Best Shower Chair for Elderly and Disabled

For many of us, showers and baths can be difficult to get in and out of and stay balanced in. This is especially best shower chair for elderly people, those with recent surgeries or injuries, and those with disabilities. Slippery surfaces and tight quarters can make showering or bathing a fearful endeavor.

Take the worry and stress out of bathing with shower chairs and bath seats for elderly and disabled, and anyone seeking added security. These are innovative solutions that provide stability, relief and ease to the daily chore of bathing and showering.

It’s simple to update any bathroom with a new shower or bath chair. These come in a variety of styles and functions, with different types meeting specific needs. Some examples include shower benches, shower and bath chairs with back and arms, adjustable height shower seats, and swivel chairs that assist with mobility and balance while entering and exiting the bath or shower.

Here are the best bath and shower seats for elderly, handicapped, injured, and anyone wanting the carefree comfort and security of sitting while bathing. Before making a final choice, be sure to measure your shower or tub carefully so that you’re sure to get one that fits.

Top Choice : 5 Best Shower Chairs

5 Best Shower Chairs for Elderly- Bath Seats Reviews

Premium Shower Chair by Drive Medical

Drive Medical RTL12505 Handicap Bathroom Bench with Back and Arms, White

With great attention to safety, support, and comfort, this Premium Series Shower Chair from Drive Medical is built for anyone who is looking for additional assistance while bathing. This bath bench with back and arms is lightweight and easily assembled and disassembled for easy storage and portability. The adjustable height, enhanced comfort seat, and high weight capacity make it a good fit for most shapes and sizes.


  • Heavy-duty shower chair has back and arms for added support, safety, and comfort.
    Seat Dimensions: 17” deep x 21.75” wide.
  • Adjustable Height: Easily adjusts in ½ “ increments, from 16-20.5”, with no tools needed.
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs .
  • Easy tool-free assembly of back, legs, and arms. They are equally easy to disassemble, making it convenient to transport and store.
  • Large stable legs with non-slip feet.


  • Assembly can loosen over time. Be sure to carefully tighten things regularly if you keep it assembled over multiple uses.
  • Nice wide seat may be too wide for some small tubs, so be sure to carefully measure the width at the bottom of your bathtub as well as the height to be sure the wider seat will clear the sides of the tub.

What Users Have to Say

“We chose this bath bench based on great reviews and reasonable price. We were extremely happy to find that it is easy to assemble and adjust, and the quality is excellent.”

“I weigh about 325 pounds and feel very safe on this sturdy shower chair.”

“I needed a bench for travel that would break down into a smaller package to pack in my van. This product assembles very easily and comes apart just as easily. When sitting on the bench I feel very secure without the “wobble” I have felt with many other benches.”

“This is a fantastic heavy chair that is sturdy, easy to put together and has no metal to rust on it. Nothing on it needs nuts or bolts to fall apart later on. It is the perfect choice.”

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Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair by AquaSense

AquaSense Adjustable Non-Slip Bath & Shower Stool for Inside Shower, 20.08 x 12.2 x 14.17 Inch, White, (770-500)

Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair by AquaSenseThis bath and shower bench from AquaSense provides ideal support for anyone who need or wishes to be seated while bathing. The bench is height adjustable and has a slip resistant seat. No back or arms make this item extremely portable and easy to maneuver.


  • Non-slip plastic seat
  • Seat has drainage holes for safety and comfort
  • Drainage holes double as handles for added stability and easy in moving.
  • Adjustable height legs from 12-20″ with non-slip rubber tips
  • Seat Dimensions: 20” wide, about 12” deep. Legs are only 17” wide.
  • Made of lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • Tool-free assembly


  • Heavier users over 250 pounds report it being wobbly.

What Users Are Saying

“This is really the best shower seat I have ever used. I love that the legs are U-shaped, so they cross underneath for added support. I feel very secure sitting on this bench while bathing.”

“My wife who weighs 140 lbs loves it. For me, at 275 lbs, I find it a bit wobbly. I like that it’s extremely lightweight and easy for either of us to lift it into and out of the shower/tub.”

“I bought this a few months ago and am very pleased! It still works great and I use it for shaving my legs so I don’t have to sit on shower floor. Very happy!”

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Eagle Swivel Seat Sliding Bath Transfer Bench

Eagle Health Supplies - Swivel Sliding Bath Transfer Bench (77662) - Regular (Base Length: 39' - 40') - Heavy-Duty Shower Bathtub Chair

Eagle 37662 Swivel Seat Bath Transfer Seats from Complete Medical Supplies are more than just shower chairs or bath seats for elderly people. This is a brilliantly designed mobility solution that helps elderly, wheelchair-bound, and other disabled individuals get into and out of a shower or tub by sitting in the sliding bath bench and swiveling into the bathtub area. This revolutionary design is highly rated and used by healthcare facilities and home healthcare professionals.


  • Highly durable, premium mobility solution
  • Adjustable height legs for fitting over tubs and fitting the user’s height.
  • Dimensions: Seat Size: 20.5 x 13.5″; Seat Height: 19 – 23.25″; Base Width: 39.5 – 40.5″; Base Depth: 18.5 – 20.5″; Required Clearance: 14 – 18.5″; Back Height from Floor: 32.25 – 36.5″
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Seat locks in place in both directions for safety and stability when swiveling or sliding into desired place.
  • No slip safety tips on legs.


  • Price is high so may not be affordable to some.

What Users Are Saying

“I am a 42 year old disabled woman in a wheelchair, and this transfer bench has been a life changer for me. Finally, a product that offers me independence and confidence in my daily bathing. Highly recommended for others with similar mobility issues.”

“This product works as well as, or better, than a walk in shower/bath, and it is working out great for my 92 year old mother. This has made it a whole lot easier to move her in and out of the shower with her feeling safe and secure.”

“I am a nurse, and have found that this seat has been perfect for my husband after open heart surgery. It is excellent in every way. It’s simple to assemble and adjust, sturdy to use, and easy to clean and maintain.”

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Guardian Bath Bench with Back From Medine

Medline Guardian Bath Bench with Back

This adjustable height guardian bath bench by Medine has a comfortable seat back and generous seat for added comfort. The adjustable height legs help you get just the fit you need. Suction cup feet provide greater stability when in use.


  • Seat is made of a comfortable high-density polyethylene.
  • It’s measures about 20” wide x 12” deep (16” wide when measured at bottom of legs)
  • Seat height adjusts from 14.5” to 19.5”.
  • 250 lb weight capacity.
  • Frame is made of durable corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant aluminum.
  • Built in hand grips for easy of use as well as water drainage.
  • Suction cup feet provide added no-slip safety and stability.


  • Some users report that this chair can be unstable, especially at weights over 200 pounds.

What Users Are Saying

“Great size, price, and stability for my relatively small shower. At 91 I don’t have the balance I used to, and this little shower chair for elderly people gives me confidence. I love using it.”

“Very sturdy yet light enough to move in and out of the tub easily. Quick and easy assembly using large knobs (no tools required). I like that it can be used with or without the back, and it’s worked great while I recover from a broken ankle. Highly recommend this product!”

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Bathtub Transfer Bench Bath Chair From MedMobile

MedMobile® Bathtub Transfer Bench/Bath Chair with Back, Wide SEAT, Adjustable SEAT Height, Sure-GRIPED Legs, Lightweight, Durable, Rust-Resistant Shower Bench

This bathtub and shower transfer bench is an economical solution for anyone who needs assistance moving from a wheelchair or walker into a shower or bath. The edge of the bench is slightly rounded for added comfort while sliding in. And the seat back can be assembled on either side, allowing for right- or left-hand use.


  • 26” wide and 16.25” deep seat offers easy transfer from wheelchair to bath seat.
  • Height is adjustable to 5 levels, from 16.5” x 20.5”.
  • Seat back can be put on in either direction, or left off all together.
  • Legs are made of rustproof, sturdy aluminum.
  • Legs have wide foot grips for added stability and security.
  • Seat and back are made of a durable, easy-to-clean plastic.


  • Some users report that the seat surface is hard and becomes uncomfortable when used for longer periods of time.
  • Use care when using with a tub with a rounded bottom as this may result in uneven legs placement and a less stable result.

What Users Are Saying

“This product was demonstrated to me at a nursing home as a great way for elderly or other disabled persons (especially after surgery) to enter a bath tub without worrying about lifting the leg too high and losing balance. It is well made of plastic bench and back, sturdy aluminum supports, and has rubber feet that won’t scratch the floor or tub or slip. The recipient loves it and feels safe using it.”

“Easy to assemble and great to use. It didn’t work great in my bathtub because the tub’s rounded bottom made the legs uneven and wobbly. So I use it in my shower with a hand-held shower spray hose, and that works really well.”

“Less expensive than other similar models. I am an amputee and this helps me easily slide into the shower for bathing. The seat is kind of hard and not super comfortable, but I feel stable and secure and just get my bathing done and get out of there. Good product for the price.”

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Buying Guide

best shower chair for elderly

Several shower brands are on the market that both elderly and disabled people can use. The best brands make showers strong and committed to ensuring their customers are safe when using them. People with disabilities and the elderly face a lot of challenges when taking a shower. The best shower for them should be

Strong Construction

The most important thing you need to look at in a shower is how sturdy it has been constructed. Due to the nature of users, the chair shower needs to be stable enough to support your weight. When viewing the chair, check on how strong it is and the weight it can carry. The wheelchair for showers comes in a variety of sizes that depends on the needs of customers.


It is good to check on the materials that are used to make the device. In most cases, the shower chairs are made of a material like stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and soft-coated steel. All this material is of high quality, but you need to check on which is best for you and lasts longer.


The safety of a shower chair is vital. With the shower chair, the disabled or older person doesn’t need to stand, and therefore it lowers the chances of falling when showering. Many showers are designed to be safer for users. Some are made to keep their edges out of the shower; this makes them easier to enter in and out of the shower and protects them from potential hazards.


When we grow old, we become tired even after taking a shower. Elderly and disabled people feel tired when standing to clean themselves. Adding a comfortable showering chair makes them feel relaxed and comfortable. So, as you go out to buy a shower chair, consider that one that will increase your comfort.


The shower chairs that are in the market are of different sizes and make. Some have locking wheels which provide safety when moving them in and out of the tub. As you buy your shower chair, avoid those that have disassembled one because they might damage themselves. A good shower chair should be portable and compact, which doesn’t take much space.

How to Use a Shower Chair

shower chair for elderly

Even if you are buying a shower chair for yourself or your family member, it is good to know the various steps to use safely. The steps followed include.

Preparation for a Shower

Before using your shower chair for the disabled and elderly, it is good to prepare your bathroom to fit the shower chair. Remove all things from the floor to avoid slips that may lead to injuries. The bath towels should be placed in an area that is easy to reach, plus other bathroom accessories like sponges, shampoo, etc. The shower chair should be placed close to the shower bath.

Secure the Shower Chair

There are various types of shower chairs for the disabled and elderly concerning how they fit in the bathroom. Place the chair on the shower and ensure it is in a flat area and doesn’t wobble. Lock the wheels, I apply, and adjust the seat’s height and the width of the arm span.

Exiting and Entering the Shower

Exiting and entering the shower is one of the hardest and dangerous things that must be done carefully. If you are alone, you need to transfer it in and out slowly. You can use a transfer bench to do this, and the item is made in a way that allows you to maneuver in and out of the bathtub gently.

When you are showering, do it faster and move to the drier or warmer locations. While doing this, be careful not to fall. Towel dry yourself in the shower before going to the stall. This will make your hands have a better grip when you hold the handles.

Additional Safety Features

Some shower chairs have safety belts that help to prevent one from falling; secure them if available. Depending on your condition, try to buy shower chairs with this feature plus other additional safety features that will keep you safe.


Will Medicare pay for a shower chair?

Medicare does not include the shower chair on its durable medical equipment. Devices that are for self-aid, convenience, or comfort do not fit on the Medicare system. This means that you will be required to use your money to get the shower chair for use.

Should the elderly shower daily?

Personal hygiene is one of those areas that many people neglect more especially bathing. However, to avoid infections or skin conditions, an older adult need not to bathe daily but for about 2 to 3 times a week. They don’t have to bathe every day.

Do weight limits on chairs matter?

The weight of the shower chair is vital, and you need to consider the weight of the individual who is going to use the chair because it can limit the chair’s matter. In many cases, the ideal shower seat needs to take the weight of up to 250lbs easily. A good shower chair needs to provide a wide range of comfort while sitting there.

Is not showering a sign of mental illness?

The idea of mental illness and bathing is a deeper area in which some may not understand. Some medical experts argue that poor personal hygiene is an indication of self-neglect accompanied by emotional disorders like psychotic or depression. So, the connection between showering and mental illness is deep that many may not understand.

Final Words

The review is aimed at providing you with the best shower chair for both disabled and older adults. I hope you have read it through to know what a good shower chair looks like. Sometimes, when I see some reviews, I feel they have missed something, but I am sure you will get the best shower chair.

These products we have discussed will provide you with the comfort that disabled and older people need when taking a shower. All the products are reliable and durable. All the features you need are included in each of the products, that’s right for you and it’s a bathroom accessory that truly makes a difference.

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