Best Bathroom Vanities Reviews

Nearly every bathroom of every house should have a vanity. Most of them already have vanities inserted under their sink, and most don’t see the usefulness of the right bathroom vanity.

Not only does the right vanity look very impressive to guests, but bathroom vanities also allow you to store whatever is needed for the bathroom inside of them. An optimized bathroom vanity will look nice as well as act like an effective storage device where you can keep towels, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom related items.

Of course, not all bathroom vanities are the same. There are a few things that you need to be aware of before getting a bathroom vanity. When you learn what these things are, you can then determine which bathroom vanity from our featured list is right for you.

Editor’s Picks : 5 Best Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities – a Buying Guide

As mentioned previously, not all bathroom vanities are the same, and there are a few things that you should be thinking about before ordering a bathroom vanity and putting one in your bathroom.

The size of the vanity relative to your bathroom is the first thing you should consider. While you do not want your vanity to take up too much space, you do not want it to be minuscule either.

Another thing to keep in mind is where you want the vanity put in. Most vanities come with a sink, so you will need to find a way to get the vanity put in that makes the best use of your house’s piping.

You also need to know what you want to put inside of the vanity. This is somewhat related to how big your home is, who lives with you, among other things. This is also related to the size of the vanity relative to your bathroom as well.

The function of your bathroom vanity is one thing. But the aesthetics of a bathroom vanity is just as important. When it comes to appearance, your bathroom vanity shouldn’t completely match everything else in your bathroom. It should stand out somehow.

All things considered, bathroom vanities should be functional while still looking very impressive and inviting. This is what will make a bathroom vanity optimized.

9 Best Bathroom Vanities

1. 19 x 24.6 x 34’’ vanity by Runfine

Being the size that it is, containing a pair of doors that are easy to open, and containing a single drawer that is fairly deep, Runfine’s vanity is a very nice addition to any bathroom from a functional standpoint.

Not only can a lot of very useful things fit into the vanity because of how the sink doesn’t get in the way of the storage space, Runfire’s vanity also looks impressive for what it is worth. It is constructed with a ceramic enamel glaze, which provides an impressive shine that rivals the shine that porcelain materials give off. The finish does not wear off like most porcelain materials might.

Another good thing about Runfine’s vanity is that they are available in different finishes. You can choose from white, walnut, and gray, and each of these will complement different bathrooms.

The installation process or Runfine’s vanity is easy enough because it is fully assembled. However, the ceramic finish of it makes it extremely heavy. Runfine’s vanity weighs well over 100 pounds, and this can be very troublesome if you need to move it somewhere after it has been installed.


2. Chelsea 42 inch contemporary bath vanity with white engineered quartz marble top by Simpli Home

If your bathroom is large enough and you have a good amount of people living there or have a lot of guests using your bathroom when they visit, consider Simpli Home’s vanity. Being 42 inches in length, it will store nearly anything you need for the people who live with you as well as guests who visit.

Despite its impressive size, Simpli Home’s vanity does not weigh a lot. Although it does weigh nearly 150 pounds, two people can easily move it wherever it needs to go. The legs of the vanity have feet on the bottom that make it easier to move. Most bathroom vanities do not have this, and it is refreshing that Simpli Home’s vanity has them.

Black is a color option of Simpli Home’s vanity, and this can greatly complement most bathrooms in terms of appearance. Black is always an impressive looking color in most respects.

There are a couple of things to watch out for with Simpli Home’s vanity. The first of these has to do with the material that it is made of. Simpli Home’s vanity is made of painted hardwood, and different than bathroom vanities that are made from other materials, wood and paint can chip and get damaged easily.

Another problem has to do with the marble top. The marble top on Simpli Home’s vanity looks impressive…if it is the soft white model. The marble top only comes in white, so it looks a little out of place with the other colors of Simpli Home’s bathroom vanity.


3. 24 inch bathroom vanity combo modern MDF cabinet with vanity mirror and tempered glass countertop vessel sink with 1.5 GPM faucet and pop up drain by Eclife

There is nothing boring looking when it comes to Eclife’s bathroom vanity. 

Anybody who walks into your bathroom will be very impressed when they see the really impressive and neat looking vessel sink. Another thing that is impressive about Eclife’s bathroom vanity is the mirror. The mirror is made of tempered class and will not break easily. It is also moisture proof, which is a godsend if the bathroom you put it in is host to a lot of showers.

All of the impressive aesthetics of Eclife’s vanity come at a price, and that price is function. The sink does function like any other bathroom sink and in fact is just as functional as it is impressive looking.

The real issue is in the drawers and cabinets of Eclife’s vanity. They just do not have the room for all the bathroom related things that you may need to keep in there.

It can also be fairly difficult to install Eclife’s vanity. Unlike a lot of bathroom vanities, Eclife’s vanity does not arrive fully assembled, so a good amount of assembly is required to install Eclife’s bathroom vanity.


4. 24’’ modern bathroom vanity sink and combo stand by Eclife

It can be rare to find a bathroom vanity that is truly impressive in its appearance. Among dozens of bathroom vanities that do not risk their function for appearance, Eclife’s modern vanity stands out as a vanity that is truly impressive looking.

Different than their other vanities, Eclife’s modern vanity is also functional with its sink capabilities. Its impressive looking turquoise glass vessel sink will save a little more water than most other bathroom sinks do. Eclife’s modern vanity is also made of eco-friendly materials, which improves its durability compared to its other models. It is also easier to clean than most other bathroom vanities because of its compact size. Like with its other vanities, Eclife’s modern vanity contains a mirror that is made of reinforced glass, is shatter free, and will not be affected by moisture.

If you want a bathroom vanity that will be able to store a lot of things, Eclife’s modern vanity is not for you. Being only 24 inches wide and 20 inches deep, you’ll only be able to put the essentials in it. Also, putting Eclife’s modern vanity together will take some time. It is very complicated to construct and install it compared to other bathroom vanities.


5. Georgia 42’’ vanity ensemble with sandy granite countertop and ceramic basin by Ove Decors

“Ensemble” is well put when it comes to Ove Decors’ bathroom vanity. Function is the name of the game here, and you’ll be able to store any bathroom or shower item you need inside of Ove Decors’ bathroom vanity.

Why is this? Its massive 42 inch frame is why. This is nearly twice as big as most other bathroom vanities. Ove Decors’ vanity also contains a massive cabinet that has two drawers, one above it and another below it. This is another thing that contributes to its storage functions.

Ove Decors’ bathroom vanity comes completely assembled, so there is no real assembly or construction necessary to install it. This is great for anybody who is either inexperienced with putting things together or does not have the time to do so.

While Ove Decors’ bathroom vanity does look impressive, it also looks very plain. A good amount of bathroom vanities contain some impressive looking sinks that are also eco-friendly and save water. You will not get this with Ove Decors’ bathroom vanity.

Another thing that takes away from the value of Ove Decors’ vanity is the size itself. It weighs nearly 200 pounds, making it really difficult to move around if you need to do so. Also, the legs do not have any specialized feet that prevent it from scratching the floor. This is something else you need to watch out for.


6. Bathroom vanity and sink combo, 16’’ MDF paint modern design by Eclife

If your bathroom is a little smaller and you do not have the space for the common 24’’ bathroom vanity and still want a bathroom vanity that looks fairly impressive, you’ll get a lot out of Eclife’s smaller bathroom vanity.

It comes in white and gray, both of which can complement any bathroom nicely. The wall mounted design is also very convenient for bathrooms where you would not typically have a lot of room to put in a vanity. Eclife’s small vanity will easily fit in any bathroom corner without crowding anything.

The sink of Eclife’s small bathroom vanity is also eco-friendly and will save water. This is refreshing, since the sinks of most other bathroom vanities do not contain these features.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to store anything in Eclife’s 16 inch bathroom vanity. It contains no drawers or cabinets at all. It does have a cabinet, but this cabinet houses the piping of the sink. If you are looking for a bathroom vanity that you can store things in, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


7. Under sink vanity cabinet multipurpose freestanding space saver by Homfa

If you need to store a lot of bathroom and shower materials in your bathroom, look no further than Homfa’s bathroom vanity. Even though it is only 24 inches in height and length, it Homfa’s bathroom vanity contains a massive cabinet that you can put nearly anything in. This makes it a lot more functional than most other bathroom vanities of the same size.

One of the most unique features of Homfa’s bathroom vanity is that it saves space. While most other bathroom vanities need to be installed underneath the sink, Homfa’s bathroom vanity can be installed underneath or next to the sink. This is great if you need to save on floor space.

Because it is a cabinet and nothing else, it is pretty easy to assemble and install Homfa’s bathroom vanity. You don’t need to worry about mirrors or sinks that come with it or anything. There are two glaring downsides to Homfa’s bathroom vanity. The first of these is the way it looks. Most other bathroom vanities that are the size of Homfa’s vanity have some pretty impressive designs. This is not the case with Homfa’s vanity. It looks stunningly plain and will not impress anybody.

Another thing has to do with the kind of sink it can be installed with. Homfa’s bathroom vanity is not compatible with a pedestal sink design. If your bathroom sink has a pedestal design, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


8. 20 inch black single wood bathroom vanity cabinet by Bathjoy

Anybody who has a smaller bathroom in their home and wants a smaller bathroom vanity that looks inviting and impressive will get some value out of Bathjoy’s vanity cabinet.

Containing a built in sink, faucet, and drain, Bathjoy’s vanity is perfect for anybody who is also looking to remodel their bathroom completely as well. If you want to upgrade your bathroom’s sink, Bathjoy’s vanity will work for you. The cabinet of Bathjoy’s vanity also has just as much space as most 24 inch bathroom vanities, which is surprising but also welcome. You’ll be able to place essential bathroom materials inside of it without a problem.

While black and white colored bathroom vanities tend to be a “catch-all” design that blends in with nearly any bathroom decor or environment, it is unfortunate that Bathjoy’s bathroom vanity is not available in any different colors. If you want your bathroom vanity to decisively stand out, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

You’ll also need to look elsewhere if you are expecting to store a lot of things in Bathjoy’s vanity. Being only 20 inches, it does not allow a lot of room to store anything.


9. White bathroom vanity cabinet and sink modern stand pedestal by Eclife

The smaller bathroom vanities from Eclife always look impressive and they mostly follow the same kind of design: A stylish cabinet flanked by a durable and moisture free mirror and an equally impressive looking sink that saves water as well as has eco-friendly properties.

The only thing really different with this particular bathroom vanity from Eclife is that the entire vanity is white: The sink is white and so is the cabinet. Most of Eclife’s other cabinets and vanities usually have a different color sink compared to the rest of the vanity.

Another good thing about this particular bathroom vanity from Eclife is that the sink is a bit smaller. The other sinks of Eclife’s vanities are a little bigger and the sink for this particular one looks a little better compared to other Eclife bathroom vanities.

However, this particular Eclife bathroom vanity suffers from the same kind of detriments that any other Eclife bathroom vanity suffers from. It is not designed for larger bathrooms. If your bathroom sees a lot of guests of if it is used by a lot of people who live at your home, you’ll want something a little bigger.


Final verdict

There are two purposes that a bathroom vanity serves. They can be functional, being able to house a lot of bathroom related supplies. In this case, you’ll want to look for either a larger bathroom vanity if your bathroom can house one. If you have a smaller bathroom and still need a bathroom vanity that can carry a lot of supplies, you’ll need to look for vanities that may not look too impressive.

There do exist some impressive looking bathroom vanities that are also functional, but most of them do require your bathroom to be rather large. When it comes to aesthetics, it seems that the smaller vanities have the edge. In most cases, smaller vanities look a little more impressive than their larger counterparts.

Another aspect of bathroom vanities where smaller ones have the edge is the sink. Smaller vanities tend to be equipped sinks that are much more attractive than their larger counterparts.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when selecting a bathroom vanity. Make sure you get a bathroom vanity that fits your bathroom well first. Then determine which is more important to you: Style or function.