Best Meteor Shower Lights

Taking a shower can be depressing, especially when you face a rough day. Is there any solution to lighten your mood? Yes. You can use the best meteor shower lights.

The shower meteor lights look mesmerizing, which improves how you think. The indoor meteor shower lights can brighten a corner of your room. Also, on any particular occasion, the lights can make your house the same as a star in the sky.

Today, we are going to hit you with our top shower light selection, a buying tip, and some FAQs.

And yeah, due to the overall performance, our top choice is the Blue Fire Upgraded 50cm 10 Tubes 540 LED. But hey, everyone has their choices. So, keep reading.

Top Picks : 5 Best Meteor Shower Lights

In a hurry? Check the comparison table below

Products Description
Aluan Christmas Lights Meteor Shower Rain Lights
  • Waterproofing present.
  • Dustproof.
  • Well priced.
  • User-friendly.
  • Long-lasting performance.
OMGAI 12 Tubes 576
  • Highly convenient.
  • Available in various colors.
  • Dust proofing available.
  • Long power corded design.
Blue Fire Upgraded 50cm 10 Tubes 540
  • High quality build.
  • Long-lasting and user-friendly.
  • Damage resistant.
  • User-friendly tube transparency
Twinkle Star 30cm 8 Tubes 288 LED
  • Color variation.
  • Durable performance.
  • Fine tube transparency.
  • Easy installation.
Upgraded EAGWELL 20 inches 10 Tubes 540
  • Heat resistant.
  • Energy saver bonus.
  • Beautiful lighting.
  • Durable and easy to use.
Paragala 30cm 8 Tubes
  • Secure hanging.
  • Ensures low power demand.
  • Shock protected
  • Easy to use and install.
Meteor Shower Icicle 11.8 Inches 8 Tubes 192 Led Dropping Lights


  • Fine color tune.
  • Threaded connections.
  • Well-sealed.
  • Moisture resistant
Christmas Falling Rain 8 Tubes 192 LED Meteor Lights
  • Zero errors.
  • Userfriendly connection.
  • High performance.
  • Well-built.
Joiedomi 2Packs Christmas Meteor Shower Lights
  • Good bulb quality.
  • Easy placement.
  • Long lasting.
  • Affordable pricing
FRISTMAS 8 Tube 288 LED 11.8 Inch
  • Fine clarity.
  • 2 min installation.
  • Durable body.
  • Energy saving built in.

Top 10 Best Meteor Shower Lights Reviews- 2021

1. Aluan Christmas Lights Meteor Shower Rain Lights

Aluan Christmas Lights Meteor Shower Rain Lights 10 Tube 240 LED 12 Inch Waterproof Plug in Falling Rain Fairy String Lights for Halloween Christmas Holiday Party Home Patio Outdoor Decoration, White

Do you make a wish while seeing the running meteor? Maybe you wish for your loved ones. Aluan Christmas Lights Meteor Shower Rain Lights offer a beautiful atmosphere just like the original meteor shower lights. As the white color of the tube is bright, you can hang them in the garden or backyard. So, lighten your streets, parks, river, community, shopping malls, hotels on any occasion like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, wedding, or birthday party.

In the beginning, the lights fall together. And then they drop in some sequence. The sequence will amaze you. They ensure optimum happiness to the customers. If you get any issues, the manufacturer will replace them.

Key Features


Aluan Christmas string lights present a longer lifespan. They come with LED beads that support 360-degree lighting.

Waterproof design:

The waterproof design of the tubes improves flexibility. You can install the setup on rainy days without any worry.

Perfect for decoration:

These string lights are ideal for indoor & outdoor design.

UL Certificate and low voltage:

They have an authoritative UL certificate. So, you can use the strings lights as long as you want.

SMD2835 LED chips:

Aluan Christmas string lights are designed with the newest SMD2835 LED chips that offer 360-degree view angles. They work like a meteor shower or falling snow in the night sky.


  • Waterproof design.
  • Provides dustproof features.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Gives long-lasting performance


  • Not connect with multiple stands.
  • Lights go dim after several uses.

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2. OMGAI 12 Tubes 576

OMGAI 50CM 12 Tubes 576 LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights - Waterproof Drop Icicle Snow Falling Raindrop Cascading Lights for Garden Wedding Party Christmas Shine Multicolor

Do you want to create romantic effects on your special days? You can arrange a Christmas and New Year party with these enthusiastic OMGAI LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights. It resembles falling snow and ensures a twinkling falling pattern. They are super energy savers.

You can lighten all the architectural decoration, streets, parks, rivers, or any environment events decoration with OMGAI meteor shower rain lights. These 11.8 inches of meteor rain lights come with a 100% money return guarantee.

Key features:

ETL Certification Plug:

The plug of these meteor shower lights has passed ETL Certification; Output is low voltage 12V. The connection prevents positive and negative connection errors.:

OMGAI Meteor Raindrop shower light is designed by attaching five or six with one plug. The lights inhibit the positive and negative connection errors and ensure Low-power consumption.

Romantic ambience:

These meteor shower rain lights act in a sequence and blink like falling snow in the night sky. Thus, it creates a romantic Aesthetic.

LED chip:

The LED chip of the lights features good heat dissipation, a big luminous point, and a low light failure function.48 LED chips on each tube offer a mind-blowing meteor shower effect.

Waterproof technology:

As they have designed with waterproof technology, you can hang them on any occasion. These lights will fit in summer, in the rain, even in the snow. The lights provide corrosion protection, damage resistance, failing resistance, and time constraints.


  • Convenient to use.
  • Multi-colored feature.
  • Offers dustproof tubes.
  • Has a long power cord.


  • Temporary

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3. Blue Fire Upgraded 50cm 10 Tubes 540

BlueFire Upgraded Meteor Shower Lights, 19.68 Inch 10 Tubes 540 LEDs Outdoor Icicle Christmas Lights, Waterproof Falling Rain Lights for Tree Holiday Porch Yard Patio Roof Party Decoration(Warm White)

If you’re looking for a different look for your parties, this is the one to fulfill your requirements. Blue Fire LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights comes with SMD2835 LED chips along with 360 degree shining angles. These angles help to create amazing falling rain lights. Each bulb maintains one by one in a sequence and makes an original meteor effect.

These shower lights have imported transparent PC helical tubes that enhance transparency and make the meteor shower lights extremely beautiful. These meteor rain lights are suitable for decorating in streets, parks, rivers, Christmas, New Year, weddings, parties, shopping malls, and hotels. You can decorate your home garden beautifully with the blue fire shower lights.

Key Features:

UL Certification plug:

Blue Fire meteor shower lights got UL Certification. So, they can serve you without giving any electric shock or short circuit.

SMD2835 LED chip:

Super bright SMD2835 LED chip gives good heat dissipation. They feature big luminous points and low light failure functions. This technology helps to get low power consumption and saves energy. Bluefire is a set of 54 LED chips on each tube, and ten tubes offer 540 LED chips.

IP65 Waterproof design:

This design assists hang the lights in any climate. These lights also work as an aging resistance.

Unique Helical Tubes

Imported transparent PC helical tubes offer good transparency. It keeps the shower lights free from time and space constraints.


  • Premium bright lights.
  • long-lasting performance
  • Corrosion and cost resistant
  • Good tube transparency


  • Sometimes extension cords won’t work
  • Cannot attach multiple strings

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4. Twinkle Star 30cm 8 Tubes 288 LED Icicle Snow Falling Lights

Twinkle Star Meteor Shower Rain Lights, Valentine Lights 30cm 8 Tubes 288 LED Iciclelight Snow Falling Christmas Lights Outdoor Raindrop Lights, Xmas Wedding Party Tree Holiday Decoration, White

Want to surprise your family? Shine your parties with twinkle star rain lights. These lights are one of the best meteor shower lights. The lights of each bulb flash one by one, like snow falling in the sky.

Twinkle star comes with a set of 8 tubes with 36 LEDs per tube. So, you will get glittering effects from these 288 LEDs. These lights come with high quality, and double-sided patch LED offers bright and luminous intensity. And they also provide good heat dissipation.

Return policy: If you have any issue with the lights, the customer service team will help you.

Key Features:

High-quality Material:

The lights come with high-quality PVC. Thus, they will give you waterproof, dustproof features. These materials also prevent corrosion and make the tubes durable.


Twinkle star lights allow the end-to-end connectors. So, you can connect multiple sets up to 5 strings. Decorate your Christmas trees with lots of led meteor shower lights.

Wide Application:

To be honest, it perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration such as Christmas tree, party and weddings. Additionally, home, shows, restaurant, hotel, window, commercial building, shopping center, bathroom, Valentine’s Day, goes just perfect.

Waterproof design:

Your tubes will remain safe and perfect in any weather because of the IP65 technology.

Spiral tube design:

The spiral tube design of the twinkle star meteor lights presents premium transparency and enhances durability.


  • Multi-colored lights.
  • Offers low light decay
  • Provides durable performance
  • Ensures impressive tube transparency
  • Easy installation methods


  • Only warm white color is available.
  • lights flash too fast.

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5. Upgraded EAGWELL 20 inches 10 Tubes 540

EAGWELL Outdoor Shower Lights, Warm White Meteor Shower Lights 50cm 10 Tube 540 LEDs Falling Rain Lights, Waterproof Meteor String Lights for Garden Yard Porch Wedding Party Christmas Tree Decor

These EAGWELL lights create a stunning and elegant effect on your special days. The lights have transparent PVC material that prevents corrosion and makes them durable. After installing, connect those lights with a plug. Every bulb will turn on and out one by one in sequence, and quickly they will be look-alike a meteor shower in the sky.

The double-sided IP65 Waterproof technology makes the shower lights more reliable. The best part of these lights is their low voltage plug-in transformer. This transformer will protect you from electric shock or any short circuit causing fires.

Key Features:

SMD2835 LED chips:

SMD2835 LED chip provides super bright impressions in 360-degree view angles.


The IP65 technology helps to lighten the eagwell meteor lights in the rain or hot weather.

Wide application:

It is widely used in birthday parties, valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, weddings, parties, shopping malls, Business celebrations, home garden fence décor, etc.


EAGWELL Meteor Lights have a Tail Plug that gives a Low-voltage power supply. The output voltage is DC 12V.

Warm White Lights Effect:

These meteor lights come with a set of 54 LED chips on each tube. So, you will get 540 LED chips on ten tubes. Thus, Eagwell meteor shower lights give you a real bright and beautiful meteor shower experience.


  • Provides good heat dissipation
  • Works as energy savers
  • Full shelter from the snow.


  • Keep the plugs away from water

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6. Paragala 30cm 8 Tubes Snow Meteor Shower Rain Lights

Paragala Meteor Shower Rain Lights, 30cm 8 Tubes Snow Falling Rain Drop Light Cascading Lights for Christmas Wedding Party Xmas Tree Indoor Outdoor Patio Decoration (UL Listed Plug)

These lights have 90% plastic material. They resemble falling snow in the night sky. Each bulb flashes one by one in sequence and will give you a romantic aesthetic environment.

The falling light is a set of 30 cm 144 LEDs 8 Tubes with a US plug. The voltage will be Input AC 110-220V/Output 5V DC and Watt:5W. The special hooks design will help you to hang the falling rain lights quickly. So, decorate your garden, home, room, Christmas trees, parks, rivers, trees along streets, shopping malls, hotels, market and surprise your near ones.

Key Features:

UL certification plug:

You will get a UL Certification plug that ensures high quality and protects from short circuit causing fires. So, your family will be safe. Paragala meteor lights also have inside pins and a low voltage plug with 5V output.

LED chip:

Paragala lights work with the help of high-quality led chips. This LED chip ensures brighter and romantic shower lights.

High-quality material:

These meteor lights come with a transparent PC tube that provides bright light transmission. Thus, it makes corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, high-temperature resistance, and low-temperature resistance lights. The IP65 technology helps to lighten the eagwell meteor lights in the rain or hot weather.

Easy Installation:

The lights feature 126 inches long leading wire that enables the users to connect them with the power supply. This low-voltage power supply saves energy.


  • Plastic loop for secure hanging.
  • Ensures low power consumption.
  • Electric shock protected
  • Easy to install process.


  • Plugs are not waterproof
  • Need more further strands.

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7. Meteor Shower Icicle 11.8 Inches 8 Tubes 192 Led Dropping Lights

Minetom Christmas Meteor Shower Lights Outdoor, 11.8 Inches 10 Tubes 240 LED Dropping Lights Connectable Waterproof, Hanging Falling Rain Lights for Bushes Tree Holiday Christmas Wedding Party, White

The meteor shower lights are just perfect for your Christmas evening. They will light your house like heaven and shine like stars in the sky. Who does not want a home the same as this? Let us check out the features of the lights-

Key features:

Weatherproof and reliable:

The Christmas meteor shower lights are made of PVC ingredients and free from space constraints. The lights are resistant to corrosion, aging, and cost. A waterproof low voltage UL certification plug is also built-in to those lights. The plug ensures safety from accidents of short circuits and electric shock.


This Christmas light icicle saves energy and power. If they have connected with up to 4 sets, even they will not consume more energy. So, you can find the power-efficient quality of them. As they are using less electricity, you need not worry about the bills. As a result, you can have lit them the whole night to brighten your house like a star in the sky.

Romantic meteor shower effect:

To get the shower effect from the meteor lights, you will need to do a little more work. If you set 8 or more tubes together, they will shine cascade in sequence and quickly. All the lights have individual circuits, and if you plug them in at the same time, they will light as drops randomly.


  • Excellent color clarity.
  • Easy to connect with threaded connections
  • Well-sealed lights.
  • Moisture resistant plug


The entire length of lights isn’t reliable

  • Don’t stay lit
  • Thin wire

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8. Christmas Falling Rain 8 Tubes 192 LED Meteor Lights

Lailieu Christmas Lights Outdoor Meteor Shower Lights 192LED 30CM 8 Tubes Waterproof Icicle Snow Falling Rain Lights for Wedding Party Holiday Outdoor Christmas Decorations(Warm White)

For enjoying the Meteor Shower Christmas Falling Rain lights, join as many sets of lights as you have and hang them vertically. As they light up and down, they look like the shower from the clouds.

The night of falling stars can make a romantic environment. And the seven sets of connectable meteor shower lights are the best for this purpose. Suppose you are lying on the balcony and the shower lights are all above you, coming from the terrace. How peaceful and romantic the scenario would be!

Key Features:

Higher quality:

LED Falling Rain Lights Tubes assures protection from water. Thus, they will serve you in any weather. These lights also give maximum brightness. Meteor shower lights have a distinct length which allows them to go the light up and down.

Perfect meteor lights for Christmas:

Meteor shower lights are perfect decoration lights for your interior design. Christmas is such an event where everything looks impossibly bright. The rain lights can be seen both indoor and outdoor. Many restaurants decorate their shop with brightening meteor shower lights. On Christmas Eve, the whole environment looks like a part of a galaxy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Warranty:

By using the meteor lights, you will get 100% satisfaction. So, you need to worry about durability. If you’re still having doubt the product, do not hesitate to contact the production company.


  • No fussing issues
  • Easy to connect strings
  • Long-lasting performance.


  • Unable to lighten larger space.
  • Difficult to unwind the wire

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9. Joiedomi 2Packs Christmas Meteor Shower Lights

Joiedomi 2 Packs Christmas Meteor Shower Lights Falling Rain Drop Icicle String Lights 240 LEDs 8 Tube 30cm/12inch for Christmas Outdoor Decoration(Warm White)

Want to make a magical place? Choose the Joiedomi Meteor Shower Lights. When you hang them, it seems like “raining” down from inside tree branches, and it is magical!

Each bulb of the lights falls in sequence. First, a slight delay on each tube occurs, just like a meteor shower or falling snow. This effect shows a super beautiful ambiance. You can use them to decorate trees along streets, parks, rivers, hang along the roof, market lighting, and urban areas.

Key features

Perfect falling pattern:

You can easily attach the Joiedomi lights. Just plug those lights together. For this process, take a waterproof connector and termination plug. You can use some bread ties to keep them on the tree branches. Once you turn on them, they tended to run in a sequence with each set of light strings flawlessly.

Perfect size:

These lights need a simple setup to decorate your party. The shower rain lights offer eight tubes on one strand.

Each tube features 30cm length, 240 LEDs.


You can extend these led meteor shower rain lights by connecting more than two lights. In our opinion, connect into four strings to get a bright impact.

Premium quality material:

They have premium pc material that provides proper transparency. You can enjoy glowing lights through the tube. Protect the plug from the water.


  • Flawless sequence in bulbs
  • Easy to install.
  • Lasts for year
  • Offers affordable price


  • After hanging, it seems pure white.
  • The plug is not waterproof.

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10. FRISTMAS 8 Tube 288 LED 11.8 Inch Meteor Shower Rain Lights

FRISTMAS Meteor Shower Rain Lights 8 Tube 288 LED 11.8 Inch Christmas Outdoor Waterproof Christmas Lights Falling Raindrop Fairy String Lights for Xmas Halloween Holiday Party House Tree Decoration

These LED meteor lights will change your outlook of the place. Each light of every bulb turns creates a romantic ambiance throughout your courtyard, just like a meteor shower. So, turn your garden into a magical place with FRISTMAS lights. You can hang these lights as long as you want. Each set has eight tubes with 36 led lights. The high-quality PVC material makes them bright, corrosion-proof, and snow resistant.

Key Features:


The upgraded LED chips ensure 50% brighter than the conventional diodes. Thus, these lights give you a unique shower effect in both indoor & outdoor decorations.


You can attach multiple sets of lights up to 5 strings with one plug.

Waterproof design

FRISTMAS Tubes come with IP65 waterproof technology. So, you can use it in rain, snow or hot weather.

High-Quality Material:

These lights are made with high-grade transparent PVC material Seiko secret agents protect from corrosion, snow, aging issues.


You can decorate with these beautiful led meteor lights for Christmas, Halloween Day, New Year, Weddings, Parties, Valentine’s Day, trees along streets, parks, urban night lighting, yard, or garden.


  • Easy to
  • Eye-catching clarity.
  • Durable
  • Energy saver lights.
  • Low light failure function


  • Small lights
  • Thin wire
  • No control of the effects speed.

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Buying Guide for the best meteor shower lights

best meteor shower lights

If you need to purchase the best meteor shower lights for outdoor decoration, they should have some crucial factors. We are here with the solutions. Let’s check the following-


Your lights should have waterproofing and waterproofing features. These features help you to hang them in the rain, snow, or hot weather. Thus, you can ulitlize them in indoor and outdoor decorations.

Meteor lights have distinctive features. They are individual to every bunch of lights. The size and shape of the lights vary from one another. Also, the durability is different for every pair.


Before purchasing, check the color of the LED light bulbs. There are some available colors such as white, orange, blue, purple and so on. Hence, pick your favorite color from the options and make your parties unique.

Brand Value:

Each Meteor Lights brand has a unique value of its own. All of them propose particular and different selling values that are not exact to their opponents.

Customer Ratings:

Whenever a user buys meteor lights, he wishes to give a review. From the reviews from various customers, one can easily recognize the pros and cons of buying his desired meteor lights. If a person searches carefully, he surely will be able to know the exact quality of the shower lights.

Product Quality:

The quality of the meteor lights is essential before purchasing. Sometimes, you may pay more for the same quality where the actual price is less. Depending on the quality, the price ups and downs. Thus, be careful about the quality of the meteor shower lights.

Product Reliability:

The reliability is a prime factor of the meteor lights. How many years it will stay with you is necessary to know. Also, the price of the light varies depending on the reliability of the product.

How do You Connect Meteor Lights?

Meteor lights come in a bunch where 7-10 pop stick bulbs are together. Suppose you bought one bunch and tried to hang them in the tree in your backyard. After installing them, you found that the light can not cover the whole tree. So, you may need more meteor shower lights. Then you bought another bunch.

Now you might be having a problem with connecting the new bunch with the older one. How will you connect meteor lights? Here is the solution with easy steps:

Untangle the lights:

At first, after buying the lights, you will need to untangle the lights from each other. You can find two ends in one bunch of meteor shower lights. In one end, there is a plug which is used for the connection to the electricity. On another end, you can find a little stopper and a screw.

Buy another bunch of lights:

You can buy as many meteor lights as you want. You will need to connect one of the bunches with another having an electric plug-in on one end.

Connect the plug:

In the first bunch, you must have found the little plug. And take another bunch and find the port of the plug-in. You can easily find a tiny port on the one end of the second bunch of meteor shower lights. Now, put the little plug inside the port.

Tighten the screw:

After that, you can see a screw with the plug. Tighten it on between the join of the two lights. If you put the switch on now, you will see the two bunches of the meteor lights are shining together!

It is the process of how you connect meteor lights. By following the steps, you can join as many lights as you need.

How do You Hang a Meteor Shower Light?

In case of installing meteor shower lights outside your home in a tree, you need to hang them from the top of the tree. How do you do that? Do you have any idea? If you are completely blank about the fact, then you must need my help. Here are the steps for hanging meteor shower light from any place:

  • Find a multi-plug,
  • Connect the meteor lights and make them as big as you want,
  • Join the plug of the lights in the multi-plug,
  • Connect the multi plugin the outer source of electricity in your house,
  • If you don’t have a power box outside the home, then join the plug inside a port inside the house,
  • To hang the lights on the tree, you can use cloth They are convenient in this case,
  • Put the hangers on the branches and tangle the shower lights with them,
  • Finally, power on the switch and see the beautiful scenario of falling stars from your tree as meteor shower lights.

You can hang the meteor light through the mentioned process step by step. If you are finding this kinda tough, do not hesitate to call for professional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the meteor shower still going on?

From April 16th to 30th, 2021, people can see the shower of meteors but at a lower rate. A medium strength meteor shower happens in this period. These days are called the Lyrids. The event lasts for three nights at a maximum rate. The meteors can create fireballs though having persistent trains. Anyone from the Northern Hemisphere can witness the meteor shower.

What time is the meteor shower tonight in 2021?

According to the 2021 Meteor Shower calendar, the International Meteor Organization stated that people watch the meteor shower at 9.30 am on Sunday. But the people who are having a night can witness the event from 9 to 10 pm.

What direction is tonight’s meteor shower?

Ans: From the Northern Hemisphere, you can watch the meteor shower at night. As a meteor starts from one specific direction, you can see the meteor shower all over the sky. And the meteor shower is most visible when the radiant is at the highest point in the sky. From the North-East location, anyone will be able to see the meteor shower tonight at a specific time.

What time is best to see the meteor shower tonight?

Ans: In the time of the Lyrids, you can see the meteor shower from midnight to dawn. Only from the Northern Hemisphere people watch passing at least ten meteors per hour. When the Lyrids reach their peak, the meteor starts to drop from the sky. And they also create fireballs with a minimum speed.

Can I see the Perseid meteor shower tonight?

Ans: In the Perseid period, the moon will become thirteen percent full. The time stretches from August 11-12 of each year. So, it is not possible to witness the Perseid meteor shower in April. To watch the Perseid meteor shower, you will need to go to the darkest location of your terrace and look at the sky. Look at the sky and observe the sky full of stars.

Final Verdict

The meteor shower lights look very beautiful. When you attach them to the tree, they look like the tree is crying. And the tears are turning into lights. You can decorate your backyard trees with such unique style lights. The lights will add an aesthetic look to the interior design of the house too.

The meteor shower lights come in various shapes and sizes, but the most popular is the long pipe-like shape lights. There are varieties of light patterns. You will need to choose the best for you according to demand. So, decorate your house or forward space with the best meteor shower lights!

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