Best Kohler Toilet Reviews

Procuring the ​high quality toilet is an issue that requires some keen financial and lifestyle information. Your health is also at stake, so you need to slowly and carefully evaluate the existing products rest you make a mistake in your buy just to realize later that you settled for less.

It is a real hassle to try evaluating all the products. We have put a team of experts in place to take the various products through some testing and only those toilets that pass the bar get to feature on our list of the best kohler toilets. That is amazing, right?

After you are complete going through this review, you will be good to go out in the market and find the ​​top toilet for your home or maybe the office.

You will be well equipped with information on things that make for the best and have an extra edge with our list of the ​market-leading five Kohler toilets. ​

​Choosing the Best Kohler Toilet for Your Home
​Kohler toilets are some of the most modern designs. They have the oomph that makes your toilet to really stand out. They have a renewed sense of design and personalization that allows you to own your toilet and most preferably its style. With its modern bold style, Kohler toilet has become a household name. Nonetheless choosing a suitable Kohler toilet is still a big challenge to home buyers.

​Here is a simple guide that will make your job really easy when you want to discover the ​​best Kohler Toilet for your personal or commercial, use. The guide is simple to use ad has been of great help to many new home owners looking for the ​right Kohler design for their needs.

​What Are the Benefits of a Kohler Toilet?

​There are numerous benefits to the use of a Kohler. Typically, it leaves your bathroom fixture with the perfect and modern design. This is the main reason Kohler comes with classic design elements.

​Additionally, it allows you to enjoy the most innovative methods of how to increase the speed of water flow through the toilet bowl. Kohler’s come with new flushing techniques with touchless versions and also allows for a low maintenance experience.

​And as if that’s not enough, the use of 2-inch canister valves and trapways in Kohler toilet designs, provides you with a more efficient bowl cleaning process as it regulates the water speed to achieve maximum velocity fast.

​Finally, Kohler also allows you to have an easy installation process as it comes with different designs and styles eve for the smallest spaces. Wall-Hung Kohler for instance features a sleek, and easy-to clean design. It comes with a hidden in wall tank and only its bowl and the flush plates usually mounted on the wall thus giving it a very streamlined profile.

​What you Should Know When Purchasing the ​​​​​Top Kohler Toilet
​There are very many factors that will come in play once you want to choose a great Kohler Toilet for your use. The most common and highly relevant factors are often determined by looking at these tricks.

Warranty is a measure of confidence that the manufacturer has with the product, the longer the warranty, the better. Warranty vary between a lifetime warranty to a limited warranty

The height of the toilet determines how comfortable using the toilet will be. It is a standard requirement that the toilet feels comfortable to all. From children to grown -ups.

The standard height is around 14 inches or within that range.

Quality Of Materials
Toilets with quality materials are easier to clean and to maintain. If you make the wrong choice on these, you will not get to enjoy the best of looks and hygiene. Poor quality materials will not be able to maintain the shine and pure original color.

Power plays an important factor when flushing. Greater power equals to a better flush. Also, the toilet should have the ability to self- cleaning to a point so that things don’t get messy in the washrooms so quickly after cleaning. ​

​Consider the User Reviews
​User reviews are a great way to shed light on the type of user experience that you will have with your Kohler Toilet. As it stands they act as a good reference point that you could work with to get the top rated Kohler toilet.

Some of them will show you the best brands, designs for your space, and colors that you can always choose from. This is awesome as it makes your work really simple and allows you to have a product that really suits your toileting needs any day always

​The Number of Toilet Pieces
​The basic definition of a good toilet type is often forged from the number of pieces that will make up the toilet. These pieces will also determine how the toilet is installed (usually on the floor or on the wall); thus giving birth to the next trick that’s installation design. Here is what you should know about Kohler Toilets.

​Two Piece Kohler Toilets
​This is the most common of all types of Kohler Toilets. It is very ideal for both residential and commercial property. This type of Kohler Toilet comes with a separate tank and bowl. The tank and bowl are assembled together to form a fully functional toilet. To buy a two piece Kohler Toilet you will have to buy a seat that’s often sold separately.

​One Pi​ece Kohler Toilets
​Like any other type of one piece toilet design, the one piece Kohler Toilet is also crafted from a single piece of ceramic. Rare as they come they usually have some of the most attractive designs. The bowl and tank are in fact integrated. Therefore there is never any form of seam between the bowl and tank. This type of toilet is easy to clean and has an integrated seat so that you don’t have to buy a separate seat like we saw right above.

​The Area of Installation
​Another vital trick that 0plays a key role in the design of Kohler Toilet that you will go for is the size of your bathroom / the size of area where your Kohler Toilet will be installed. Depending on the size space you can always choose a Kohler that suits your comfortably. You can go for a Wall-Hung Kohler Toile (ideal for bathrooms with limited space).

​The Kohler Toilet Style
​As a modern toilet design, the Kohler Toilet design comes with many styles. These styles will make the toilet to stand out, but more importantly allow you to find one that really suits your homes décor. The styles are often unique and make the toilet really easy to use. They include the following.

​Leading Edge Design
​This is an innovative tankless Kohler Toilet design that will leave your Kohler toilet with a smooth running style statement usually found along the edge and generally around its overall design.

​Automatic Cleansing
​This is a Kohler toilet design that comes with the bidet functionality and an additional personalized cleansing. With this style, cleaning your Kohler becomes really easy and enjoyable to clean.

​Adjustable Settings
​A Kohler with additional functionalities such as heated seats and warm water cleansing to automated flushing are some of the best you can ever have. These are personalized styles that add color.

​Watch Out for the Pricing
The price of your Kohler Toilet should be highly affordable. With such a design, you will be able to take proper care and maintenance of your Kohler Toilet and eventually enjoy its lengthy lifespan. To get an affordable Kohler Toilet always work with a budget and go for a budget friendly one.

​What Problems Do Kohler Toilets Face?
​Like any other toilets, Kohler users have constantly complained about the flushing process. This no news as many poor flushing Kohler Toilets have been found to have this problem generated with a leak somewhere along the system.

​However, since Kohler is also one of the toilets with the lowest water usage it might not be quite uncommon to find an anti-toilet deposit stuck somewhere in the system. This could leave the toilet clogged. It is important to keep your Kohler Toilet to human waste alone. Keep off toys, sanitary towels, baby diapers, and hair.

​​​Best Kohler Toilet Reviews

Kohler embraces advancement in technology to offer the best in the washrooms with some of the best features.

​1. Kohler K-3577-0 Wellworth Classic Toilet

Kohler K-3577-0 Wellworth Classic is an outstanding toilet. I like all of its features entirely. The manufacturer has done a good job.

The bowl height stands at 15 inches. This height is comfortable for the whole of my family.

Bowl height is an important feature because there is no way you will be getting like different toilets for you and your kids.

Pressure Assist Flushing Technology
The pressure flushing technology flushes away all the waste entirely. Pressure enhances the flushing power and hence the toilet remains clean and fresh at all times. You will take a while before the regular clean up.

Water Sense Technology
Water is one of the important things in life, and it is good to conserve it while we can. The toilet uses a mere 1.28 gallons of water per flush. I never find myself in a situation where the water bills skyrocket anymore I mean previously that was the norm. ​

The manufacturer uses a Vitreous material to make the toilet giving it a great appeal when the material combines with the white finish. The vitreous material is not porous hence cannot in any way harbor bacteria.

​2. KOHLER K-3988-0 Wellworth Elongated Toilet

This feature is another one of the eco-friendly Kohler toilets. I get a lot of feedback from ladies who find it easy to install the toilet which is so cool a feature.

The design has two water levers one of the water levers dispense 1.1 gallons per flush while the other dispense 1.6 gallons per flush.

Often I use the 1.1 gallons lever as it flushes sufficiently. Maybe you may prefer the 1.6 gallons per flush, but that would be quite wasteful for a short call.

Easy Installation
Installing the toilet is a breeze. It requires only three bolts to install it securely and firmly.

It will take you roughly half an hour to complete the installation, and anyone can do it even ladies. You can easily become the plumber as it requires no expertise.

Elongated Bowl
Some simple physics says the larger the surface area, the lesser the force. This principle applies with the elongated bowl; it essentially tries to do the elongation adds surface area, so it does not hurt. ​

It feels so comfortable while using the toilet.

The design enables for easy and intuitive use. All there is to learn is which lever is for the 1.1 gallons and which is for the 1.6 gallons only, it is such easy. And also it has some incredible ceramic finish.

​3. KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron 1.28 GPF Toilet

This Cimarron version of the Kohler matches the features of the rest of the toilets in this list.

Every product comes with some uniqueness, and well this V model has its fair share of uniqueness.

Patented Flush Engine
To get the power that it requires flushing well. This toilet incorporates a flush engine technology that is quite a piece of Cimarron’s innovation. The engine delivers the water with enough power that leaves the toilet clean and fresh.

Chrome Trip Lever
To activate the flushing you use a chrome trip lever. To begin with, it looks incredibly good with the manufacturer positioning it strategically. Chrome components just steal my heart away. ​

Single-Flush Gravity
With every flush, single flush gravity takes over to siphon away the waste. This was to solve the problem of some waste retracting back after flushing which can create such an eye sore.

Aquapiston Canister
Aquapiston canister is another awesome feature that makes me fall in love with the KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron. The Aquapiston canister sees to it that water flow into the bowl from all sides thereby cleaning up each and every inch of the toilet.

​4. KOHLER K-3887-0 Cimarron 1.28 GPF Toilet

The KOHLER K-3887-0 Cimarron is a brother to the KOHLER K-3609. It will depend on your finer taste as you try to differentiate between the two.

The KOHLER K-3887-0 Cimarron has convenient positioning.

At the height of a chair, you can get a spot to relieve yourself of the hefty day. Science supports that while in the washroom that is the most relaxing moments.

Water Sense
A single flush delivers only 1.28 gallons of water. Per annum, you will have saved a significant amount of water. Water sense is the feature that I like most in the Kohler toilets including this one. ​

Leak Free Performance
All parts fit in perfectly for a leak free performance. The feeling of splashes due to leakages is quite disturbing. The splashes tend to rush you through the whole ordeal.

That is not what you want it might sound absurd, but I find some solace in the washroom.

Materials that make the KOHLER K-3887-0 Cimarron are high-quality materials. Despite giving the toilet some great appeal, it also adds some extra years to the lifespan of the toilet.

​5. KOHLER K-3816-0 Memoirs 1.28 GPF Toilet

By fishing for ideas from the past lively environments, Kohler develops this toilet bowl as a compromise of both worlds.

The past and the present result in this amazing Memoirs collection toilet.

The overall design enables easy use of the toilet, from the height to the positioning of the levers. The design meets the necessary ergonomics for easy use.

Consistent Water Delivery
Upon flushing, there is a consistent water supply. At 1.28 gallons per flush, the toilet is the ideal for conservationist and anyone who wants to cut down on the water bills. This feature is the main reason despite having existing installations I decided to replace them with this highly rated Kohler toilet. ​

Ceramic Finish
Ceramic materials give the toilet a shiny, classy finish. Also the ceramic makes the toilet nonporous hence it meets health standards that see to it that it does not foster the multiplication of bacteria.

Three-Bolt Installation
Three pre- installed bolts that give some easy installation. No one ever fumbles with the bolts as they are right where you will screw them to secure the toilet. Being pre-installed also ensures that there will be no case where you lose the bolts.

​Questions to Get Started on a Kohler Toilet

Here are a few basic questions that many Kohler Toilet buyers often ask and some that will make your work easy getting started on the Kohler Toilets.

​Who Should Use Your Kohler Toilet?

​Kohler Toilets are good for any types of people. It can be used by kids, kids, guests, elderly, or people living with disabilities. Knowing the type of people who will use your toilet allows you to get a Kohler Toilet with the right types of features that you should always go with when buying.

​What Is the Best Place to Install a Kohler?

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or replacing the toilet; the size of space in which you intend to install your Kohler is very important. The truth is Kohler requires ideal space and this applies even to the simplest models that require minimal space. The space must be enough.

​What Features are Best for the Kohler?

​The answer to this question lies solely on your toilet needs. Depending on your needs, styles, and design, you can always go with a customized cleaning system such as an automatic system or trigger system. You can also go along with a leading edge design for class. The choice lies with your needs.

​Why Is a Kohler Toilet the Best for My Use?

​Kohler Toilet has some of the high quality features any toilet can ever have. It has a high water efficiency rating, a taller Comfort Height model, and you can even get a wall hung Kohler toilet designs if need. This is very satisfactory as it allows you to enjoy some of the very best thrills of a Kohler Toilet.

​What are The Prices of Kohler Toilets Today?

​Kohler Toilets have some of the most affordable design. Many designs will cost slightly above $400 even in a number of ecommerce shops. However we have models that are selling way above the $1000 mark. The truth is prices will differ depending on the vendor and where they are buying from. ​

​Are Kohler Toilets Easy to Install?

​The real thing is no toilet is really easy to install – especially if you have no expert knowledge on how to go about it. In order to use a DIY manual, you must have a little of technical knowledge such as in plumbing. If you want a well fit Kohler in your bathroom, the perfect thing would be getting an expert.

​What Challenges do Kohler Owners Face?

​Like the owners of any other flushing toilets, Kohler Toilet owners can also have leaky toilet problems, running toilets, clogged toilets, broken valves, and low flushes among other things. These challenges are often all round and can come around anytime even when you least expect. That is why having an expert plumber at the sides is usually very important. They can be very good in addressing emergencies on time.

Final Verdict
With ​​market-leading Kohler toilets, quality meets affordability and some other features. We are also talking about durability. Durability gives you value for your money and to add more value to the money the fact that this toilet saves a lot of water is a real edge.

These products are a choice of a lifetime. At the moment the entire of my family including my extended family we are all using the Kohler products. ​

Am calling upon you to ditch the older installations and start getting the numerous financial benefits. Money matters.

​Getting the ​​best Kohler Toilet for your personal use is not easy. It requires you to have enough patience and also to get the most ideal expert to help. Only then can you enjoy a great process that allows you to have a smooth flowing toilet.