Best Battery Operated Heated Toilet Seat In The Market 2022

When you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, do you freeze because there is no chance of turning on your heater or using your electric blanket? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. You can solve your problem by purchasing the best battery operated heated toilet seat available on the market today.

When you consider going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, a chill runs down your spine as you think of the cold toilet seat that awaits you. Do you ever wish you could sit on something comfortable while you answer your call of nature? No worries! With the advent of technology, we can now enjoy comfort when we go to the bathroom.

With a battery operated heated toilet seat, we can keep a warm, cozy atmosphere while we empty our guts. Many manufacturers claim to have the best battery operated heated toilet seat, but we need to research them to find what will work for us.

Best Battery Operated Heated Toilet Seat Reviews 2022

Best Self-Cleaning Nozzle Toilet Seat

Ivyel J-2R Smart Electric Bidet for Toilet Seat

Ivyel J-2R Smart Electric Bidet for Toilet Seat,For Elongated toilet,Warm water,Heated bidet toilet seat,Remote Control,Heated Dryer,Child Function,Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Nozzle,LED Night Light

Ivyel J-2R Smart Electric Bidet is an elongated battery operated heated toilet seat with many functions apart from giving you a warm and comfortable toilet experience. It warms the water, has a stainless steel self-cleaning nozzle, and the seat comes with remote control. The Smart Electric bidet has an additional child function for safety and LED night light.

You can get different wash modes for the best cleaning that too at an affordable price. This battery-operated toilet seat warmer has different washing modes designed specifically for feminine hygiene, posterior, and even intense mode for a more powerful wash. The child mode is specially designed with more air bubbles to be softer on the skin.

Key Features

  • Affordable price
  • Best hygiene
  • Smart body sensor

Affordable price- In comparison to its price, the Ivyel J-2R smart electric bidet is a perfect option for people who are looking for an affordable toilet seat with this many functions. Multiple cleaning modes allow faster and more efficient cleaning, and child mode makes it easier for the younger member to use also, it is a good option for people with sensitive skin.

Best hygiene- The stainless steel nozzle is completely made with high-quality stainless steel that gives maximum cleanliness and maintains durability. This electric toilet seat warmer provides a warm air dryer that can be used along with its massage and oscillating function.

Smart body sensor- This smart electric bidet has an automatic self-cleaning mode that rinses off the entire nozzle body 3 times for extra convenience. Its smart body sensor detects the user’s position for better cleaning.


  • LED night light
  • Hygienic, self-sterile
  • Warm water and dryer


  • Does not come with an inbuilt tank

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Best Adjustable Smart Toilet

Ove Decors Fran Integrated Smart Toilet Adjustable Heated Seat

Ove Decors Fran Integrated Smart Toilet Adjustable Heated Seat, Auto Flush, Massage Washing with Multi-Function Remote Control, LED Night Light, Soft Close

This Fran Integrated Smart Toilet Seat from Ove Decors is the perfect solution to all of your toilet needs. Water is stored in a built-in tank that automatically flushes on departure, so you can keep it clean hands-free. With its multiple water settings that monitor sprayer pressure, heater, and dryer, selecting the water pressure that suits your requirements is easier than ever before.

Additionally, you can control the temperature of your seat heating, water, and dryer all with the remote control. The seat will automatically keep ready whenever you enter, so you don’t have to press buttons every morning.

Key Features

  • Hygiene seat coating
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Energy-efficient

Hygiene seat coating- Unlike the regular cheap heated toilet seat, the Ove Decors Vovo Bidet Toilet Seat comes with a hygienic seat coating. Not only that its convenient look allows easy toilet cleaning and the nozzle cleans itself after every wash.

Adjustable temperature- The Fran integrated smart toilet seat allows you to choose your preferred temperature for the water, the dryer, and even for you whenever you sit on it. You can also set it once and for all for comfort and efficiency.

Energy-efficient- Warm air is emitted before water cleaning, so no toilet paper is necessary. The waterless tank has an additional storage capacity of 4.8 gallons, and the main tank uses 4.8 gallons per flush.


  • Hygienic
  • Easy clean
  • Wall mount


  • Only available in one colour

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Best Electric Bidet Heated Toilet Seat

BidetMate 1000 Series

BidetMate 1000 Series Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seat with Heated Water, Wireless Remote, and Warm Air Dryer - Adjustable and Self-Cleaning - Multiple Wash Settings - Elongated

In the new generation of battery operated heated toilet seats, the BidetMate 1000 Series Electric Bidet Heated Smart Toilet Seat is the most popular. Among its features are an automatic water heating system, a wireless remote, and a heated dryer. Its adjustable seat fits perfectly on any toilet. Seats can be elongated according to your requirements and are self-cleaning.

New technology and a modern design make this seat comfortable for the whole family and easy to clean. It is a godsend for people who suffer from UTIs, fissures, hemorrhoids, and IBS to have a massage setting. You will enjoy the best toilet experience ever with this heated toilet seat.

Key Features

  • Ensures perfect sanitization
  • Eco friendly
  • Gentle and refreshing

Ensures perfect sanitization- The stainless steel nozzle self cleanses itself after every usage so no worry about any sort of contamination. This electric bidet heated smart toilet seat has a soft-closing system so there will be no loud and abrupt slamming of the seat hence less chance of breaking it.

Eco-friendly- Get rid of the toilet paper that causes environmental damage and costs a lot over time. Heated seats don’t require toilet paper and dry by blowing out warm and soothing air, so they are perfect for cleaning. It also has an energy-saving mode that reduces your electricity bill significantly.

Gentle and refreshing- You can choose between customized options such as aerated, massage, pulse, feminine, power wash, and child wash for a great experience every time you use the toilet.


  • 1-year warranty
  • No more harsh washing
  • Money-saving
  • Modern design to fit any toilet seat


  • No night light

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Best Nightlight Round Toilet Seat

Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm

Brondell L60-RW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Round Toilet Seat, White

This 18.5 x 14 x 3 inches dimensional round toilet seat from Brondell is the perfect way to start and end the day with. No more morning shocks from that cold toilet seat, this battery operated heated toilet seat will ensure 100% warmth and comfort every morning all season long.

It has a soothing blue night light to light your way every night during your trip to the loo. This heated toilet seat has a gentle closing system to avoid loud shutting sound that ensures you have a soundless relaxing loo trip. The Brondell L60-

RW has made its presence count among all the other best battery operated heated toilet seats.

Key Features

  • Simple installation
  • Multiple sizes
  • Easy cleaning

Simple installation- With the Brondell L60- RW you do not need to think about the plumber or an electrician because it is innovated to be installed as simply as possible. Just remove your existing toilet seat and replace it with Brondell L60- RW.

Multiple sizes- Two sizes and two colors are available for this heated toilet seat. One is round and measures 18.5 x 14 x 3, and one is elongated and comes in white or biscuit color.

Easy cleaning- Easily removed and cleaned the Brondell L-60 RW is simple to install and can be easily cleaned without any fuss of using tools.


  • Night light
  • Three heat settings
  • Easy to use
  • No-fuss lid closing


  • No remote control

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Best PureWarmth Heated Toilet Seat

KOHLER K-10349-0

KOHLER 10349-0 Purewarmth Toilet Seat, White

Like every other toiletry from this company, Kohler has made an amazing entry in this list with their K-10349-0 heated toilet seat. It has three adjustable warmth settings: low medium and high and has dual LED lighting, one for guiding when the lid is closed, and task light when the lid is lifted.

Not only that, the night light can be manually adjusted to two color choices and two brightness levels. It is compatible with the Kohler PureWarmth app, with this you can control seat warmth and lighting brightness as per your schedule.

Key Features

  • Smart App facility
  • Hidden cord
  • Flexible adjustable features

Smart App facility- The smart app called Kohler PureWarmth is an astonishing option to be added to a toilet seat. The app can adjust and monitor seat warmth, lighting colour and brightness also the mobile handling makes it so much easier to operate. Not only that this heated toilet seat is compatible with Bluetooth version: 4.2.

Hidden cord- With no lingering cords outside the seat, the Kohler K-10349-0 looks neat and stylish and easily manageable.

Flexible adjustment features- The slow but quick automatic lid closing feature makes the toilet seat non-nosey and the easily removable seat with quick release hinges unlatch the seat from the toilet easily for convenient cleaning.


  • Easily released and cleaned
  • Bluetooth and mobile app feature
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Handy


  • Available in one variant

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Best Temperature Controlled Toilet Seat

Smart Bidet SB- 1000

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Round Toilets with Remote Control- Electronic Heated Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer and Temperature Controlled Wash Functions (White) Made in Korea

This type of battery operated heated toilet seat is perfect for round toilets. Women and men have different options for cleaning the seat. The back and front seats are cleaned using this device. You can rest assured that using it will be relaxing and enjoyable.

Water pressure is adjustable on five different levels, water temperature is adjustable on three levels, and there are five types of nozzles, so there is nothing left to worry about. Not only this has the heated seat had an automatic safety on/off skin sensor which activates bidet only when seated.

Key Features

  • Multiple wash functions
  • Multiple adjustable options
  • Energy-saving

Multiple wash functions- With the exceptional self-cleaning nozzle and oscillation allow the best level of cleaning for both him and her. It has 5 different nozzle positions to ensure every part of your bum is completely clean.

Multiple adjustable options- Its water pressure can be adjusted as per the user’s preferences up to 5 levels. Along with that 3 different water temperature levels, and 5 levels of warm air dryer.

Energy-saving- With its safety on/off feature you don’t need to worry about leaving the seat on after usage. The skin sensor allows the seat to turn on/off when needed. With the 5 levels of warm air, the dryer eliminates the need for tissue paper which saves a lot on tissue paper cost.


  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Different adjustable options
  • Different wash functions


  • Weighs a little over all the average heated toilet seats

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Best Energy Save Mode Toilet Seat

Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500

Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500 Electronic Heated Toilet Seat, Temperature Controlled Wash, Warm Air Dryer, Easy DIY Installation, Made in Korea, One Size Fit

If someone is looking for an electrically heated toilet seat, the Lotus Smart Bidet ATS-500 Electronic Heated Seat is a great option. Stainless steel is used in making the seat, ensuring high quality and long-lasting durability.

Two shape options: round and elongated this 20 x 17.3 x 6.06 inches heated toilet seat is made to serve you just the way you want. With a 2-year manufacturer warranty, this toilet seat will be your ultimate loo companion for as long as you need.

Key Features

  • Hygiene
  • Wireless remote
  • Save to the environment

Hygiene- Lotus Smart Bidet ATS- 500 Electronic Heated Seat is cUL certified which makes it one of the best products to trust with your hygiene and delivering you the best quality product safety.

Wireless remote- The wireless remote attached to the side of the seat is a multifunctional all one remote control to choose from different options. You can choose from the rear wash, turbo wash, lady wash, dryer, smart energy saving, child wash and can also determine water temperature from 3 different levels, 5 different water pressure, 3 seat heat temperature and 5 air dryer temperature.

Save to the environment- With the energy-saving mode it reduces electricity consumption, the 5 different air dryer temperatures allows quick and precise drying hence saving toilet paper.


  • cUL certified, quality control
  • Stainless steel body and nozzle
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Efficient wireless remote control
  • Two shapes that fit 99% of the toilet seats


  • Attached remote that omits remote mobility

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Battery Operated Heated Toilet Seat Buying Guide

battery powered toilet seat

Buying the correct type of battery operated heated toilet seat from many claiming companies is a tough job indeed. Many things have to be put below the magnifying glass before making the final decision. Here we will discuss what to look for in a modern, battery powered heated toilet seat.


While shopping for an electric toilet seat the first thing to consider is the material and shape of it. Not everyone’s physique is similar, so to take the weight and different types of the body the electric toilet seat has to be made up of high-quality material and the automated nozzle has to be made up of stainless steel to ensure the best hygiene for you and your family. Also, look for the perfect shape and size of your toilet or else the seat will not fit in.

Different functions

Many toilet seats have more washing, drying, and cleaning options. Not only that there are different levels of seat temperature control, air control, attached LED light control, also water flows control, different washing options, and all these specifications can vary for different seats. These are the functions that make an electric toilet seat more expensive. So before buying, look into the features you need so that you don’t end up buying things you will never need.

Energy-saving and environmental friendly

Some of these electric toilet seats have additional energy-saving features. There is an automatic power-on/off feature, a skin sensor, and temperature control. When you are done using the toilet, the seat will automatically shut off. A few have an additional tank to help conserve water. Make sure the battery powered heated toilet seat has an air-drying function so that you will not have to use toilet paper.

How do Heated Toilet Seats Work?

battery operated toilet seat

Most of the battery or electrically heated seats have built-in functions to provide you with all the comfort you would be needing while in the toilet. All of these seats either work with electricity or by battery. Let’s see some of their features and how these work.


These seats have a built-in nozzle designed to give you quick and easy cleaning after you’ve finished your number two. Water can be sprayed from this nozzle at high, medium, low, and adjustable temperatures. It can be moved back and forth, as well as spray water with high, medium, or low pressure. The warmth of the water ensures better cleaning.

LED light

A few of these toilet seats come with built-in LED night lights to guide you in the toilet seat at night. Some of these lights are dimmable and can change colors. The lights give the toilet a luxurious look that gives it a luxurious feel.


The dryer is another important feature that works by blowing warm air in the bum after cleaning up. This dries your skin without any rubbing or irritation and saves a lot of tissue cost and it is environmentally friendly.


Is there anyone who doesn’t like a warm cordless heated toilet seat in the morning? Whether they are battery-operated or electric, these heated toilet seats keep your seat nice and warm, so you can use them anytime, day or night. In addition to providing proper leg support, they do not irritate the skin.

How Much is a Heated Toilet Seat?

toilet seat warmer

In the same way as everything else, the price of a battery operated toilet seat depends on several factors. From where does it come, how is it built, its functions, specifications, etc. Please find detailed information below.


There are different qualities of materials that are used to make a battery operated heated toilet seat. Some are made with high-quality plastic to endure more weight and that is made for long term durability. Some of these seats are even made of stainless steel to make them more durable. Other things like nozzles, lights, and other features can also add to the price. For a comfortable, longer-lasting, and affordable toilet seat, it is better to look for fewer features but a seat that is made with good quality materials.


It is important to see where an electric toilet seat is coming from. Many countries make both cheap and pricey heated toilet seats but some only make the best. All of their toilet seats are of high quality, made with excellent raw materials, and incorporated with unbelievable functions.

Different options

Choose from a variety of different options of battery operated heated toilet seat according to your need. If you don’t need an additional special feature for children or a separate feature for a feminine wash then ask for a seat with fewer specifications from the retailer. This will cut down the price, you can choose what you want and also you can ensure you get the best in your budget. You can also choose an energy-saving heated toilet seat without electricity that will in the long run save your electricity cost and toilet paper bill. Also, the water-saving feature will reduce your daily water usage.


What is the best battery operated heated toilet seat?

With different specifications, different choices, and necessities it is hard to name just one battery operated heated toilet seat to choose from this many options. Here, we have a special mention of a particular toilet seat that is one of the best for its work in the market. This is the Hogue toilet seat. Hogue’s ultra touch toilet seats are worth mentioning in this list for their outstanding service and top-notch quality.

Are there battery operated bidets?

Not every bidet needs electricity to run, some even run on battery. Surprisingly enough there are plenty of bidets available in the market that are supported by a battery, eliminating the hassle of wires and sockets. But with many different specifications, a bidet needs electricity to run. With the battery-operated bidets, there won’t be too many options and features.

How are heated toilet seats powered?

With the wide range of variety of bidets in the market, there are many different bidets with different powered ways. Some can be electric that runs with electricity and needs a socket to plug in to operate. Another variety is the battery-operated ones that run with the help of the battery and no fuss of wires and sockets. People prefer a battery operated heated toilet seat.

Do bidet toilet seats need electricity?

Most bidets with many specifications need electricity to operate. These bidets can do a lot more than just warm your toilet seat. These can wash, dry, have LED night lights, flexible temperature control, different lights set up, etc. So with this many features, it needs electricity to work. But also some bidets work with batteries and those have lesser features.

Do bidets get dirty?

No, bidets are made in such a way that it does not come in the way of your bum and the toilet bowl. Also when it cleans you up after you finish, the nozzle aims in the right direction which ensures that the water goes directly into the bowl and does not touch the bidet or the nozzle.


A battery operated heated toilet seat eliminates a lot of concerns about the toilet. Also the perfect temperature will make sure your bum gets the best cleaning which lessens the chance of infection and disease because it won’t shock you every morning when you get up by the cold toilet seat.

The best battery operated heated toilet seat can be very useful for people who suffer from rectal problems such as UTIs, fissures, hemorrhoids, and IBS. Some bidets offer massage options to ease any discomfort, and warm water relieves pain. From all the rubbing of hard tissues, these will not cause friction in the rectal area. There is a wide variety of toilet seat warmer battery operated to choose from, so you can find what you’re looking for.

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