Best Frameless Shower Doors Reviews 2021

Anybody who possesses a standalone shower knows that they need a best frameless shower door. That not only looks impressive but keeps water from leaving the shower. Shower doors come in two forms: Doors with frames and doors without frames. Keep reading to check out the best frameless shower doors

Shower doors that have frames are very common. Although they are not very impressive looking and they aren’t perfectly effective. They are cost effective and a good choice for those who are on a budget.

However, if your budget allows it, you should consider getting a frameless shower door. Compared to their framed counterparts, frameless shower doors are much more optimal.

Not only does the lack of frame make frameless shower doors look much more impressive, but they can also reduce the amount of steam that is produced by the shower because most frameless shower doors are made of solid plexiglass.

Also, frameless shower doors are usually much more secure than their framed counterparts. This is because the lack of frame calls for a much more secure track if they slide to open.

If it is within your budget or if you simply want to upgrade your framed shower door, consider a frameless shower door. You’ll get much more out of one, especially if you shower daily or frequently.

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Frameless Shower Doors: A Buying Guide

best frameless sliding shower door
Luxury bathroom design with Marble shower Surround and mosaic accent tiles.

Frameless shower doors are much more optimal than their framed counterparts. There is no denying this. However, it makes no sense to just go and impulsively replace your framed shower door with the first frameless shower door that you see. 

Even if you just got a new shower put in and now need a shower door. It makes no sense to looking or cheapest get the best frameless shower door you see.

While frameless shower doors do have a lot to offer, you still need to consider a few things before you decide on getting one.

Methods of Entry

How your shower door opens and closes is one thing to consider when choosing frameless shower doors.

While you may think this is negligible, consider that if you are the type to shower daily, you’ll be opening and closing your shower door a lot.

If your shower door slides to open, you can usually keep it open without the door getting in the way of anything. This makes it easy to go in and out of the shower, but it can be troublesome if you have pets who may like to jump into the shower.

Shower doors that do not slide to open are a little less convenient as they rely on hinges instead of a track. This can let a little more water in than you might want, but you won’t need to worry about inconsistencies in the tracks like with sliding shower doors.

Glass, Plexiglass, or Plastic?

Frameless shower doors are made of these three kinds of materials, each one possessing their own unique qualities.

When it comes to aesthetics and function, glass is by far the most optimal. Glass shower doors do a really good job of absorbing. Just enough steam that is given off after a hot shower. They also do not absorb the bacteria that develops from the toxic molecules that are present in a shower. This makes glass very easy to clean.

However, glass is extremely fragile and smallest sliver of a crack develops. It won’t absorb steam as efficiently as it should and these cracks can develop even more and all of a sudden all of its aesthetic value is lost. To prevent this, you need to clean the windows regularly.

Most shower doors are made of plexiglass. This is a reinforced kind of glass that is combined somewhat with plastic. 

Plexiglass absorbs similar amounts of steam that glass does, but it does not repel nearly as much bacteria. The possibility to encounter mold on plexiglass shower doors will get higher and higher the longer you ignore cleaning your plexiglass shower doors.

However, you can ignore cleaning your plexiglass shower doors for a long time before it is critical to clean them, making plexiglass a good choice for anybody who does not have the time to clean their shower doors.

Plastic shower doors are by far the most cost effective, but they also absorb the most amount of steam and the least amount of bacteria that gets spread. 

Taking a hot shower around a plastic shower door will require you to clean the doors constantly. If you do not, the steam will be absorbed into the door and grout will develop immediately.

One Shower Door or a Pair of Shower Doors?

Some shower doors come in pairs. While pairs of shower doors will always swing open and never slide open, they are really nice if you have a bigger shower area and you just want to get in and out in a short amount of time.

Shower door pairs are also only made of glass. If you are the type who enjoys long, hot showers, you’ll get a lot out of having a pair of shower doors. You won’t need to worry about the doors absorbing all of the steam.

Consider getting a pair of shower doors installed if you have the room for it. They are optimal in both style and function compared to their singular counterparts.

If your shower has limited room, you would get more out of a single shower door. Being able to swing or slide open, single shower doors offer a lot more variety and function and are also available in different materials than a pair of shower doors.

8 High Quality Frameless Shower Doors Reviews

#1 DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Enigma-X Shower Door

DreamLine SHDR-61607610-07 Shower Door, 56-60 in. W x 1 in. D x 76 in. H, Brushed Stainless Steel

When the time comes to look for a new shower door, you want to make sure that you buy the perfect one. After all, it’s something that you’ll be looking at for quite some time. With that being said, the Enigma-X Fully Framless Sliding Door by DreamLine is one shower door that you won’t get tired of looking at.

This brushed stainless steel door comes with ⅜ inch thick ANSI certified tempered glass, which is about four times stronger than regular glass. Also, this gorgeous shower door comes complete with DreamLine’s exclusive ClearMax water repellant and stain resistant coating, which is great for that tough soap scum that tends to build up. Also, you don’t have to worry about this shower door not fitting properly because the stainless steel top guide bar can be trimmed up to four inches for width adjustment! For proper installation, a minimum threshold depth of 2 ¾ inches is required. While you might be experienced enough to install this shower door on your own, the manufacturer recommends that a professional installer should complete the job.


  • Lifetime limited manufacturer warranty
  • Two-person install
  • Your home will look more modern.
  • Top of the line design.
  • ClearMax glass coating to resist water and stains.


  • You may need to purchase extra screw screws


#2 DreamLine SHDR-3634720-01 Aqua Fold Shower Door

DreamLine SHDR-3634720-01 Shower Door, 33.5' W x 72' H, Chrome

This beautiful shower door from DreamLine will make you feel like a queen in your palace every time you step into it. Standing at 72 inches high, this chrome shower door is a great addition to just about any master bathroom. Thanks to the bi-fold shower screen, this shower door has a wide entryway that uses very minimal space.

The continuous self-centering pivoting door makes this whole door great for small bathrooms where a swinging door just won’t work. If you’re looking for a new door for your shower that is reminiscent of the classic style you’d see in small European cities, then this door would be the perfect choice for you. Not only is the door made out of ¼ inch tempered glass, but the anodized aluminum wall profile allows up to ⅜ inch adjustment for walls that aren’t exactly vertical. Like most shower doors, the manufacturer encourages the consumer to seek the help of a professional to ensure that this door is installed properly.


  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Reversible installation possible for left or right entry
  • Great for compact bathrooms 
  • Save space with a frameless design
  • Dramatically increases your home’s curb appeal.
  • Keeps the cold air out in winter and the heat inside during summer


  • The product needs to be inspected within three days of receiving for a replacement piece
  • The bottom of the door is too small


#3 VIGO VG6041CHCL7274 Frameless Sliding Rectangle Shower Door

VIGO Adjustable 68 - 72 in. W x 74 in. H Frameless Sliding Rectangle Shower Door with Clear Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel Hardware in Chrome Finish with Reversible Handle - VG6041CHCL7274

If you’re looking for a high-quality shower door that just screams luxury, then you shouldn’t overlook this shower door from VIGO. This tempered glass shower door is accompanied by sleek 304 stainless steel hardware, making it the perfect piece to complete your newly remodeled master bathroom. The reversible door, which allows up to ⅜ inch of adjustability, slides to the left or to the right, depending on your preference. Thanks to the stainless steel construction of this door, there’s no need for you to worry about rusting, chips, or scratches.

Also, this door comes with full-length watertight clear shower door seal strips, so you can be assured that there won’t be any puddles of water on your bathroom floor. Luckily, if you have an assistant to help you out, the installation of this shower door shouldn’t give you any kind of problem. If you’re looking for a new shower door that is made out of high-quality materials and will last you for many years to come, then you should seriously consider by this luxurious door by VIGO.


  • Resists spots, fingerprints, and hard water stains
  • Adjustable stability roller
  • Leak free


  • Extremely heavy
  • Width was too small
  • The rail is a little too low for tall people


#4 WOODBRIDGE MBSDC6062-B Frameless Bathtub Shower Doors

WOODBRIDGE MBSDC6062-B Frameless Bathtub Shower Doors 56-60' Width x 62' Height with 3/8'(10mm) Clear Tempered Glass Finish, 60' x 62' Brushed Nickel

It can be unbelievably difficult to settle on the perfect shower door for your bathroom, especially since there are so many fantastic options available. Luckily, the WoodbridgeBath Frameless Bathtub Shower Door takes all of the guesswork out of shopping for a new door. This shower door has a beautiful chrome finish with a 3/8″ inch tempered safety glass that is ANSI certified. Not only is this door extremely easy to clean, but it resists water spots and stains from hard water. Also, the large stainless steel rollers make closing the doors quietly effortless. The stainless steel construction of this door ensures you that it won’t rust, chip, or scratch, and the anti-splash threshold prevents water from spilling all over your bathroom floor. Because this shower is so easily maintained, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to replace it for many years to come, unless you want to, of course!


  • Comes with professional installation instructions
  • ANSI certified
  • Limited 5-year manufacturer warranty


  • The instructions were difficult to understand
  • Extremely heavy
  • Difficult to install


#5 24″-28″ Frameless Shower Door with Brushed Nickel or Chrome Hardware Combo

24'-28' Frameless Shower Door with Brushed Nickel or Chrome Hardware Combo24'-28' Frameless

It goes without saying that people spend quite a bit of time in their shower, especially when they’re in need of some rest and relaxation. With that being said, you definitely want to purchase a shower door that makes you feel at ease while you’re taking a shower after a hard day at work. This custom made shower door can come in sizes ranging from 24 inches to 28 inches and 72 inches to 78 inches, depending on your personal preference. The tempered glass of this gorgeous shower door will ensure that you’ll feel safe from breaking glass every time you step into the shower. The polished edges of this door give a luxurious appearance while being efficient at the same time. If you consider yourself to be a novice when it comes to installation, as long as you have someone to help, you should have absolutely no problem installing this door.


  • Instructions included
  • With regular cleaning, there will be no soap scum build up
  • With RainX you don’t have to worry about water stains


  • Instructions aren’t clear
  • Some people say that the entry way is too small


#6 “DreamLine SHDR-6260760-08 Enigma-Z Shower Door

DreamLine SHDR-6260760-08 Shower Door, 56-60' W x 76' H, Polished Stainless Steel

As impressive as polished shower doors look, they can still be affected by water and in some cases, they can stain.

This is especially true if they are not cleaned frequently. The problem is that it is very difficult to find the time to clean shower doors, given how long it takes to clean said shower doors.

Fortunately for those who do not have the time to clean shower doors, DreamLine’s Enigma X is covered in ClearMax water repellent and stain resistant coating. While this will not make it so that you’ll never need to clean the doors, you won’t need to clean the doors as much because of this coating. It’s very convenient for those who do not have the extra half hour or so to clean the doors.

The track that the Enigma X shower doors slide on are located on the top, which is much more preferable to shower doors where the track is located on the bottom. You will not need to worry about anything getting stuck in the track or stepping on it when you walk into the shower.

If you are interested in installing the Enigma X by yourself, get ready for a process that is much more complicated than the installation process for most other frameless shower doors. This is because the doors use the top glide bar to slide.

Another thing you’ll need to be aware of is that the walls of your shower must be perfectly even in order for the Enigma X to be installed in the first place.


#7 DreamLine Aqua Fold Frameless Bi-Fold Shower Door

DreamLine Aqua Fold 32 in. D x 32 in. W x 76 3/4 in. H Frameless Bi-Fold Shower Door in Chrome with White Base and Backwall Kit, DL-6527-01

Most shower doors either swing or slide when opening. While many tend to overlook this, they usually overlook this because they do not believe that shower doors that open in other ways exist.

The Aqua Fold by DreamLine is one of those doors that is indeed different from other frameless shower doors. It doesn’t really open in a sense. Instead, its two glass panels fold to where they will be completely out of the way while you get in and out of the shower. 

This is much different and much more convenient than other shower doors, and it is a godsend for smaller showers where you need every inch of room if you are to install a shower door to enter the shower. The self-centering pivot really helps if a wider entry is necessary.

The bi-fold movement of the Aqua Fold is unique and very convenient, but it can take some getting used to. It is also not like other frameless shower doors in that water from the shower can escape to the outside. It doesn’t completely close like other shower doors and that is what can cause something like this.

The bi-folding doors also make cleaning the Aqua Fold a much more lengthy process than cleaning other shower doors. The Aqua Fold’s doors do not have any specific coating that can resist the water and other things that will encounter the door, so you’ll need to clean it quite a bit.


#8 VIGO VG6041CHCL7274 Frameless Sliding Rectangle Shower Door

VIGO Adjustable 68 - 72 in. W x 74 in. H Frameless Sliding Rectangle Shower Door with Clear Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel Hardware in Chrome Finish with Reversible Handle - VG6041CHCL7274

One of the biggest issues that frameless shower doors face is accommodating for out-of-plumb walls. Even the slightest inconsistencies in the walls that are brought on by out-of-plumb walls can mean that you won’t be able to install the shower door of your choice.

This can be very frustrating, and one thing that the Elan by Vigo contains to counter this is something they call RollerDisk technology. This adjusts the bearings on the track of the Elan’s shower doors to up to ⅜ of an inch. This will solve a good majority of your out-of-plumb wall issues.

You will not need to worry about any kind of leaks, rusting, chips or scratching with the Elan. The glass doors are pre-drilled, making them much more durable than most other shower doors. The doors are also nearly completely watertight. Very little water will escape the Elan. Keep an eye on the Elan if you are the type to take longer showers.

You’ll also need to be the type who doesn’t mind cleaning your shower doors regularly when it comes to the Elan, and this can rob you of precious time. The windows of the Elan will absorb a fair amount of the steam that showers give off, so they will need to be cleaned after almost every shower.


How Do I Choose a Shower Door?

choosing a shower door

Choosing a shower door does not need to be a very complicated process. But do not be fooled: It isn’t exactly as easy as choosing other tools for your shower, such as what color curtains you should get or what kind of shower head you want for the shower.

Coming to a decision on those two things are much easier than choosing a door for your shower. But if you are willing to take down a few measurements and determine whether you want your shower door to slide open, swing open, or fold.

The very first thing that you need to do is determine the height and width dimensions of your shower door. Different than other kinds of household protectants that can be measured (such as blinds or shutters), measurements for shower doors are usually specific to the height and length of your shower.

Now there exist some shower doors that have adjustable lengths, but these are only for shower doors that slide. If you are interested in a shower door that swings or folds open, you will not have this option available to you. Keep that in mind.

What are the differences between shower doors that swing, slide, and fold open? The answer to this question really depends on how big the shower is. 

If you install a sliding shower door in a smaller shower in terms of width, be prepared for a lot of tightness when going in and out of the shower because there won’t be a lot of clearance. If your shower is not very wide, you’ll want a swinging shower door. The entrance won’t be as tight and the door will open smoothly.

You’ll want to gravitate towards sliding shower doors if your shower is wide. While it is possible for swinging doors to be installed on wider showers, they will open a lot more precariously than their sliding counterparts.

Folding shower doors are very rare. If you wish to install one of these, you’ll want to follow the same guidelines as swinging doors, since folding shower doors also swing open. It’s just that they can horizontally fold into one panel as well.

Advantages of Frameless glass shower door

  • It’s the latest type of shower door and most of the people are preferring it over framed shower doors. The main reason behind it is its elegance and beautiful look.
  • Frame less shower doors are super stylish and gives your bathroom more space. You will never get the feeling of space occupied by door.
  • It’s ultra sleek design fits in almost all bathrooms.
  • Very less maintenance compared to framed shower doors as there are no tracks present where the dust is accumulated. Hence, cleaning is extremely easy task.
  • More life than traditional shower doors as there is no metal frame used. No metal no rust, more life.
  • Frame less glass shower doors are made up of thick glass. As a result of this they are more durable. So, don’t worry of it breaking down due to accidental bumps on the glass.
  • It increases the overall value and beauty of your home.

Disadvantages of Frame less Shower doors

  • There are very few disadvantages of using this type of shower doors. The only disadvantage is the cost of this doors. It ranges anywhere from $400 to $1500.
  • Below is the comparison table of Best Frame less shower doors 2015. We have listed this products based on user reviews, price and user ratings. Let us know in comments section if this article was useful.

How Do You Clean Frameless Shower Doors?

clean shower doors with vinegar

Whether the shower door is made of glass, plexiglass, or plastic, the one thing that you should never do when cleaning frameless shower doors is wipe them down in circles.

When you do this, you will streak the doors no matter what kind of solution you are using. If this happens to regular windows, this will have an even more profound effect on shower windows because of the constant amounts of water and steam that encounter them. Because they are more sensitive than other kinds of windows, you need to be careful even when using a squeegee.

If using a squeegee is recommended for common glass windows, they are necessary for shower door windows. And different than other windows where you can use a decent amount of solution, you do not want to use too much solution on shower doors. If you do, the doors will streak whether you are using a squeegee or not.

The kinds of solutions necessary are also a significant factor in cleaning shower doors. The solutions that you use on other forms of glass will probably do too well of a job on shower doors and will streak.

Again, this is because shower doors come in contact with all kinds of molecules that make them much more sensitive on their surfaces than windows that are not part of a shower. This is why cleaning them in circles is not going to be effective either, even if you have the weakest solution.

The final word involving solution use when cleaning shower doors is that you need to err on the side of using too little, and if you can, pursue cleaning solutions that are specific to cleaning shower doors. Even if they cost a little more than the common glass cleaning solution, they will protect your shower doors from unsavory effects.

How Can I Protect My Glass Shower Doors?

Glass shower doors get affected by a lot of elements in the shower. Most of these elements are brought forth from the steam and condensation that is produced in the shower. The condensation combines with the secretions that are expelled by whoever is in the shower and this can “infect” glass showwer doors.

This can cause your glass shower doors to encounter not only surface abnormalities, but also certain types of erosion if they are not protected enough.

Daily maintenance is the first thing you need to think about when it comes to protecting glass shower doors.

It may seem tedious, but you need to seek out different kinds of solutions. Cleaning instruments to prevent your glass shower door from being affected in both its function as well as its aesthetics.

You have no idea what kinds of molecules are present in a shower. As long as these molecules exist in the shower, they are unprotected. Do all you can to make sure that you’r using the correct solutions when cleaning your frameless shower doors.

And speaking of cleaning, you probably won’t be surprised that in order to protect your glass shower doors. You will need to clean your glass shower door each and every time you leave your shower.

Something else you can do is take cold showers. Much less molecules are present when you are not showering in warm or hot water. If you do not have the time to clean your shower doors every time you take a shower, you would benefit from making your showers one ounce colder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best thickness for a shower door?

  • A: The answer to this is dependent on how often you shower and how much water your shower head dispenses. If you shower a lot with a shower head that dispenses a lot of water, you should probably get a very thick shower door. It will block out a lot of the water that would likely get everywhere if you were to install a shower door that was not as thick. 

Q: Are frameless shower doors safe? 

  • A: This depends on how much you clean it. If you are the type who cleans your shower door rarely, they may be unsafe. They’ll begin developing negative surface effects and even mold. People will begin getting sick inside of the shower and that is not good.  However, if you take the time to clean the frameless shower doors in your possession, you will not encounter as many effects. This may sound like common sense, but not cleaning your shower doors can get out of hand.

Q: Do frameless shower doors leak?

  • A: The short answer is “yes.” Everything leaks, it’s just a matter of water getting into the smallest outlets. Of the shower door. To be specific, there are two places on the frameless shower door where leaks are possible. The first on the door itself. Even the most insignificant crack can cause a leak. Cracks in the shower are caused by a lack of every day cleaning. Leaks can also be contained on the tracks or jambs in a sliding and a swinging frameless shower door if they are not connected properly during installation.

Q: Are glass showers hard to keep clean?

  • A: Glass showers can be either easy or difficult to keep clean depending on your habits and how specific or spotless you want your glass shower to be. If you have inconsistent cleaning habits, it will take a long time and will be difficult to keep them clean. But if you clean your glass shower doors, it can actually be much easier because there will not be a lot of buildup that surrounds the doors and anything around it.

Q: What is the standard size of a frameless glass shower door?

  • A: There is a standard size in terms of height and in terms of width. The standard height of a glass shower door is about 72 inches, or 6 feet. This allows the person showering inside to feel housed. If the standard height was any shorter than this, it wouldn’t create an organic feel for the person inside of the shower. When it comes to width, the standard size is about 40 inches. This makes it possible to install sliding doors or swinging doors where they can both open without making things too precarious.

Frameless Shower Door VS Framed Shower Door Features

Elegance and Style: The major difference is use of Glass in both shower doors. Frameless shower door requires more Glass material which adds elegant and stylish look compared to Framed shower doors.

Price variation Framed sower door cost merely 40% compared to Frameless Shower Door which has the basic price of $400.

Glass Thickness  Frameless Shower Glass Door doesn’t have metal frame for security purpose. So these door has thicker glass compare to Framed Shower Door.

Installation – Frameless is more expensive and has large glass sheet which is difficult to install properly in wall. You should have a professional person for installation of Frameless Glass Shower Door.

Easy Clean – If you want to avoid damaging of water spots and minerals, simply use of “Squeegee” will solve your most of the problem. Use of Squeegee ones in day will keep shower door clean and far from any spot.

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