10 Best Tension Shower Rods for Tile & Shower Curtains

best tension shower rodAre you in the process of remodeling your bathroom, or maybe you’ve just finished installing the new tile in your shower? It’s likely that you’ll install a new best tension shower rods and curtain to provide your bathroom with an entirely new aesthetic.

Hanging a new shower curtain isn’t usually a big deal, but when you don’t want to drill holes into your walls or tile, it can be a bit more difficult than you’d like.

No matter what the shape, a tension shower rod completely transforms a bathroom. The best tension shower rods make your bathroom look organized and clean. It is becoming increasingly popular for beautifying and improving bathrooms. In addition, tension shower rods are undoubtedly a safe option, protecting you from slips and falls. It is worth having solid and unbreakable construction.

You must think it’s difficult to install a rod of this size. There’s no need to worry about that since it’s not true. They Use a spring tension mechanism to create a tension rod. Nothing to drill, nothing to renovate, nothing to fuss about. Your own hands can handle it! It’s effortless and good!

With that being said, if you’re planning on hanging a new shower curtain, then you might want to check out buying the best tension shower rods to make the job a little bit easier on yourself.

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10 Best Tension Shower Rods for Tile & Curtain

Our home bathroom is perhaps the most important place we do visit almost every day. The room is full of water we use, and therefore it is slippery and prone to fall accidents. To minimize all these, one needs to keep it dry and use the best instruments to help one achieve your goal.

One of those instruments to use in the room is the tension shower curtain rod. This is metal that holds your curtains and protects bathroom privacy as you hang around. It is wise to purchase the Best Tension Shower Rod for Tile & Shower Curtain. In this article, we have highlighted the best Ten such Things.

1. BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rod

BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rod 43-73 Inches Matte Black, Never Rust and Non-Fall Down Spring Tension Rod, Stainless Steel

If you want to talk of a robust and rigidity model, then the BRIOFOX shower is the perfect option. The rod is well designed and modern in style to make your bathroom look modern also. It comes in a range of sizes of 43-73 to fit the shower surrounds.


It features an adjustable solid extension spring that weighs up to 22 pounds. It makes it non-slip that doesn’t need drilling, and easy to install. The material is hard enough in that it doesn’t rust, and its super-thick stainless steel is easy to clean.

The rod can be applied or fixed easily to all surfaces, including the tile wall, wooden frame, and wallpaper wall. The shower curtain rod fits easily on the wall and remains fixed for an extended period. It does not get loose or fall.

The BRIOFOX shower curtain rod matte black an excellent colorful curtain that can hang around to make your bathroom look perfect and comfortable as you take your shower. It provides you with a feeling of safety and security. It doesn’t require extra maintenance costs once placed in the walls.


  • Simple and easy to install
  • It is made of strong material that doesn’t rust or fall.
  • It works on various surfaces and, therefore user friendly
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Looks beautiful and stays up for long
  • Excellent quality with sleek lines


  • No complaint yet

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2. TEECK Shower Curtain Rod

TEECK Shower Curtain Rod, 40-73 inch Adjustable Tension Spring, Shower Curtain Rod Tension, Premium Stainless Steel, Anti-Slip, No Drilling, No Rust, for Bathroom, White

Do you need a Shower curtain rod that is convenient and efficient to install? TEECK Shower Curtain Rod is the best alternative for you. This shower curtain rod is made from premium material of 304 stainless steel, which is durable that doesn’t rust, and it is easy to clean.


This adjustable shower curtain rod has a length of 40 to 72 inches. It has a 2-inch diameter tension rod holder that can hold heavy loads of up to 22 pounds. Installing it is easy as you only rotate the tension shower curtain; there is no drilling required.

It also features a rubber suction cup and a spring pull rod that provides consistent tension making it reliable and safe to connect your shower curtains. There is no need to worry about falling and slipping off because it is non-slip.

It is also multifunctional in that you can use it in your kitchen, balconies, bathrooms, bedrooms, among other areas. You can also use it with the door curtain rod for your privacy.

It is also made from a super-strong 304 stainless steel that is sturdy and non-corrosive, and easy to clean. It stays up without falling or rusting.


  • It is easy to install as it doesn’t require drilling
  • Made from superior material that is sturdy and strong
  • It provides consistent performance, meaning it stays up for all time.
  • It can be used in various areas


  • The quality isn’t good for some people

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3. Ausemku Shower Curtain Rod Tension

Ausemku Shower Curtain Rod Tension - 40-72 Inch Never Rust Non-Slip Spring Tension Curtain Rod No Drilling Stainless Steel Curtain Rod Use Bathroom Kitchen

This is another top-quality shower curtain tension rod that is not only attractive but also reliable. It uses modern constant tension technology that doesn’t affect the bathroom wall. With this rod, you can hang any liner, hook, or shower curtain, and it doesn’t slide, so it’s strong enough for up to 25 pounds.


It does not rust as it features the newest non-corrosion technology that is anti-rust in any environment. The material is also sturdy and durable, which can hold to a maximum of 25lb; it is also non-fall down.

The shower curtain rod has a length of 40 to 72 inches with a diameter of 1-inch, which can be installed easily and quickly. The tension rod can contract and expand to reach the wall without drilling or screws.

It is designed to be applied to various surfaces, both smooth and rough surfaces like tile walls, wooden frames, paint walls, among others. The large rubber plate does not damage the installation surfaces, you can remove it slowly, and yet the area is clean.

It comes with a full lifetime warranty and customer satisfaction. The good thing about it is that it is multipurpose as you can use it in various areas like kitchen, balcony, bathroom, and bedroom.


  • It is easy to install
  • No drilling required
  • Non-corrosion technology that doesn’t rust
  • It can be used on various surfaces
  • Made from a stainless steel material that is sturdy and durable
  • It blends your bathroom and makes it look appearing
  • Excellent tension rod


  • It is unsteady and can’t stand too much pressure

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4. HabiLife Tension Curtain Rod 42-71 inches

HBlife Tension Curtain Rod 42-71 inches, Never Rust Non-Slip Spring Tension Curtain Rod No Drilling Stainless Steel Curtain Rod Use Bathroom Kitchen Home

There isn’t any shower that can be compared to HabiLife Tension Curtain Rod 42-71 inches model when it comes to a top-quality tension curtain rod. Starting from easy installation to non-slip, HabiLife spring is the best. It is designed from the best stainless steel material that is durable and rust-resistant.


It is designed to last longer as it is made from 304 stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, and easy to clean. Its rubber suction cup and tension rod stick fit and don’t fall. It can hold a weight of up to 20 pounds without falling.

This adjustable shower curtain rod has an extension of 42 to 71 inches which you can install easily. It can easily contract and expand without any drilling or using other tools with just rotating the shower rod.

Herbalife shower curtain rod can be applied to all surfaces, including rough and smooth surfaces like tile walls, wooden frames, paint walls, among others. Its large rubber plate doesn’t scratch or damage the walls they are attached to.

It is a multipurpose shower tension rod that can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony, and other areas. You can use it to hang your privacy curtains or a blackout curtain in your bedroom.


  • Made of the best quality stainless steel that doesn’t rust
  • It is corrosion free
  • Easy and simple to clean
  • It is multifunctional
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Has an excellent quality
  • It is very strong and durable


  • Doesn’t hold up perfectly on tile walls.

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5. Ivilon Tension Curtain Rod

Ivilon Tension Curtain Rod - Spring Tension Rod for Windows or Shower, 24 to 36 Inch. Warm Gold

The Avalon is not only versatile but also brings elegance to your bathroom with a variety of décor. It features an extendable telescoping design whose length is adjustable. The length of 24 to 36 inches is ideal for any space within your home, can be used indoors, as window curtains, doorways, outdoor, among others.


It features a unique design finish with a long-lasting rustproof warm gold plating. The gold plating makes it of high quality and makes it be used both outdoor and indoor.

Isilon is made of solid metal finials of a 1-inch diameter rod; it is a heavy and thick construction that can hold heavy panels without slipping. It is non-marking rubber and non-scratch on the walls attached to it.

The adjustable shower tension rod bar has a small size that extends from 24 to 36 inches making it ideal for you to use it in various areas like windows curtain, bathroom, indoor and outdoor. It can be installed easily as it doesn’t require additional tools.

It also features strong springs and thicker rods that prevent the rods from falling. Every tension rod is carefully made on a solid eco-friendly material.


  • Made from high-quality material
  • It fits beautifully on various windows
  • Easy to install
  • It is strong and looks cute
  • It does not fall down


  • The standard size isn’t ideal

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6. Zenna Home Rust-Resistant Adjustable Tension Shower Rod

Zenna Home Rust-Resistant Adjustable Decorative Tension Shower Rod, 44-72 Inches, Chrome

All you need to do to install this tension rod is extend it to each side of the wall and twist to tighten! This means that this shower rod, which can fit spaces from 44 to 72 inches, doesn’t require any tools or drilling, meaning there will be no damaged caused to your walls. This rod, which is made from steel, can hold up to 30 pounds, and thanks to the chrome finish, you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined by rust, either! If you’re looking for a new tension shower rod for your bathroom, then this Adjustable, Rust-Resistant Shower Rod from Zenna Home might be the best choice for you!


  • Easy to install
  • Holds up to 30 pounds of pressure
  • Doesn’t discolor over time


  • Will fall down if too much weight is put on it
  • May not be durable enough for some
  • The inner piece may break if twisted too hard

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7. Moen 5-Foot Adjustable Tension Single Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Moen CSR2172BN 5-Foot Adjustable Tension Single Curved Shower Curtain Rod, Brushed Nickel

Moen has been providing high-quality, reliable plumbing supplies for over 80 years. This 5-Foot Adjustable Tension Single Curved Shower Curtain Rod by Moen gives you a safe and secure feeling of security. It’s designed for easy installation with 22 gauge seamless type 430 stainless steel, allowing it to have that Old World feel that so many people seek.

With a Limited Lifetime Warranty, this tension shower rod is built to last. In addition, this curtain rod fits most shower sizes in your home. Installation is easy with this 5-Foot Adjustable Tension Shower Curtain Rod from Moen! This product from Moen might be the right shower rod for you if you are remodeling your bathroom or are just looking to enhance your shower.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • May need tools to install
  • May fall down more often than a person would prefer
  • Perhaps too small for some showers

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8. AmazonBasics Tension Shower Doorway Curtain Rod

Amazon Basics Tension Curtain Rod, Adjustable 54-90' Width - Nickel, Classic Finial

There’s literally no one on this planet who enjoys struggling to install a shower rod, which is the main reason why so many people choose to use a tension shower rod in their bathroom.

As well as being easy to install, the Tension Shower Doorway Curtain Rod is also adjustable, so it can be used in any size shower. A simple twist will install this shower curtain rod in your bathroom, providing long-lasting tension and a secure fit.

In addition to coming in a variety of colors, this tension rod can also be used to hang more than a shower curtain. This Tension Shower Doorway Curtain Rod is perfect if you’re looking for a rod that can handle just about anything you’re ready to throw at it!


  • Adjustable
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to install


  • The glue on the end caps may wear off
  • May rust quickly
  • May be difficult to adjust for some

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9. Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod

Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod, Chrome, 50'-72'

It goes without saying that installing a shower rod can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you need tools and an extra set of hands. If you’re looking for a quick fix to your shower rod problem, then choosing to go with a tension rod is the best thing you can do for yourself. As such, the Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod is a great choice. Made from lightweight aluminum, Zenna Home’s rustproof tension shower rod is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Thanks to the curved design of this shower rod, you’re able to transform your shower into an oasis getaway with plenty of elbow room. This adjustable tension shower rod is capable of fitting into most showers without the cutting that is required with other options. If you’re looking for an easy to install tension shower rod for your home, then this shower rod from Zenna Home would be a great product to add to your shopping list!


  • Easy to install
  • Rust-proof
  • Adjustable


  • May not stay level
  • May require adjustment
  • Rods may not fit together correctly

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10. ALLZONE Tension Shower Window Curtain Rod

ALLZONE Shower Curtain Rod Tension No Drill, 44-81 Inches,Heavy Duty Tension Curtain Rod, Rustproof Shower Rods for Bathroom, Adjustable Spring Tension Rods for Windows,White

Remodeling a bathroom is undoubtedly a major investment, so it’s important that you’re getting exactly what you want. If you’ve just remodeled your bathroom and installed new tile in your shower or you put up a new coat of paint, then you obviously want to do everything in your power to ensure that your hard work stays looking nice. With that being said, there’s no reason to damage your new shower by drilling holes in the tile in order to hang a shower curtain. If you’d like to protect the integrity of your tile or freshly painted walls, then you should look into purchasing this Tension Shower Window Curtain Rod from ALLZONE.

Thanks to the new patent technology included with this shower rod, all you need to do is press a button to lock the rod into position. This means that you never have to worry about it falling down while you’re in the middle of a shower. If you’re looking for a new shower rod that is capable of holding blackout shell curtains, and won’t damage your walls, then this product from ALLZONE would be a great option for you.


  • Button locks shower rod into place
  • Easy to install
  • Won’t damage walls


  • May be difficult to adjust
  • May rust
  • Button may break

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Buying Guide

best curtain rods for heavy curtains

Shower curtains hold a lot of importance to us. Not only do they provide us with a sense of privacy while we bathe or shower, but they also enhance the decorative value of our bathrooms. Buying a curtain is easy, but you need a proper shower rod first. When buying a shower curtain rod, what factors are important to you?

If you want the best tension shower rod, you need to consider the following factors to guide you to know which of the many in the market is best.


You may want to choose a curtain that reflects the design of your bathroom. Your bathtub or shower tray will almost certainly fit perfectly into a corner if the rod is L-shaped.

When the tub is set against the wall, U-shaped shower rods are better. Because it rests against the wall, a straight shower rod cannot be used anywhere else.

Permanent showers are more than just their shape. In rental homes, there are stricter rules on home modifications. In order to install a shower rod, you may need to install a temporary tension rod. If you move, you can disassemble it more easily.

The measurement of the tension shower rod is vital. First of all, measure the length of your bathroom accurately so that you can know which model will fit there. The measurement should begin from the point you need to install it.

Type of Shower Curtain Rod

You can choose between a variety of shower curtain rod styles to suit your needs? Depending on the shape and size of your shower, a specific curtain rod might be required. You should also consider the color of your bathroom walls and your preference when choosing a rod.

Shower curtain rods are available in tension/adjustable or fixed varieties.

When the rod is tensed or adjusted, it is adjustable. The spring inside is usually able to be compressed depending on the bathroom’s size. Almost every rod type has this versatility.

The fixed shower curtain rod is not adjustable. The standard sizes are 41 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches. These rods can be a problem if your shower/tub is an unusual shape. For standard-sized showers, they are perfect.

Shower curtain rods are available in a variety of shapes. There are several different shapes you can choose from, including the constant straight rod, the curved rod, the D-shaped rod, the L-shaped rod, and the straight extendable curtain rod. Decide what type of shower area you want in your bathroom.


Shower curtain rods function and are decorative in common bathrooms. You must decide what type of rod is best for your circumstances and then follow the steps to install it correctly when installing a new rod.

It is good to know how you will install your tension shower curtain rod. Some require drilling and screws, while others do not. Installation of those without drilling is easier than those with screws. Choosing this type of drilling, you need a good understanding of drilling and measuring.

Your shower rod installation will differ based on what you choose. As a general rule, you will need the following to complete this project:

  • Using a tape measure
  • With a pencil
  • Rings and curtain for a shower
  • Rods and hardware for tensioning or fixating
  • Parts for drilling
  • Anchors for drywall
  • The screwdriver

Rust Protection

It is common for shower rods to rust, and curtain rods are used in areas with a lot of water, so they are prone to rust. Modern tension shower rods are protected against rust. So, be sure the shower rods you plan to buy are rust-free.

The Material

The curtain rod material the device uses is equally vital as you make your choice. The best option should be made from a strong material like stainless steel or aluminum that is durable.


The best tension shower rods are always aesthetically pleasing. The finishing of the shower rods is the exterior design of it. It is vital because it will make your washroom look appealing. Choose a shower curtain rod that has a top-notch finish and a style that is conscious to you and makes your room look good.

How to Install Tension Shower Curtain Rods

how to install tension rod

Installing tension shower curtain rods is easy and quick.  There are two types of tension shower rods, and those that don’t work will need to be drilled. The drilling free tension is easy to install

Step 1

Start by measuring the length between the walls. Ensure you have purchased a tension rod that is a bit longer than the actual length of the walls

Step 2

Open the rod by turning ends in the opposite direction. Do it up when it is 1 to 2 inches longer than the actual wall distance.

Step 3

Measures the height to wish it will be installed; adjust the height up to about 6 inches below the edge of the tub.

Step 4

Slip the shower curtain rings into the tension rod before you install

Step 5

Section your tension rod onto the area and ensure you hold one end over the other side compressing it to the mark on the opposite area. Once it is in its place, adjust it accordingly.

How to Install the Fixed Curtain Rod

Step 1

Mark the area of the curtain rod that will be installed in all the shower walls

Step 2

With a stud finder, slide it over to the marked area to know if studs are there in the drywall. Hold it in the appropriate height and mark with the pencil in the perfect area, let say 6 inches below the tub’s edge. Pre-drill holes and place a wall anchor into them.

Step 3

Screw the drywall anchors to the pre-drilled holes, secure the mounting hardware using screws to the wall anchors.

Step 4

Slide the shower curtain rings to the curtain rod before installing the rod.

Step 5

Mount your shower rod to the rod holes and hang your curtain.


Do Tension Shower Rods Work on Tile?

The best tension shower rods  can be used in your shower on almost any surface, including tile. A tension shower rod won’t damage your expensive tile, as drilling and tools are not needed for installation.

Where Should a Shower Curtain Rod Be Hung?

A typical shower curtain is 72 inches long, so a rod should be set high enough so that the entire curtain can be accommodated. As a result, to prevent the curtain from touching the floor, the rod should be installed between 75 and 77 inches above the floor.

Are Curved Shower Rods Better?

A curved shower curtain rod can increase the amount of space in the shower by up to 33% due to its design. The design keeps the water inside the shower rather than leaking onto the floor. A curved shower curtain also keeps the cold shower curtain from touching you when you get out of the shower, which is definitely a plus!

Why Use a Double Shower Rod?

A double shower rod actually provides more room to you in the shower, it keeps the shower curtain from clinging to you, and it also helps keep the water in the shower and off of your floor. Because the curtain and the liner are separated by the double rod, there is more space in between the two, so drying is more efficient, as well.

Are Tension Shower Rods Any Good?

While there are plenty of reliable options out there, it’s important to do your research before making a decision on one. It’s important to find the best tension shower rods for you that are strong, durable, and reliable, so make sure you know what you’re looking for before you make a purchase. Doing so will prevent unnecessary frustration and wasted money.

As you can see, there are plenty of the best tension shower rods available on the market today. If you’re in the process of looking for a new shower rod for your bathroom and you don’t want to worry about the struggle of installing a regular one, then you should definitely invest in a reliable and sturdy tension shower rod for your home!

Final Thought

To have the best bathroom, you need to use the best tension shower rods to hang your curtain. There are so many tension shower curtain rods in the market, but not all of them are the best.

We have reviewed the top-rated tension shower curtain rod that is not only durable but stylish, and that makes your bathroom have the privacy and security that you need when taking a shower.

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