Best Hot Tub Chemicals for Sensitive Skin

hot tub chemicals for sensitive skinThere’s really no feeling quite like that of stepping into a bubbling hot tub, steam rising from the heat, the jets massaging your aching muscles. It’s like heaven on earth–that is, unless you have sensitive skin, in which case it can be an itchy, blotchy nightmare. Best hot tub chemicals are the best option for your sensitive skin.

Owning a hot tub is a big investment, and you want to be sure to get years of use without any stumbling blocks. So what do you do to help the sensitive-skinned member of your family?

Here are some of the best hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin, as offered on; consider these products, and you’ll hear the ‘ahhhh’ of approval from your family!

Best Hot Tub Chemicals Reviews

1. Zodiac W20750 Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer

Zodiac 2 New Nature 2 W20750 Spa/Hot Tub Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge Sticks

What Reviewers Like About this Product:

  • Users of the Nature2 Spa Stick Mineral Sanitizer found it easy to maintain a balanced pH level in the water, consider it a good purchase for the cost, and are satisfied that it is helping to eliminate skin irritations they had previously experienced when using their hot tub.

Easy to use and quick to dissolve, the Nature2 Spa Stick Mineral Sanitizer is a great alternative to the more astringent options.

To install, place this earth-friendly spa stick into the tub’s filter where minerals will be released gradually, thus eliminating the harsher aspect of chlorine and bromine yet still destroying the germs that notoriously breed in hot tub water. And the amazing side effect is, the sensitive skin of your family is protected!

2. Spa Choice 472-3-3041 Re-Energize Oxidizing

Spa Choice 472-3-3041 Re-Energize Hot Tub Shock 2-Pounds, 1-Pack

What Reviewers Like About this Product:

  • Users of the Spa Choice Re-Energize Oxidizing say that it works well and that it keeps the water nice and clear for their convenience.

Free of the more abrasive presence of chlorine, which can often leave hot tub users itchy and dried out, the Spa Choice Re-Energize Oxidizing is a fabulous choice for the hot tub user with more sensitive skin.

Designed to eliminate the natural contaminants that can discolor the spa, this oxidizer will clear up your water and also ease your mind over the risk of germs, all without using chlorine.

3. Silk Balance 76 Ounce with Auto Ship

Silk Balance Natural Hot Tub Solution 76 oz

What Reviewers Like About this Product:

  • Users of the Silk Balance 76 Ounce with Auto Ship found many positive things to say about this product. Overall, they appreciate the convenience of the auto-ship feature, the feeling of their skin being silky smooth, how balanced and clean the hot tub water is after use of this product, and the affordable pricing.

It has a one-of-a-kind formula that works from the moment applied to remove all organic materials in the hot tub water.

This ensures that natural elements will not build up over time and potentially harm your hot tub investment mechanisms.

In addition, when the process is complete, there won’t be the annoying foam remnants left to clean up, saving you even more time as you make an effort to clean up.

As well as cleaning your hot tub water, this product also leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling like pleasant chemicals; in fact, this is the ideal solution for anyone with chemically sensitive skin.

4. InSPAration Spa and Bath Aromaterapia

inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy 116X Spa Liquid, 9-Ounce, Gardenia

What Reviewers Like About this Product:

  • Users of the inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy expressed great appreciation for this product, loved the smell and the company's service when needed.

Specially formulated to leave skin silky and hydrated (rather than the unfortunate blotchy and itching that comes from harsh hot tub chemicals), the inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy is made organically based ingredients to give you an overall relaxing hot tub experience.

A gentle smell and a proven track record of not being a threat to the mechanisms of the spa make this a great product for your family’s consideration.

Whether you or someone you know who has sensitive skin, you must consider all product angles before purchasing.

5. Leisure Time 30400A pH Balance Spa and Hot Tub Water Care

Leisure Time 30400A pH Balance Spa and Hot Tub Water Care, 32 fl oz


Easily affordable
Alkalinity and pH are raised
All sanitizers are compatible
Grains that dissolve quickly


Doesn't disinfect

The Leisure Time Spa Up is still available if you have a tight budget. Although, as stated before, this product does not sanitize or disinfect water but raises pH values and total alkalinity to make the sanitizers more effective.

The pH level needs to be above 7.2 to prevent corrosion. Therefore, a pH level of 7.2 to 7.8 should be maintained in properly balanced water.

So, using it correctly means it must always be used in conjunction with other chemicals in the tub, particularly sanitizers, and should only be used if the water balance is disrupted.

There is no problem with using spa balance with all types of sanitizers (bromine, chlorine, and biguanide). The product dissolves quickly in water due to its granular structure.

6. Spa Essentials Chlorinating Concentrate Granules for Spas and Hot Tubs

Spa Essentials 32130000 Chlorinating Concentrate Granules for Spas and Hot Tubs, 2-Pound


Granular sanitizer that dissolves quickly
Oxidative properties
The product has been UV stabilized
There is no need for pre-dissolution


May cause irritation to the skin and eyes

Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione, up to 97% of this chlorinating concentrate, is a very effective granular sanitizer that quickly dissolves.
This might cause slight irritation for people with sensitive skin, but it will act quickly to kill bacteria and control their growth in a concise period of time.
It is not necessary to purchase two separate products because the sanitizer also works as an oxidizer.
The chemical can also be added directly to the pool without pre-dissolving. In addition, its UV stabilization means it is safe to use in outdoor pools, despite its relatively large 2-pound container.

7. EcoOne | Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance & Supply Kit

EcoOne | Hot Tub Chemical Maintenance & Supply Kit | Spa Shock & Conditioner Kit | Contains Oneshock Chlorine Tablets & SPA Monthly Conditioner | 6 Month Supply


Eco-friendly, biodegradable formula
Sensitive skin should use this product
A single treatment per month can provide spa-quality water


Very expensive

In EcoOne’s spa cleaning conditioner, natural ingredients have been formulated to create a liquid agent that is pre-measured, fast-dissolving, and has been described as a revolutionary solution to hot tub cleaning.
For clean, clear water all day, every day, pour the entire eight-ounce bottle of this spa cleaner into the tub once a month. The area is free of chlorine and hydrogen sulfide!
By utilizing organic compounds and natural compounds, we can purify our water quickly and efficiently, destroying any bacteria and residues. If you maintain your tub properly, you’ll never experience hot tub rash again.
With this cover, you’ll be ready to soak all year round in any tub, no matter if it’s above ground or inground, both above and below ground.

8. SpaGuard Soft Soak Hot Tub and Spa Shock and Oxidizer Cleaner

SpaGuard Soft Soak Shock-Oxidizer (1 qt)


For those with sensitive skin, this cleaner is amazing
It smells like nothing but soft water - no harsh chemicals!
Provides better filtration while improving the quality of water


It cannot be used with bromine cleaners - they are incompatible!

Soft Soak Hot Tub Cleaner from SpaGuard is an all-in-one non-halogen spa system, gentle and soft upon contact and easy to use.

Utilizing Biguanides, which are tough enough to stand up to sunlight, temperature changes, and even shifting pH levels, this cleaner creates clean, soft water you can enjoy in a spa.

With its natural ability to attract and remove contaminants, their specialized cleaning compounds can not only clean the inside of your spa but also extend the life of its built-in filter!

While you avoid getting sick from the odor of chlorine, you’ll still maintain a bacteria-free hot tub.

Furthermore, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other natural supplements.

Best Hot Tub Chemicals For Sensitive Skin Buying Guide

hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin

Water, shell, plumbing, and filters all need to be treated when it comes to taking care of your spa.

Let’s first dispel the myth that spa water can be treated without chemicals. Spa water treatment is often difficult to find, especially when one has sensitive skin. There is no such thing as it. The water in hot tubs contains or produces some chemicals. Chemicals include salt and minerals, which are used in some systems and other products and ingredients. Several chemicals (produced by bacteria) are often mistaken for being living organisms, such as enzymes.

Natural Solutions for the Hot Tub

It is crucial to maintain the boiling point of the water, sanitize it, and adjust its pH levels to make it comfortable for those with dry and sensitive skin. Among the different types of organic hot tub chemicals, select those best suited for skin with sensitive reactions.
Ensure organic hot tub chemicals you plan to use are suitable for the type of water treatment system you have.
It would be best if you also considered reducing the risk of exposure when cleaning your hot tub when looking for natural solutions. For both your spa’s plumbing and filters, you should use a natural hot tub cleaner. However, even when using a natural hot tub cleaner, you should know which chemicals you shouldn’t use together to prevent dangerous chemical reactions.

1. Natural Hot Tub Sanitizer

There are several natural substances available that can be used to sanitize your hot tub without the harshness of chlorine and bromine or to reduce their amount. Oxidizers, ionizers, UV purifiers, and saltwater chlorinators are all options. All three systems have advantages and disadvantages, however.

Using saltwater instead of harsh chemicals, chlorine generators produce chlorine. Nevertheless, chlorine is produced. You can also damage your equipment with salt, as it is corrosive. Therefore, it is essential to use ozone, ionization, and UV to sanitize the system despite conflicting information. As salt generates a registered sanitizer, it does not need it.

In terms of sensitive skin, biguanides are likely to be the best chemical to use. Spas can be provided without the use of chlorine or bromine when using this sanitizer. In addition, the germ-killing ability of biguanides made them ideal for use as antimicrobial scrubs in surgery. Biguanides also do not irritate the eyes or skin. In addition, they contain no chloramines like chlorinated spas, which is healthy for your lungs and creates a more pleasant bathing experience. Many biguanides are currently available, including Revacil, Baquacil, and Soft Swim.

Like all spa sanitizers and treatments, biguanides also have some disadvantages. Chlorine and bromine are less expensive than biguanides. Your spa’s rubber and plastic parts will also deteriorate from the chemicals. A hot tub does not lose all its organic materials to chemical processes. Your spa water maintenance routine will include adding hydrogen peroxide. Another problem is foaming, which needs to be removed daily to ensure sanitization. The disadvantages of biguanides can often outweigh the benefits.

2. Natural Spa Water Treatment

Hot tub water doesn’t have to be sanitized only with sanitizers. Using organic chemicals in a hot tub, such as enzymatic spa water treatments, makes your hot tub water seem chemical-free. Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner is a great hot tub chemical for sensitive skin. Bathers with sensitive skin can benefit from this premium enzyme-based spa water treatment by experiencing the following:

  • Maintaining sanitizer levels requires fewer harsh chemicals
  • You don’t have to worry about damaging your hair with it
  • The cream prevents hot tub rashes and dry skin
  • Feels soft and silky on your skin

3. Natural hot tub cleaner

When it comes to hot tub water, there are special precautions you need to take if you have sensitive skin. When cleaning your hot tub, you should also avoid getting in contact with irritating cleaners. You can also choose a natural hot tub cleaner in addition to natural hot tub chemicals. The spa shell should be cleaned with a natural cleaning product available from your hot tub retailer.

Will Vinegar Naturally Clean my Hot Tub?

However, we regret to announce that this commonly recommended household item will not be sufficient for cleaning your tub.
Please don’t use anything unless it has been specifically designed for sanitizing. Otherwise, your entire system is at risk!
Vinegar’s natural acidity can not only drastically alter the pH levels of your tub, but it also can’t remove the nasty buildup of scum and scale on your tub after continuous use.
You may also experience a lingering and particularly unpleasant smell after cleaning with vinegar continuously.
A gross odor not exactly conducive to a relaxing bath is not exactly how to enjoy a soothing soak!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Can you use a hot tub without chemicals?

By treating your hot tub with Silk Balance, you can avoid harsh chemicals without compromising your health. Can you imagine what would happen if you filled up your hot tub without adding any chemicals to it? The risk of this happening is extremely high. Some bacteria and fungi thrive at temperatures ranging from 25-40°C in a hot tub. Biosoup could be created in hot tub water in just a few days, turning green and causing a serious health risk.

Whenever you add chemicals to the water of your hot tub, you need to remember that they are there to keep your family and you comfortable while swimming. If they are used properly and safely, chemicals are your friends.

  • Are hot tub chemicals bad for you?

Chlorine and bromine are powerful chemicals often used in hot tubs. In addition to causing skin irritation, they are also hazardous to the respiratory system. Some studies say they can damage your immune system, cause fertility problems, liver, kidney, digestion and gastrointestinal problems.

Chemicals are used heavily to keep hot tubs clean and sanitary. Do you think it is possible that the chemicals that keep you safe in your hot tub can actually be harmful to your health in some ways? Do you think that the chemicals in your hot tub could actually have an adverse effect on your health?

These sanitization chemicals pose a number of health risks, however. Alternative sanitization options are also available that use less chlorine or bromine.

  • How long is a hot tub safe without chemicals?

The length of time it takes to complete the test depends on the kind of chemical used and how much is used. There is no set time limit for how long it will take.

Prior to using your hot tub, there is no set period of time that you must wait. You simply need to ensure that all the chemicals have dissolved and are at a safe level.

You may be at risk of skin irritation if you enter the water too quickly.

Make sure the chlorine levels in the water are safe before entering. After being treated with a chemical that doesn’t contain chlorine, hot tubs can generally be used for about 20 minutes.

  • Can you use baking soda in your hot tub?

A hot tub’s heater and circulator work best when the water is alkaline. pH is generally maintained between 7.2 and 7.8 by using harsh liquid or dry chemicals. If you add these chemicals to water, they can burn your skin, and if they leak, they can destroy the storage area. The pH level can be raised without the use of harsh chemicals by a common household item.

For every 100 gallons of water in the hot tub, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda. To remove odors from a hot tub with 400 gallons of water, add 4 tbsp of baking soda.

During two to four hours, place the baking soda in the hot tub and turn the jets on. Water should be tested again for pH. If the pH level remains below the acceptable levels after adding baking soda, turn off the hot tub jets.

To reach the acceptable pH level of 7.2 to 7.8, alternate between adding baking soda to the water and circulating it.

  • What can you put in a hot tub for sensitive skin?

A hot tub that has harsh chemicals may cause your skin to itch, making you want to abandon it. In most cases, such a drastic measure is not necessary with the right hot tub chemicals for sensitive skin. Natural hot tub solutions can make your experience more enjoyable without causing misery. You have to find chemicals for hot tubs that are safe for sensitive skin that you like the most.

Chemically, biguanides may be beneficial for skin that is sensitive. It can sanitize freely without the addition of chlorine or bromine. The antimicrobial properties of biguanides made them ideal for use as antimicrobial scrubs for surgeries.


Even though not all chemicals are created equal, owning a hot tub can benefit you because they all have different functions. For example, several are sanitizers; some increase pH levels or decrease pH levels, and the rest are tub shockers.
You may need to choose the right hot tub chemicals to kill germs and algae in your spa. By doing this, your family or friends will have a safe tub in which to relax together.
All of these 4 types should be available in a set, and they should all work well together, so you can make use of all of these as the best hot tub chemicals for proper water balancing and maintaining your tub.
For a safe hot tub, be sure to get the right chemicals.

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