Best Hot Tub For The Money

Coming back home after a hard day of work and having a hot shower can calm your nerves and refresh you so that you can spend some quality time with your family. That said, sometimes a mere five minutes under the showerhead can’t do enough for you, especially if you worked particularly hard that day. If you’re one of the people who need something more than a shower to keep themselves fresh and ready to go every day, how about you get yourself the best hot tub for the money?

The way these advanced contraptions work is that the folks who make them take a regular tub and then redesign its build and add all sorts of clever gadgets to it.

So, instead of merely being a container of water in which you can bathe and wallow, hot tubs represent a special sort of massaging machine, where small jets can propel water in several directions and, in that way, massage your body.

So, getting in a hot tub will not only moisturize your skin and get you clean but also relax your muscles and stimulate your blood flow through your entire organism. Plus, it’s loads of fun.

Top Picks: 5 Best Hot Tub For The Money

In this article, we will talk about the exquisite pieces of engineering that are hot tubs. If you like the idea behind these contraptions, we have prepared a list of the twenty best hot tubs currently on offer on the market, so you can have some options to choose from.

The Best Hot Tub For The Money Reviews

Also, in the passages below, you will find a buyer’s guide, as well as a brief section explaining what not to do in a hot tub if you already own one or plan to obtain one shortly.

Without further ado, here’s the deal.

1) Coleman – SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman 90363E SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, Pack of 1, Green & White

If you don’t have space for a large, stationary hot tub, this Coleman model may be for you. The inflatable nature of this product allows you to store it when not in use, thus saving valuable house space.

This inflatable can fit four to six adults when it’s fully inflated, thanks to its round shape and 77-inch diameter. When the inflatable is inflated, a water heater automatically heats the water within to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  (By the way, 104 degrees is the maximum temperature, and you can set this value below it if you want to.)

To save energy when heating the water inside this hot tub, you can also use the automatic heat-up timer. Thanks to this thing, you can set the starting and finishing point of the heating and then do something else.

Once the water reaches the designated temperature, the heater will turn off on its own, so you don’t have to worry about it overheating the water and thus spending more electricity unnecessarily.


  • It comes with a massage air jet system
  • Inflatable design (easy storage)
  • Fast, automated heating system
  • Integrated water filtration
  • Features a convenient drain valve
  • Rapid inflation (it can be fully inflated in just a couple of minutes)
  • Cushioned floor for extra comfort
  • There is a ground fault circuit interrupter (for extra safety)
  • Can fit 4-6 adults


  • Some users may not like the inflatable design of this unit
  • The pump connects directly to the tub (there is no hose, so the entire pump +tub arrangement takes up more space than just the tub itself)

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2) Bestway – SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub, 4-Person AirJet Spa

As our entry number 3, we’ve got another inflatable hot tub you can easily store in your larder – so it doesn’t take up space unnecessarily when you’re not using it. This model is a tad smaller than the one from above, so it can only fit 4 people when fully inflated. Instead of medium-to-large families, the manufacturers of this hot tub aim to market this product for couples and perhaps smaller families.

When it comes to setting this thing up, you won’t be needing any tools as all you need to do connect the different parts of this tub, flick a couple of switches, push a button or two, and you’re good to go. Speaking of button-pushing, SaluSpa Miami hot tub comes with an easy-to-use control panel, where you can set the temperature, as well as some other parameters for the conditions in the tub itself.

Here’s an interesting feature that the manufacturers came up with for this model. Since inflatable hot tubs typically require a pump, a heater, and many other smaller secondary appliances to make it work – the folks who made this hot tub decided to make it all into a single apparatus.

So, the rather large egg-shaped object you will be connecting to the tub to inflate acts as the pump, the water heater, as well as a water-filtration contraption. This both saves space and makes the setup a piece of cake.


  • Suitable for two to four people
  • An easy, no-tool setup
  • It comes with a timer that can help you save energy
  • ChemConnect dispenser (dispenses chlorine and keeps the water inside the tub clean)
  • 52-inch diameter
  • Made out of special three-plied puncture-resistant material
  • Features a simple-to-use control panel
  • The water pump, the heater, and the filtration device are all the same machine (which saves space)
  • There is a setup and guidance DVD
  • You get 2 filter cartridges in the box


  • Fairly small (not the best option for larger families)
  • Some users may not like the design of this unit

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3) ALEKO – Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

ALEKO HTIO2BKBK Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Drink Tray and Cover, 2 Person Portable Hot Tub - 145 Gallon Black

Featuring a simple and sturdy appearance, this ALEKO oval inflatable hot tub spa is a small hot tub built for two people. What you get with this thing is a powerful pump, some water jets, and a digital control panel to control the various features of this thing fairly easily.

To assemble this thing, you don’t need any tools other than the gear you’ll get as a part of the package. Within it, there is an inflation pump, a water heater, and a special bubble-producing contraption. The maximum heat you can set the water inside this hot tub is 108 degrees, but you can go lower than that, of course.

When it comes to setting the desired temperature on this thing, you will be using the control panel, where you can set the temperature and several other parameters related to the functioning of this tub.

If you want to use this tub outdoors (in your backyard, for example), you can use the cover that comes as a part of the gear within this package to cover it and protect the water inside from rogue leaves falling from nearby trees or precipitation.


  • 75 x 47 inches oval-shaped tub (suitable for two people)
  • A 900-Watt heater
  • A 600-Watt bubble-making contraption
  • It comes with an inflation hose
  • Fitting cover included
  • Maximum temperature of 108° Fahrenheit
  • Digital control panel for easy operation
  • Features a plastic protective tarp you can place underneath the tub (particularly useful if you’re placing the tub outdoors where there might be pointy things on the ground)


  • It only fits two adults
  • The control panel offers only basic functions

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4) Coleman – SaluSpa Havana Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman Saluspa 71' x 26' Havana AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub with Remote Control, 2-4 Person

Representing another Coleman model on this list, this SaluSpa Havana inflatable hot tub is smaller than the Coleman model we’ve described above. When fully inflated, this can only house two to four people, so this can be an interesting option for couples or small families of no more than four members.

When it comes to the basic functions of this hot tub, here the situation is fairly similar to other Coleman models. There is one large main pump that both pumps the water into the tub and then heats it. This 2-in-1 system helps save space when the tub is not in use.

That said, to make this thing perform these two tasks at the same time, the folks at Coleman did have to make it a fair bit bigger than if the two aforementioned components were available individually.

So, before you buy this model, make sure you understand that other than the tub itself, you also need to have some extra room wherever it is you plan to set up the tub so that the pump can fit too. (This is because there is no hose you can use to abridge the tub and the pump. The pump connects directly to the tub.)


  • A power-saving timer helps you maintain the same temperature in the tub for hours.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use digital control panel
  • Features a remote control for easy operation at a distance
  • The maximum water temperature the heater can get to is 104° Fahrenheit
  • Made out of Tritech puncture-resistant material
  • The outside of the tub is covered with rattan wicker print
  • The outer layer of the tub is UV-resistant (means you can use it outdoors worry-free)
  • ChemConnect chlorine dispenser


  • It can only fit two to four people
  • Some folks may not like the wicker paint exterior

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5) AquaSpa – Portable Inflatable Square Outdoor Spa Hot Tub

AquaSpa Portable Hot Tub 61X61X26 Inch Air Jet Spa 2-3 Person Inflatable Square Outdoor Heated Hot Tub Spa with 120 Bubble Jets

If you’re looking for an inflatable spa solution that you can carry with you whenever you go, this model from AquaSpa can be just the thing for you. Although this model is fairly small, thanks to its rectangular build, it can house up to 4 people. (Optimally, though, it’s built for only two people.)

The folks at AquaSpa made sure that this small portable spa comes with its fair share of useful features. First off, there’s the air jet system that makes it possible for this thing to produce bubbles and, in that way, massage you while you’re in the tub.

Also, there’s the rapid heating system which helps you heat the water inside this tub fairly quickly, which can be a great option for people who are always on the go and don’t have enough time to wait for the water to heat up slowly once they come home from work.

In terms of filtration, all the filtering-related parts of this tub come preset and inbuilt in the tub itself, so you won’t have to worry about it other than changing the filters when enough time has elapsed so that they start losing their efficiency.


  • Made out of puncture-resistant material
  • Soft-touch control panel
  • Suitable for 2-4 adults
  • There is a special cover for protecting this tub when it’s not in use
  • The heater will heat the water to 104° Fahrenheit
  • Integrated filtration features
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not a good solution for larger families
  • Some users weren’t satisfied with the quality of the cover tarp

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6) ALEKO – Square Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Cover

ALEKO HTISQ6BRWH Square Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Cover, 6 Person Portable Hot Tub - 250 Gallon Brown and White

Big, square, cushiony, and with enough space to fit up to 6 adults, this ALEKO inflatable hot tub can be just what you’ve been looking for – if you have a large family or plan to throw parties in your house or backyard with a large hot tub as the centerpiece.

The maximum water temperature the heater that comes with this unit will heat the water to amounts to 108° Fahrenheit, which is 4 degrees more than most of the hot tubs currently on the market.

As far as the heating speed is concerned, the heater that comes with this model can muster one to three degrees Fahrenheit in an hour. (Of course, if the starting temperature is higher, the heater will take less time to heat the water to the target temperature you’ve set for it.)

As far as the power features of this unit are concerned, you can count on the 900-Watt heater, a 600-Watt bubbler, as well as a special 12-Volt filter pump for good measure. The temperature of the water and the other parameters can easily be set and modified using the control panel.


  • Up to 6 people can fit in this hot tub
  • The maximum water temperature the heater can provide is 108° Fahrenheit
  • A powerful, 900-Watt heater
  • A 600-Watt bubble-making contraption
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Rectangular shape


  • Some users complained that the water doesn’t stay at the same temperature once the heater is off.
  • Some folks may not appreciate the rectangular shape of this model

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7) CosySpa – Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

COSYSPA Inflatable Hot Tub Spa – Outdoor Bubble Hot Tub | 2-6 Person Capacity – Quick Heating Hot Tub | Inflatable Hot Tub | Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub Spa (Hot Tub Only - 4 Person)

Included in this small hot spa package from the CosySpa folks are the following items: two headrests, a drink holder, as well as an optional inflatable lid for good measure. (Typically, covers for these types of hot tub spas come in the shape of a thin piece of tarp, but here with this CosySpa model – the lid follows through with the inflatability theme, so to speak.)

One of the interesting features of this hot tub model would certainly be the fact that it comes with an integrated pump. What this means effectively is that you don’t have to take the pump and the tub apart every time after you disassemble this tub, so both assembly and taking this thing apart are fairly easy processes.

As far as the number of people this model can house, two different models are available – the 2-4 people model, and a larger, 4-6 people one. In terms of construction material, however, you can rest assured that both of these are made out of a mixture of PVC fabric and aluminum foil, which is there to reinforce the structure of the tub’s walls while they’re inflated.


  • It comes with some interesting accessories (such as a cup holder and an inflatable cover)
  • It comes with an integrated pump.
  • There’s a PVC groundsheet included in this package (for protecting the bottom of the tub)
  • Made out of tough PVC and aluminum foil mixture
  • It is available in two sizes (2-4 people, or 4-6 people)
  • LED control panel


  • Some users reported long heat-up waiting periods
  • Some users complained that the interior floor is a bit slippery

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8) Bestway – SaluSpa Paris Air Jet Hot Tub

Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub, (6-Person)

Representing yet another SaluSpa hot tub, this model is called Paris, and it comes in a stock white color. (Perhaps this is because Paris is called the city of lights, so the folks at SaluSpa decided to paint the tub a bright color, too.)

If you’ve been paying attention to the SaluSpa models from above, you already know all there is to know about the functioning principle of this hot tub. What happens is that there is a pump that also serves as the water heater and the bubble-maker.

Instead of three separate appliances, you’d all need to attach to the tub, you only have to attach one – the big egg-shaped thing, and there’s no hose to do it, either.

So, to reiterate the word of advice we had for anyone who fancies buying one of the SaluSpa contraptions – make sure you have enough room (whether indoors or outdoors) to place not only the tub on the floor but also its complimentary and rather large egg-shaped 3-in-1 pump and everything else that comes with it.


  • A simple control panel is included
  • The pump, the heater, and the bubble-maker are all the same machine
  • There is a timer on board you can use to set a temperature-warming session in advance
  • Simple, no-tool setup & dismantling
  • LED lightbulbs inside the tub (with 7 different colors you can choose from)
  • The cover is reinforced (for keeping the water clean when the tub is not in use)
  • 4-6 people capacity


  • The 3-in-1 pump and the rest of the bunch contraption is rather chunky
  • This set does not come with an instructional DVD

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9) Bestway – SaluSpa Helsinki Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway SaluSpa 71' x 26' Helsinki AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

We’re halfway through our list of product reviews, and surprise-surprise, we’ve chanced upon yet another product of the well-known SaluSap folks. It seems what these folks are selling is roughly the same product, but with just different ‘skins’ in video game parlance.

The feature that sets this particular model from the other ones you could have read about above would certainly be its unique appearance. Since this model is called Helsinki, we can assume that the idea behind it was to evoke certain Nordic imagery of saunas and natural wood instead of a plasticky feeling of an inflatable hot tub.

So, what you get with this model is the exterior that looks like a wooden tub and the 3-in-1 egg-shaped pump and everything else that comes with it – also in brown, to match the overall wood theme of this set.

As far as the other hot tub features are concerned, its 67-ich diameter leaves enough space inside the tub to house five to seven people. This means this model can be a perfect option for a larger family – especially if it’s a sort of family that likes wood and Finland.


  • Easy, no-tool assembly
  • 5-7 people capacity
  • Maximum temperature of 104° Fahrenheit
  • ChemConnect dispenser for constant chlorine supply (which will clean the water inside the tub)
  • Simple and responsive control panel
  • Wood & sauna visual theme


  • Some folks may not like the way the exterior of this hot tub looks
  • Some people reported problems with high electricity usage

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10) Grandee – Hot Spring

grandee hot tub dimensions

Representing a high-end product from a company held in high esteem among hot tub connoisseurs, this Grandee HotSpring hot tub can be an excellent choice for folks with large families.

First things first, this elaborate tub can house up to seven adults, which is more than enough space for medium-sized to large families. What’s more, this doesn’t mean that you can barely fit seven people in this thing. The folks at Grandee made sure that everyone who gets in has plenty of legroom so that they can have the optimal hot tub experience.

One of the biggest strengths of this particular product would be its powerful jets, which all come with special control features that allow you to set the intensity of the massage.

Officially, this feature is called ComfortControl, and you can fiddle with the levels and the strength of the water output in the jets using the touchscreen control panel that’s inbuilt to the side of the tub itself. (Of course, this thing is waterproof, so you can rest assured you can use it risk-free, even if you’re soaking wet – which you should be if you’re in the tub.)


  • There are 43 different jets inside this tub
  • The tub is large enough to fit 7 adults with plenty of legroom for everyone
  • Easy-to-use inbuilt touchscreen control panel
  • Remote control for the control panel
  • 4,000-Watt heater
  • A wireless sound system (optional)
  • Entry steps available (also optional)


  • A bit expensive
  • Some users reported problems regarding the salt level management

11) Lifesmart Spas – LS100 Hot Tub

lifesmart hot tub

Coming from a high-end hot tub-producing company, this contraption represents the very top of what modern technology can offer regarding hot tub design and functionality. Of course, the price of this item reflects this fact accordingly.

One of the most important features of this thing would certainly be the 13 jets it comes with. These jets are arranged all across the interior walls of this spa to reach all the users equally. By the way, this hot tub is designed for a maximum of four people. (There are four individual seats inbuilt in the bottom of this tub, so every one of the four people inside can sit comfortably.)

The water temperature and the jets, and other parameters connected with this contraption can be easily set up using the control panel that comes with this thing. That means that you can sit back and relax in this tub and change the tubs without having to leave it.


  • Cover included in the package
  • LED lighting
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Built-in seating arrangements for four people
  • 13 different jets arranged so that they massage the occupants of the tub
  • Tough polyethylene construction
  • It comes with 2 cup holders
  • Limited warranty (90-days labor, 1-year parts, and 5-years structure)


  • Fairly expensive
  • Some people may not like the seating design of this model

12) Aqua Rest Spas – Premium 300 Hot Tub

aquarest premium 300

Featuring a unique design and a small build that can only fit two people inside, this Aquarest Spa contraption would fall into the category of high-end hot tubs. It comes in three different finishes – brownstone, greystone, and keystone, so there some variety there to choose from.

Even though this model is only built to house two people, it comes with twenty different jets so that the people sitting inside the tub can be massaged from a variety of positions. These jets are made out of high-quality stainless steel, so you can rest assured they will last you a long time, as long as you make sure to take proper care of them at all times.

To make your time inside the tub more interesting, the folks at Aquarest have included an option that can create a small waterfall for you. Behind this waterfall, there’s also a set of LED lights, which can function as the backdrop for this waterfall and thus create a special atmosphere in the tub. (The mood of which, of course, would depend on the color arrangement you choose. For the record, there are 9 color settings to choose from.)


  • This unit comes with 20 hydrotherapy jets
  • The waterfall effect is controlled through an integrated switch
  • LED backlights with 9 different light settings
  • Features a special EZ Kleen filtration system
  • An inbuilt ozone purification system
  • Includes a protective cover
  • Two cup holders


  • Fairly expensive
  • Requires an electrician to install it

13) Thermo Spas – 42-Jet Hot Tub

thermo spa hot tub

If you’re looking for an elaborate and high-class hot tub for no more than four people, this model from Thermo Spas can be just the thing for you. Made out of acrylic tub, the shape of the interior of this tub curves can support the bodies of people inside the tub and so that the jets can get to them at the best possible angle.

As far as the aforementioned seating arrangements are in question, there are not all the same. This was done purposefully by the folks at Thermo Spas so that people of different heights can use this spa at the same water level. Also, this makes it a perfect solution for people with kids.

Of course, the maximum number of people inside the tub is still four, and having more than four people in this tub is not advisable because the jets won’t be able to get to everyone equally.


  • It fits up to four people at different heights
  • Features 2 cup holders
  • Sculpted armrests for comfortable sitting
  • 42 jets air-blowing and bubble-making jets for an optimal massaging experience
  • LED lighting for optimal illumination
  • There is a cover that comes with this model


  • Elaborate setup (A professional electrician is required to be present to set up the wiring.)
  • Quite expensive

14) Aqua Rest Spas – 45-Jet Plug-and-Play Hot Tub with Waterfall

aquarest daydream spa

This cutting-edge hot tub comes in black onyx and espresso colors, so it can fit right in with any bathroom or similar area in your house that has dark chocolate or wood tones. Furthermore, this piece can still serve as the centerpiece of any bathroom, regardless of the color scheme.

Compared to the product from above, for example, this model would also fall into the category of luxurious hot tubs; the main difference between this one and a couple of entries before is that this one can fit up to 6 people in it. These six lucky folks will then have the pleasure of being massaged by the air propelled forth by 45 stainless steel jets.

Once you’ve seated yourself in one of the premade seating arrangements within this tub, you can easily pick the temperature of the water as well as the intensity of the jets, using the simple control panel situated on the edge of the tub.


  • Jets made of stainless steel provide 45 hydrotherapy benefits
  • This tub can fit up to 6 people in it
  • Specialized EZ Klean filtration system
  • Easy-to-use control panel located on the edge of the tub
  • LED exterior cabinet lighting
  • Two colors available: black onyx & espresso


  • Some users may not like the dark color patterns of this model
  • You might require an electrician to help you set it up

15) Aqua Rest Spas – Premium 400 4-Person Plug-and-Play Hot Tub

aquarest 400

If you fancy taking a bath with three other friends or family members in what looks like a tractor tire with a wee control panel on it, this Aqua Rest product may be a perfect solution for you.

As is the case with some other Aqua Rest models, this Premium 400 hot tub comes in three different (but still fairly similar) colors: Greystone, brownstone, and keystone. The great thing about this contraption is that it possesses all the benefits of a high-end tub ‘n’ spa, but you probably won’t need to hire an electrician to help you set it up in your bathroom. (Or, your backyard, for that matter.)

All you need to do to get this thing up and running would be to plug it in the nearest electrical outlet (120V), and you’re good to go. (Of course, if your electrical outlet is 220V, then you might need to call an electrician to set it up for you.)


  • 20 stainless steel bubble-making jets
  • Built to house four people
  • Backlit LED waterfall with a cascading effect
  • EZ Kleen filtration system
  • 4 cup holders
  • Features a special cover to protect the water when the tub is not in use


  • Some users may not like the color patterns of this model
  • Some users reported that the temperature can fall fairly quickly when the heater is not on (although this depends on the temperature of the environment)

16) Lifesmart Spas – 7-Person Hot Tub with Waterfall

lifesmart hot tub reviews

With its ability to house up to 7 people, this Lifesmart Spas hot tub comes with 22 jets that can provide massage to all of the folks inside the tub somewhat equally. All of the 22 jets installed in this unit can be adjusted via the control panel this thing comes with.

Of course, as was the case with the previous hot tub models on this list, with this one, you will be able to set up these jet functions fairly easily because the control panel is accessible from within the tub.

To ensure that the electricity you spend heating the water inside this tub doesn’t go to waste that easily, the folks at Lifesmart Spas have insulated this tub with foam so that once the water inside the tub has reached the designated temperature, it will start dropping more slowly thanks to the insulation.


  • Built-in ergonomic seating arrangements
  • A simple control panel is included
  • Arctic white interior
  • Espresso-color exterior
  • 22 different jets
  • LED lights (that come in different colors)
  • Limited warranty (1-year labor, 2-year equipment, 5-year structure)


  • Some users complained that the setup can be tricky
  • Fairly large (may not be a good solution for an average-sized family)

17) Cyanna Valley Spas – Galaxy 6-Person Hot Tub

cyanna valley spas reviews

With its darker exterior, silver interior, and 41 jets, this Cyanna Valley hot tub can be an ideal choice for a larger family. It easily fits six people into it, and since not all parts of it are the same depth, you’ll have no problem getting your kids on board.

It is guaranteed that the 41 jets on board this tub will be able to reach every member of your family, providing them with a relaxing massage.

The 41 jets and digital control panel of this tub allow you to control the water temperature by reclining in your seat and reaching out toward the edge for the digital control panel. Because the inbuilt device is waterproof, you can set a parameter while seated in the bathtub without fear of it malfunctioning.


  • Jets can be adjusted 41 times
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • 2 cup holders
  • Features built-in seating arrangements
  • Easy-to-use digital control panel
  • Underwater LED lighting
  • Limited warranty (90-day labor, 2-year parts, lifetime shell, and structure)


  • Fairly pricey
  • Requires an electrician to set up

18) Ohana Spas – Balance Ultra 7-Person Hot Tub

ohana spas reviews

Sporting a fairly simple appearance (at least when you look at it from the outside), this Ohana Spas Balance hot tub can be an interesting option for a person looking for a durable home spa that can house up to 7 people. The floor of this hot tub is not symmetrical, so the depth level throughout this vessel varies. (This is good news for people with kids, by the way.)

The number of jets that will provide you with the massages amounts to 40. All of them are made out of high-quality stainless steel, and the intensity with which they shoot out air into the water (thus creating bubbles) can be controlled by pushing some buttons on the control panel.

If you plan to use this thing during the night (perhaps as a prop for a romantic date night with your significant other), this thing can do an excellent job as it comes with special underwater LED lights that can be programmed in 4 different ways. Thanks to these, you can set the mood in the tub and make your bathing experience more exciting and lively during the night.


  • Features inbuilt seating arrangements (asymmetrical)
  • 40 jets made out of high-quality stainless steel
  • Two cup holders are included
  • Underwater LED lights (with 4 programmable modes)
  • An easily accessible control panel (situated on the edge of the tub)
  • Limited warranty


  • Complex setup (electrician required)
  • Some users complained that some of the jets are situated too low

19) ThermoSpas – 3-Person Hot Tub

thermospas reviews

It’s an excellent option for people looking for a high-quality, compact hot tub that fits in their bathrooms. Even though it is small, you can be certain that this thing delivers quite a lot of massaging power, so to speak.

When it is not in use, you can use the cover to protect the water from getting dirty or too cold too soon. It also includes a special LED light system, so you can use it even when the light is low.

This product comes with a warranty that lasts exactly one year. In terms of maintenance, it will need only a dry towel swiped across from time to time in order to stay in great shape.


  • The cover is specially designed
  • LED lights allow you to use this thing during the night or in low-light conditions
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive control panel
  • Compact build
  • 35 jets
  • 1-year warranty


  • One of the most expensive models on the market (especially considering its size)
  • This product is set to work with 240-Volt electric outlets, so if you’re from the US, you’re going to need an electrician to set it up.

20) Intex – Purespa Inflatable Hot Tub

intex purespa review

With an appearance of a marshmallow coated in blue or a piece of sushi, this inflatable hot tub can work wonders for anyone interested in owning a portable hot tub that you can set up anywhere you want. (As long as there’s an electrical outlet nearby and enough space to place the tub itself, of course.)

When it comes to the number of people the folks at Intex recommend this thing for, it amounts to 4, so don’t try squeezing in more than that, or the experience may vary, so to speak.

One of the best things about this inflatable hot tub is that it comes with 140 different jets. This means you will get massaged with pressured air bubbles from every direction while inside the tub, which can do wonders to relax your muscles and promote good sleep. What’s more, you can set up the parameters of these massages by using the control panel. (You don’t even have to leave the tub to push the buttons since the entire apparatus is waterproof and inbuilt in the tub itself.)


  • This bubble maker features 140 bubble-creating jets
  • Suitable for a maximum of four people
  • LED lighting for better functionality in low-light conditions
  • The water temperature ranges from 68° to 104° Fahrenheit
  • There is a fitting cover included in the package
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Some users may not like the inflatable design
  • Some users might not like the visual design of this unit

Buyer’s Guide: Best Hot Tub For The Money

best hot tubs 2021

3-in-1 Power Package

When it comes to setting up a hot tub and letting it ‘do its thing,’ it’s important to remember that the tub itself is not the only part of the deal, so to speak.

A hot tub also comes with various filters, pumps, and heaters, so you need to consider the special requirements of all of these individual contraptions to make sure you will have enough room to set up the tub.

That said, some manufacturers of hot tubs have decided to combine pumps, heaters, and bubble-making contraptions into a single unit. This unit, although often large, takes up less space than if the aforementioned three appliances were separate.

So, if you want to have all of your hot tub’s secondary equipment in a single bundle, get one of these models that has a 3-in-1 function.

Water Filtration

Any device that involves water and humans who drink or bathe in it needs some sort of filtration.

In the case of hot tubs, the filters are usually built into the tub itself. So all you have to do is change the filter cartridge now and again, and then you can use the tub normally.

There are also models of hot tubs that deliver continuous chlorine to the tub, which can help to maintain water purity.


Probably one of the most annoying aspects of owning a hot tub would be having to wait around for the water inside it to heat up.

No matter how efficient the heater that comes with the tub is, this heat-up process can take hours, if not days at times.

So, what can help massively alleviate this situation would be getting a model that comes with a timer. Using a timer, you can simply set the temperature value you want the heater to reach, push a button or two, and then the timer will automatically shut the heater off when the water is ready.

Then, you can just walk into your bathroom (or wherever your hot tub is) and get in it confidently, as the water will be just the way you want it in terms of temperature.

Massage System

Arguably the most important part of a hot tub would be its jets.

These little openings scattered throughout the hot tub’s interior will let out pressurized air into the water, thus creating bubbles. These bubbles have the effect of a massage when they come in contact without a body.

Now, the more jets a hot tub has, the more detailed and delicate the massage will be. So, you should always try to find a hot tub model with as many jets as possible. Also, it’s important to ensure that you can set the intensity at which these bubbles are ejected from the jets, as this would be an important parameter.

Puncture-Resistant Material

Hot tubs are not often placed in environments where they could be pierced easily. However, knowing they can withstand some minor damage should they occur is still important so to speak.

To be on the safe side, look for hot tub models made out of a tough, puncture-resistant material (or a combination of two or more materials) so that you won’t have to pay for expensive repairs if something goes wrong.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Hot Tub?

hot tub information guide


Energy-Saving Design

As useful they are for helping us relax after a hard day of work, hot tubs are also among the biggest energy consumers in the entire household. (Well, at least, while they’re on.)

So, to avoid having to pay for an arm and a leg every time you want to have a relaxing bath, make sure to get a well-insulated hot tub. Insulation will help preserve the generated heat so that you won’t have to turn the heater on too often.

The more you can rely on the insulation doing its job well, the less money you will have to dish out to keep the water in your hot tub, well, – hot.

Easy Setup

hot tub installation

While inflatable hot tubs are generally a piece of cake to set up, some hot tub models can be notoriously difficult to put together.

The models we’re talking about are the non-inflatable kind.

These hot tubs need to be set up on only one spot in your house (or outside of it), so once you choose the location, the question of electrical supply needs to be resolved. This is where you often have to call in a professional electrician to help you out, especially if the voltage is the wrong kind for the country you’re coming from.

Changing Colors

We may also discuss the changing colors of LEDs here, even though the brightly-colored LEDs aren’t exactly among the most important features of hot tubs.

A lot of hot tubs have a feature that allows you to change the color of the underwater LED lighting.

If you’re in the mood for it, you can create a romantic atmosphere for yourself and your significant other by mixing these colors.

What Should You Not Do in a Hot Tub?

Don’t Get in With an Infection.

In case you have any sort of skin rash or a similar infection, you shouldn’t get in the hot tub because:

  1. The infection may get worse, and
  2. You may end up spreading the infection to whoever else is in the tub with you at the moment.

So, to be on the safe side, if you have any sort of ongoing infection, wait until it blows over before you can enjoy your hot tub time again.

Don’t Leave Your Kids in It Alone.

It’s fine for your kids to play in your hot tub, but leaving them alone can be dangerous.

Since most of these contraptions are made for adults, most hot tubs don’t come with special safety features for kids. Thus, if you want to play with your kids in one of these tubs, make sure to be present at all times.

If you get out of the tub, make sure your kids are out of it, too.

Don’t Get in Dirty

This may seem a bit counterintuitive, but one thing you do not want to do is get in your hot tub dirty.

The thing is, hot tubs come with these small jets, which can get clogged if some small particles fall off of you and into them.

Generally speaking, hot tubs are used for massaging and relaxation and not for cleaning your body. So, make sure to take a quick shower before you enter a hot tub, and you should be A-ok.

Don’t Use it Outdoors if the Weather is Rough

If you don’t, it’s likely to get dirty, damaged, and costly to repair and clean.

Setting up a hot tub outdoors is fine, but make sure to cover it when you aren’t using it.

It can be a hassle to fix the jets, control panel, or other parts of the aircraft if it rains, snows, or there’s a hailstorm.

Having a hot tub at home allows you to get massages for free and enjoy relaxation treatments. Jet treatments in a hot tub can reduce stress and anxiety, relax your muscles, and also improve your sleep.

Thus, obtaining one of these advanced machines is always a good idea, as long as you can afford one. We made sure that we provided a range of hot tubs at different price points – from budget-friendly models to expensive luxury ones. We wish you a merry and trouble-free holiday season and hope this article helped you find the perfect hot tub model.

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