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Do you get frustrated making your way in the dark to the bathroom at night. Hoping you don’t trip over anything in your sleepy state but not wanting to turn on a light and blind yourself for a few painful minutes? Want to be able to see if the toilet seat has been left in the right position by the previous user? Best lighted toilet seat solution may be just what you need.

There are several styles of glow in the dark toilet seats, lids, and lights, perfect for kids, seniors or anyone who needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Some types have a soft nightlight attached, and some light up the entire seat. Have a look at the top choices of showerfeed best lighted toilet seat below to find the one that best fits your bathroom needs.

Best Seller : 5 Best Lighted Toilet Seat

5 Best Lighted Toilet Seat Reviews

1. Kohler 75796-0 Cachet Nightlight Quiet-Close

Kohler 75796-0 Cachet Nightlight Quiet-Close With Grip-Tight Elongated-Front Toilet Seat In White

This glow in the dark toilet seat by Kohler features a built-in nightlight on their best selling Cachet models. It has the same great quality and characteristics that have made Kohler a top name in toilets, including a comfortable seat and quiet close lid. The Nightlight toilet seat has two LED light displays that illuminate the toilet in a soft glow, so as not to disturb your night vision.


  • Works on an automatic 7-hour nightlight illumination cycle – Push a button once to set, and there’s no need to think about it again.
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries (purchase separately), which last up to 6 months.
  • Available in both standard and elongated toilet seat sizes.
  • Available in all of Kohler’s standard colors.
  • Easy to install and to remove for cleaning.


  • A small percentage of users feel that the light is not bright enough. This is a soft, subtle lighting solution, and if you are looking for something brighter you might prefer one of our other recommendations below.

Why We Like It

This lid features dual LED lighting that provide just the light you need when you need it. When the lid is down, a gentle guiding light is projected onto the toilet tank. When the lid is lifted, a task light illuminates the bowl. Just set it once and it will automatically activate at the same time every night. The quiet close lid is also great for preventing jarring slamming of the lid.

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2. Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light by Komire

This motion sensor LED night light toilet seat charges up with 3 X AAA Batteries. It comes in neon green or neon blue, and is available in standard or elongated seat sizes.


  • Light on automatically
  • Product dimensions: 2.76 X 1.77 X 3.54 inch
  • Package dimensions: 2.8 X 1.97 X 3.94 inch
  • It’s lighted 8 different color
  • Easy to install and clean


  • This seat needs to be near a light source most of the day in order to glow at night. If your toilet is not near a window, you may find that it glows too dimly in the dark.
    Some find that the photoluminescent surface of the seat looks dull and a bit cheap in daylight, and prefer to install it in a child’s bathroom or back toilet as opposed to the guest bathroom.

Why We Like It

This seat doesn’t require any batteries or electricity. If your toilet is near a window that gets lots of daylight, it will shine bright and you can save money on electricity.

3. Worldoor New Lavnav LED Energy-efficient Toilet Light Bathroom Flush

Worldoor New Lavnav LED Energy-efficient Sensor Motion Activated Toilet Light Battery-Operated Night Light, LED Sensor Motion Activated Toilet Light Bathroom Flush Toilet Lamp

A most economical solution is this motion sensor nightlight from GRDE. Instead of buying a special toilet seat, simply place this just over the toilet you already have. Adhere with included adhesive tape and insert 2 AA batteries (purchase separately), and it’s ready to go.


  • Measures only approximately 7.2 x 1 x 4.7 inches.
  • Can illuminate in green or red light.
  • Dim light won’t startle you awake in the middle of the night.
  • Use supplied adhesive tape to adhere to the inside of the seat lid as explained in supplied directions.
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries.


  • Works best when lid is left open. If you prefer to keep your toilet seat lid down, the motion activation may not work well.
    Adhesive can get loose over time, risking it being dropped into the toilet. Adding some extra adhesive of your own can prevent this.

Why We Like It

This little light saves electricity by only turning on when needed, then it automatically turns off about 20 seconds after motion has stopped being detected. It doesn’t require an electrical outlet, and can be placed to shine just where and when you need it for safe and easy bathroom use at night. They’re the right size for a fun gift or stocking stuffer.

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4. Glow in the Dark Pirate Toilet Seat Cover

This fun toilet seat cover from Seat Socks instantly transforms any toilet seat into a glow in the dark pirate theme. The perfect item for any pirate lover, the “seat sock” lid cover is decorated in skull and cross-swords and reads “Pirates. Beware.”. Design is printed and glowing on both sides so that it illuminates the way whether the lid is up or down.


  • Stretch fabric toilet seat cover fits all lid sizes.
  • Pirates Beware design appears on both the top and bottom of the lid, so it is clearly visible in both up or down positions.
  • Fabric is durable and washable, and retains its glow through many washings.
  • Easy to put on and remove.


  • Some purchasers were expecting an entire toilet seat. Please note that this is a seat cover only.

Why We Like It

This is “scary” and festive lid cover is a fun way to light the way. No nightlight needed for buccaneers young and old. It fits all lid sizes, is washable, and easily adds a pirate theme to any bathroom at Halloween, for a special event, or everyday of the year.

5. Flipsit Glow In The Dark Toilet Seat Handle

Flipsit glow in the dark toilet seat handleDon’t like to have to touch the toilet seat to put it down or up? Then Flipsit is your answer. Once you’ve installed the Flipsit glow in the dark toilet seat handle, you’ll never need to touch the toilet seat again. It’s super easy to install and emits a gentle green glow for guiding the way at night.


  • Never touch the toilet seat again.
  • Antimicrobial material keeps germs at bay.
  • Fits any toilet seat or lid.
  • Easy to install – just peel and stick.
  • Least expensive way to add glow in the dark visibility to your toilet.


  • If the underside of your toilet seat is curved and not flat, the Flipsit may not be able to adhere or stay adhered properly.
    The light emitted is enough to see the Flipsit itself, and does not fully illuminate the entire toilet. If you’re looking for more light, you may prefer one of our other recommendations.

Why We Like It

Super inexpensive sanitary solution for dealing with the toilet seat, with the added bonus of it glowing in the dark.

With a glow in the dark toilet seat solution there’s no more fumbling in the dark or not knowing if the seat is up or now. Everyone in the household will appreciate having a soft light in the bathroom at night to guide the way.

Buying Guide: Lighted Toilet Seat

The lighted toilet might not be the first thing to look at when it comes to improving our home safety, but it is an essential device we do not need to miss in our bathrooms. It would be best if you reduced the risk of slipping or knocking down in your bathroom.

To avoid all these problems, you need to check on the best-lighted toilet. To get the best device, consider

The temperature and brightness

The top-grade nightlight toilet seats come with reliable outlet electricity from the programmed adjustable brightness and temperature settings to meet the various nightlight toilet needs. An excellent adjustable temperature has three light modes: the high, medium, and low light level, which are the ultimate brightness level. The brightness here means the ability to provide efficient light to the toilet.

Power outlet

The source of power in a lighted toilet seat is equally vital. It is one of the factors that determines how effective the device will be or not. The LED battery toilet light is one of the power sources that provide your seat with energy-efficient power, although it might not be the ideal option because it will go off after some hours for continuous use.

The use of a battery-powered toilet light is also another ideal option. With this option, if you want to buy one which is powered with it, ensure you choose that with a battery notification indicator to know when the battery is low and recharge. This feature will improve the effectiveness of your toilet seat.


Nightlight toilets come with various variations. Despite that they are flexible toilet night light options that are hung on the side of the bathroom, they have been said to have a health issue more especially to those who are vulnerable to infections. It is good to avoid such toilets if you are vulnerable.

LED lights are the best option for those who need toilet lights with various sources of power. Many of the LED lights are either powered by electricity or a battery.

The ideal LED light is the one that is placed in a specific area that you prefer and does not have any health issues with your body. The motion-based and sensor nightlight toilet seats make your room more convenient as they eliminate manual operation.


The device’s primary purpose is to illuminate your bathroom at night; the color that it produces makes your room appealing and colorful. The spectrum color is between 8 to 16, depending on which type you go with. There is some unit that allows you to have many colors instead of one. These tend to be beautiful models that you can use. The dimming model will enable you to control the brightness in your toilet seat.

How to install a toilet seat

Light toilet seats are easy to install. You only require to follow the easy installation steps, and you will have done. The steps are

  • Begin by gently removing the rim, toilet seat, and the bowl of the old toilet seat you are currently using.
  • Remove all the plastic lids that cover the bolts
  • With an appropriate tool like a wrench or screwdriver, identify bolts on the back of the toilet seat and loosen the nuts that are holding it.
  • Once the nuts have loosened, hold the seat with your hands and remove it
  • Check on the holes of the old seat if they are well; measure the distance if it is the same. Mark the area you will install the toilet, drill the holes if they aren’t there or don’t fit the new seat.
  • Align the holes with the new nightlight toilet seat to the bowls of the toilet.
  • Place the nuts on the holes, tighten and close the lid, and seat.
  • Thread the bolts of the new toilet seat with the nuts and tighten the nuts well using a screwdriver or a wrench.
  • Flush water more than twice to check if there is any leakage, and if it is there, seal it or tighten the nuts in the area to seal it.


How do I change the batteries in my lighted toilet seat?

The idea of changing your batteries in your lighted toilet is easy. All you require is to know where the battery is located. Once you have known, ensure that the positive is in the left, and you begin by going up against the spring.

How do you use a LED toilet light?

The LED toilet lights work automatically once you have lifted the seat. The lid will fit the light once it detects you have lifted the seat. The system is flexible, and once you have finished, you gently close the lid, and the lights go off.

What is a smart toilet seat?

This is an electronic luxury that cleanses you using warm water when you visit the toilet. They bring an amazing cleaning feeling. This seat is uniquely designed to provide you with the maximum comfort you need. With them, no need to use toilet paper.

Are smart toilets worth the money?

Smart toilets are friendly to the environment, and they make your bathroom feel ideal than ever before. Honestly, if you are remodeling your bathroom or you need a new toilet, smart toilets are the best option; they are worth the money. They make your life easier and comfortable.

Final Thought

It hurts when you wake up in the middle of the night to look for your toilet. With the coming of the lighted bathrooms, the worrying experience has changed because you can switch on the light to locate the toilet. The toilet bowls make work easier. With the various options in the market, finding the best one is not easy.

With our review, you will have realized that the products we have reviewed are of high quality. All of them have an adjustable temperature and buttons that are easy to locate. Once you have done with your toilet, you will only need to close them gently without experiencing noise.

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