new is to research before you start shopping. There are many choices when it comes to high-quality cabinets for your bathroom. Choosing a cabinet for your bathroom is not an easy task. Here are some cabinet options for any size bathroom, whether it’s small or large.

This article includes our review of the best bathroom cabinets currently available on the market.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom floor cabinets storage

The bathroom cabinet is a cabinet placed under the sink. Many include marble or tiled top, which helps store toothbrushes, soap, or makeup. Occasionally, cabinets will come with sinks, but sinks and faucets are sold separately most commonly.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Our bathroom is our place to freshen up after a long day and relax before bed. In order to complement the rest of the bathroom, bathroom cabinets need to be both useful and attractive.


First of all, you need to think about the size of the bathroom when choosing a cabinet. You want a cabinet that is in proportion and not too big or too small. You also want to make sure the cabinet is useful to you. If you need to keep toiletries and cosmetics, hairdryers, hair straighteners, cleaning products, medications, etc., make sure it has enough storage space.

Most people now like to keep at least one set of fresh towels in their cabinet, not just for aesthetic reasons but also for easy access. This requires more than one shelf or drawer. If you want a single or double vanity, you will have to decide. Having two sinks in your bathroom could make all the difference in the morning since people will be able to get ready faster without feeling frustrated.


Your bathroom will be primarily determined by the cabinet. You will not want an ornate cabinet if you are going for a modern, minimalist look. In a similar vein, don’t put a simple cabinet in a bathroom that would benefit from a more “fussy” design. Also, remember that you will have to maintain your cabinets. Even if it looks great, a solid wood benchtop will soon become water damaged and lose its luster if not properly cleaned and maintained.


Designing a bathroom requires a lot of creativity. It is important to select the appropriate type of cabinetry for your bathroom based on a variety of factors. Is your bathroom spacious or compact? How will you use the space? Do you need storage space or exhibition space? You might find it challenging to choose what is right for you due to the abundance of options available.

Many people believe that bathroom cabinets can be built easily. There are many options available for cabinet design and aesthetics. Will you clean them frequently? Does your bathroom have enough space? Consider all of these factors before you pick a cabinet.


Getting a bathroom cabinet made from cheap materials is not a good idea, regardless of how tempting it may seem. Solid wood cabinets are better than particle board or laminate cabinets. Laminate cabinets lose their finish over time.

If the vanity is customized, the cost will increase. Cabinet sinks cost between $200 and 800 when mass-produced. Custom cabinets range from $500 to $2,800.

The cost of your new cabinet will also increase if you upgrade the cabinet pulls, faucets, sinks, and counter surrounds.

Top 7 Best Bathroom Cabinets Review

Choosing the right cabinetry can transform a simple bathroom into something to be proud of. It’s important to take your time, know what you have to work with and keep your budget in mind when choosing the best bathroom cabinets.

Following are the 7 best bathroom cabinets reviews on the market today.

1. VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Cabinet Storage Organizer

VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Cabinet Storage Organizer Set, with Drawer and Single Shutter Door Wooden, White UBBC43WT

Have you ever stood in front of a standard bathroom cabinet, with your mouth agape? They’re so tiny. When your bathroom does not even have a window, where is there enough room for all of your toiletries? There are only a few bathroom cabinets out there that can actually satisfy the needs of a modern American family. Welcome to VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Cabinet Storage Organizer. This wall-mounted storage system will allow you to store as many toiletries as you want!

Everyone needs somewhere to store toiletries, and the VASAGLE bathroom floor cabinet is an excellent way to do it. It has multiple shelves for storing all my stuff.

A stylish and airy design has been created with high-quality materials. This bathroom floor cabinet is a great place to store all your bathroom necessities with its practical design that easily matches any room.

It is constructed from durable engineered wood to ensure long-lasting use. Choosing colors that match your existing vanity and faucet will help you achieve the perfect look. You can easily clean the surface with a damp cloth.

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2. ChooChoo Bathroom Wall Cabinet

ChooChoo Bathroom Wall Cabinet, Over The Toilet Space Saver Storage Cabinet, Medicine Cabinet with 2 Door and Adjustable Shelves, Cupboard

ChooChoo Bathroom Wall Cabinet is a storage unit that hangs on the wall in your bathroom. It is designed to keep your bathroom organized and give you extra storage space.

Tall cabinets can store linens, towels, toilet paper, and other necessities you’d like to keep close at hand. Short cabinets can serve as space for small items like makeup, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs, and jewelry.

Bathroom cabinets can also be placed on the floor instead of hanging on the wall.

ChooChoo Bathroom Wall Cabinet White comes with a simple design to be blended into any home decoration. It offers a concise lifestyle.

Take advantage of the wall space in your bathroom with this bathroom cabinet wall. You can accommodate a variety of items on two adjustable interior shelves with three heights and keep your stuff dry.

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3. Yaheetech Wooden Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Yaheetech Wooden Bathroom Floor Cabinet, Side Storage Organizer Cabinet with 4 Drawers and 1 Cupboard, Freestanding Entryway Storage Unit Console Table, Bathroom Furniture Home Decor, White

Bring tranquility into your life with the Yaheetech wooden bathroom floor cabinet. The portable shower cabinet from Yaheetech is compact, sturdy, and convenient, making it easy to store your stuff. Access to its bathroom supplies is convenient whenever you need them since it has a sliding door.

The Yaheetech Wood Bathroom Floor Cabinet features four drawers and a cupboard with a freestanding wood bathroom cabinet. As an ideal complement to any bathroom, it has a basic and clean design. Organizing your toiletries with a side storage organizer frees up space in your bathroom cabinets for other items.

Solid pine wood is used to construct the cabinet, ensuring its strength and durability. Using the provided hardware, it takes just a few minutes to build. The white shade will complement any bathroom design no matter where you place it!

Cabinet dimensions are 32.3 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 11.9 inches deep. Finished in sleek white, it has an air of sophistication and elegance. This freestanding device does not require any wall attachments.

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4. Tangkula Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Tangkula Bathroom Floor Cabinet, Wooden Freestanding Storage Cabinet with Double Shutter Door & Adjustable Shelf, Storage Cabinet for Bathroom Living Room Bedroom (Grey)

The Tangkula Floor Cabinet offers multiple storage options and a classic, clean-lined design that’s ideal for any bathroom. A double door and two adjustable shelves on the back of the cabinet allow it to store bathroom essentials and personal belongings conveniently.

This cabinet is made from high-quality MDF that blends perfectly with the design of your bathroom. This product is perfect for use in every room of the house, including the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Four sturdy legs provide stability to the cabinet. This product arrives already assembled, so all you need to do is place it where you want it to go and begin using it. Portable and easy to move when necessary, the cabinet is easy to use. It makes a great addition to any modern bathroom!

The cabinet is incredibly functional as well as attractive. The shelves are adjustable, and the doors feature smooth metal knobs that make closing and opening the cabinet a snap. Moreover, this cabinet is secured to the wall by a rear anti-tipping mechanism, so it cannot sway or tip.

This cabinet is 23.5” wide, 12” deep, and 31.5” tall. It has a clear coat finish that protects the surface against stains, fingerprints, and other damage.

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5. FURINNO Indo Double Door Wall Cabinet

FURINNO Indo Double Door Wall Cabinet, 19.7 Inch, Espresso

One of the best value-for-money bathroom cabinets available is Furinno’s Indo Double Door Wall Cabinet. The wall-mounted cabinet features double doors that make it both a concealment unit and a storage cabinet. Two finishes are available for this two-door louver cabinet: white and espresso. The white color is predominant.

It measures 19.69 inches wide x 7.48 inches deep x 29.53 inches tall. More storage space and a stylish appearance add style to any room. It is possible to store both large and small objects on movable shelves.

They can easily be installed on any bathroom wall. You can hang these cabinets in your bathroom using towel rods or hooks already attached to conserve space. It is possible to close the doors on the left or right side of the cabinet with adjustable doors. Plastic doors with a white finish complement a wide variety of decors. Moreover, the white finish highlights the inherent beauty of the wood.

This cabinet is ideal for storing bathroom essentials. It also has internal baskets to store bathroom items such as combs, brushes, hair accessories, lotion bottles, and fragrances.

Your bathroom will appear cleaner because your goods will be hidden from view in this container.

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6. Elegant Home Fashions Bathroom Cabinet

Teamson Home Catalina Detachable Bathroom Cabinet, Storage, Dark Espresso

Contemporary bathroom design can be challenging when dealing with small bathroom spaces. With the Elegant Home Fashions Bathroom Cabinet, you can create an ideal bathroom space solution. With grooved doors, the cabinet opens to expose a recessed shelf and a lot of storage space.

Bathroom cabinets are available in white or espresso finishes, making them compatible with almost any décor style. They are easy to assemble and come with instructions for installation.

Ideal for keeping bathroom supplies, they are easy to assemble and come with instructions for installation. Your toiletries will remain organized without taking up too much space.

It is made of solid wood with a deep brown finish that goes well with most bathroom designs. A beautiful frame surrounds each door of the unit. Solid hardwood knobs add a luxurious touch to the finish and are quite robust.

In addition, they are very handy since they can be mounted on any wall or stand alone. It is thus possible to arrange a large number of units in a single space without making it look cluttered or disorderly.

This cabinet won’t fall apart very soon despite its power and solid construction. Furthermore, the price is reasonable, allowing it to be an excellent deal.

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7. Spirich Home Bathroom Cabinet

Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf Over The Toilet, Storage Cabinet Over Toilet, Bathroom Organizer Space Saver (White)

Spirich Home Bathroom Cabinet is a great storage cabinet. Other items can also be stored inside, in addition to toiletries.

You can arrange the cabinet in your bathroom to match your décor since it is available in white color. You can store shampoo and other products on the cabinet’s top shelf. With this cabinet, you can store all of your belongings without purchasing costly organizers.

Several shelves and drawers provide storage space in the Spirich Home cabinet. You will be able to organize your stuff, so there will be no need to root around in odd cabinets for what you need.

The cabinet also has a shelf for storing magazines and other reading materials, allowing you to save countertop space by storing them somewhere else. There is no doubt that this cabinet will complement any bathroom decor. A spill or stain won’t damage this cabinet since it is easy to clean.

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How to Install Bathroom Cabinets

install drawers in bathroom vanity

You can save a lot of money by installing your bathroom cabinets yourself. A few tips and the right tools will allow you to install your own bathroom cabinets.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Cordless drill with screwdriver bits
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencils
  • Levels
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Hammer
  • Drill bits (various sizes)
  • Phillips-head and flat-head screwdrivers (slotted or star-drive)
  • Jigsaw with fine-tooth blade or keyhole saw (cabinet doors only)
  • Sander or power planer (optional)

Tips to Install Bathroom Cabinets:

  • Make sure your cabinets are the correct size before installing them. Once they are mounted on the wall or floor, make sure that they line up properly. During installation, you don’t want to find out the length is incorrect.
  • Your floor tile layout is the first step in the installation. Make sure that the area around the cabinet is free of staples before installing it on the hardwood floor. The cabinet must be protected from water damage and moisture. Furthermore, before installing your cabinets, it is recommended that you fill cracks and gaps with wood putty.
  • Start by placing a level over the top of the base cabinet. You will be able to determine the exact location of your wall cabinets, as well as ensure that your base cabinet rests properly on the floor.
  • The level must be secured to the base cabinet, then the screws from the back of the cabinet must be unscrewed before the level is placed on the tiles.
  • Attach the wall cabinets to each side of the base cabinet by using screws and a power drill with a screwdriver bit. When heavy objects are stored in the wall cabinets, make sure they are secured to the studs.

The installation of bathroom cabinets is relatively straightforward. Depending on the type of cabinet you are installing, the exact sequence of steps will vary, but the general process will remain the same. You should carefully follow all manufacturer instructions if you are installing your own bathroom cabinets. As a result, your cabinets will be placed properly and will fit comfortably within your bathroom’s confines.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the height of a bathroom cabinet?

The height of standard bathroom cabinets is 30 to 32 inches. Compared to the standard 30-inch or 32-inch height, a comfortable height bathroom cabinet measures 36 inches tall.

It is best to choose a standard height cabinet if you are not the tallest. As users gain inches, they will be able to access things more easily and feel less strain on their backs.

What is the depth of a bathroom cabinet?

A common mistake is to measure the cabinet’s width, but not its depth or height. Each vanity cabinet is available in five standard widths: 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″, and 72″. Additionally, there are smaller sizes available. The average vanity depth is between 20″ and 21″. You can also choose narrower depths, which are usually 18″.


Bathroom cabinets all serve the same basic purpose of holding toiletries, but not all of them are created equal. Some cabinets are easy to install, while others require professionals. Most of them are mounted against the wall or stand alone, but others can only be installed in bathrooms that have walls.

However, one thing is sure: the best bathroom cabinets will make you smile each time you use them.

In this article, we hope to assist you in selecting the best bathroom cabinets for your specific project. Visit showerfeed.com for more bathroom storage ideas and designs.

Which bathroom cabinet is most suitable for your home? Thank you for visiting our information page on bathroom storage containers. We hope you found it helpful in your search.

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