Best Toilet Seat Wirecutter Reviews

Finding the best toilet seat is important because it can make or break your bathroom experience. Today, we will find out which is the best!

Using your house’ toilet can be quite uneasy if your toilet seat is uncomfortable. After all, there are a dozen ways for a toilet seat to go wrong. It can be too old, too brittle, or too rough.

There are also toilet seats that were designed poorly. Thus, the “comfort“ in comfort room disappears.

Today, we will find out the best toilet seat that you can find on the market. There are many toilet seats with different features. Hence, we will tackle these and see which is the best for your preference!

Top Picks : 5 Toilet Seat

Types of toilet seats​

Before we jump into what you should consider when buying a toilet seat, you must be aware first of its types. Toilet seats usually have two common types. These are the round and elongated toilet seat.

As you might notice, these two types also tell the size that you’re getting. In fact, you can easily distinguish the two because the elongated seat is the bigger one. On the other hand, round toilet seats are the smaller version.

When it comes to exact measurements, round toilet seats measure just around 16 inches in diameter.

Meanwhile, the elongated toilet seat measures at 18 inches or higher. It should be noted that bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to toilet seats.

Both of these types have different measurements, but both are designed to give comfort to any person.

The difference between the two will depend more on which has more useful features for you. For example, more people find the elongated toilet seat to be easier and more comfortable.

But if you’re a homeowner with love for space-saving, a round toilet seat will suit you better. Remember, this all depends with your toilet bowl. If you have a pre-existing toilet bowl, then you can’t do much when it comes to changing your toilet seat.

The Best 10 Toilet Seats Review

1. Bath Royale BR620-00 Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover

The design of Bath Royale BR620-00 Premium Round makes this model renown in many households. It is made from either plastic or polypropylene to ensure it lasts long.  The featured 4 SureFoot cushions distribute its user’s weight uniformly without warping, cracking or breaking.

If you have an existing décor in your bathroom then you have no worry. This model is round with a compact color that complements well any color. The color does not fade away, peel or even crack after some time of use. Additionally, this toilet seat fits most toilet brands including Kohler, Toto, American Standard, or Crane.

The seat does not slam when it is lowered due to the soft-close tech. all you need is to tap gently ad let it close slowly and without a sound alone. This way you will not see it cracked or even with finger marks and also helps people with back problems.

Notably, its material is non-absorbent and stain-resistant. The model has 1-Touch Quick Release that keeps the seat spotless and sparkling. With this the areas that germs mostly harbor in are easily cleaned and also grime is removed. Not only do you get comfort while sitting but also you have fresh smell always.


  • Easy to install
  • Strong
  • Suitable for most toilet models


  • Stable for some time
  • Not fit for little children
  • Light


2. Bath Royale BR237-00 MasterSuite Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover

Another top model from this manufacturer is the Bath Royale BR237-00. One noticeable thing about this is the amazing design. This not only makes it stand out but also adds elegance to any bathroom. Many users cherish this because it is created from a high-grade material. Polypropylene is known to be durable and easy to use.

Unlike other toilet seat models that degrade if wiped with some chemical, mastersuite luckily does not. The material used seat is heavy and resistant to strong chemicals. You have the opportunity to remove stains fast while the seat retains its original looks for long.

It is also interesting because this seat has padded bumpers that ensure uniform weight distribution. Although it is tried for 400 pounds, it is fit for the heavyweight people. If you have people who sit on the lid then this seat will be a perfect choice.

As it is with most of the top-end brands, this product is equipped with SoftClose technology. This allows users to quietly close and open the cover without slamming. All you simply do is to tap and see it get back in place quietly. Both kids and individuals with back pains find this feature important as it cuts on the need to bend. Additionally, installing the seat is as easy as a DIY task.


  • Easy to install
  • Matches any bathroom décor
  • Heavy-duty material used
  • Comfortable


  • Not very stable sometimes
  • Hard to clean
  • The seat does not remain in one place.


3. Vive Toilet Seat Riser with Handles

The market offers this wonderfully designed Vive Toilet Seat Riser. From the name, this product is raised to enhance comfort and also make it accommodate many users. It supports both adults and kids well. It fits well any existing toilet and raises it to 3.5 inches high. Thus getting it means an amazing safety solution for any bathroom. Even the elderly find it easy to sit on it and also stand without the need to bend.

The included handle adds convenience when standing or sitting. It is removable and easy to grip during cleaning thanks to the secure nonslip feature. also, you can remove it particularly to create extra space in your bathroom.

The shape of the seat makes it blend well with any toilet design. However, it is safer to ensure it will fit well into your existing bowl before purchasing. It accommodates about 250 pounds which is many people’s body sizes. This is a clear reason why it is a perfect household toilet unit.

Even more, this seat is attractive since it cuts the worry about cracking. You can wipe it using regular disinfectants as it is corrosion-resistant. Overall, this product provides great money value


  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • Fast installation
  • Elevated handles


  • Not fit for some weight
  • Handle purchased separately


4. Bemis 7800TDG 000 Plastic Toilet Seat Elongated

The plumbing industry loves both heavy-duty and stylish products. Equally, a toilet seat should be the last thing that leaves anyone with worries. This is particularly true for people having commercial rooms who find what breaks over time.  Of course, getting something which is heavy-duty, durable and commercial grade is worth it. Bemis 7800TDG00 comes handy for hotel and restaurant owners. It has a shiny appearance that almost does not fade away even after extended use.

This model fits well the elongated bowls and guarantees quality to its users. The material used is strong to make it last longer and give you comfort during use. The manufacturer incorporates the STA-TITE Fastening System to make sure that it will not get out the original place where it gets fastened. You can easily install it and also keep it hygienic and spotless.

Further to that installing this seat to your bathroom comes without any struggle. What else do people want than what this model offers? The designing material used is durable and is accompanied by a rust-resistant bolt. Additionally, this brings a comfortable feeling if you sit on it.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to clean
  • Features STA-TITE system


  • Unclear instruction manual
  • Seat falls sometimes
  • Perfect for elongated toilets

6. Big John 3-W Oversized Open Front Toilet Seat with Cover and Stainless Steel Hinges

Overweight people often find it hard to find comfortable and damage resistant toilets. Thanks to Big John 3-W model has a heavy-duty design that suits up to 1200 lbs. besides, it provides a comfortable 19-inch wide sitting area for the users. This is unlike what the standard ones provided. It also has an added height of 2.5 inches that makes you too comfortable to sit and get off the seat. This means, the people having mobility problems or back pain can use the toilet easily.The model complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The footing of this seat comes with two rubber bumpers. That way you can easily grip its bowl and also provide extra stability. This minimizes the person’s movement from side to side particularly if the person changes the weight to the seat. The ABS injected plastic is strong and solid that stabilizes its steel hinges.

This model has an ergonomic designed that fits both elongated and round toilets. It is closed in front but has a larger hole that is comfortable for inserting your hand through. It works well for healthcare facilities, hospitals, public toilets, and households.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Non-slip on the toilet
  • ADA compliant.


  • Cleaning is not easy.
  • No soft closing.
  • Chunks of materials fall off sometimes


7. KOHLER K-4636-96 Cachet Elongated Biscuit Toilet Seat

Nowadays, most toilet seats have handy features than what is thought of. The Kohler K-4636-96 is designed from advanced polypropylene plastic material. That means it cannot fade, chip, and is stains resistant to make it feel comfortable. The innovative technology provides a refined style to this toilet seat. Thus, this unit fits well many of the elongated toilets.

The model features a unique rubber bumper design. This provides a firm hold so that is remains secured in the same place to ensure your safety. These integrated technologies prevent slamming of the seat and also allow fast installation. The ergonomic design makes this seat to be comfortable and stable.

Another nice thing about it is the included Grip-Tight bumpers. This brings the seat and the lid together and fixed tightly to the toilets to prevent accidental slips. The households with young kids who can struggle with climbing the toilet find it handy. Also featured is the Q3 Advantage style to bring a quiet-close and a quick-release function. So you can clean and maintain the unit without difficulty.


  • Durable
  • No slamming noise
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Not fit for heavyweights
  • Has no screws
  • Perfect only for elongated toilet seats


8. Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat

Mayfair Molded Wood is another toilet seat that the market offers. It is equipped with nice features making it worth buying. The model is designed using wood with a shiny finish to add style to any bathroom décor. The material gives a strong and resistant feel thus it stays without stains or scratches.

The seat blends well with many bath decorations. That means it is very nice-looking if you are concerned with style. It comes with different color options to enable you to easily pick what fits your current design. Many people prefer the forest green option for it adds a touch of style.  Its hinges are easy to clean and change to ensure it remains spotless or even replace easily.

Without doubts, this toilet seat is amazing due to its unique design. The seat pad has a special vinyl cushion for excellent grip and improves comfort levels. Because it has standard measurements that are hard to adust it is recommended to be sure with the size of your toilet before purchasing. This brand is one of the best options for round toilet seats.


  • Different color options
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Elegant design


  • Not quiet
  • Not waterproof
  • Slightly hard to install


9. MAYFAIR Natural Oak Veneer Toilet Seat with Chrome Hinges

MAYFAIR Natural Oak Veneer is another good toilet seat. The product features high gloss wood finish that adds natural beauty to the bathroom. The material is so durable so your seat will never chip or even scratch and leaves a great look.

It features a classic chrome hinge that offers an easy close. With one gentle tap it closes without slamming or even having your fingers trapped. The lid is also perfect for older people or the ones having back pains. That means you do not need to bend to close or push the lid. The hinges are easy to clean to be removed so that you can thoroughly clean it.

It is really irritating when a lid cannot stay in place when fixed on the bowl. The frustration is prevented by this manufacturer using the STA-TITE fastening system. So it is guaranteed that this unit stays where it is fixed without slackening off over time.

This Mayfair model comes in two colors that fit any elongated bowl brands including Toto, American Standard and Kohler among others. For the individuals having an interest in the environment, here is n opportunity to rest easy. This product is designed from an environmentally friendly material that negatively affects the environment.


  • Soft-close lid
  • Glossy finish
  • Durable
  • STA-TITE fastening technology


  • Hinges may not hold
  • Cracks sometimes
  • Epic design gets damages


10. BEMIS Medic-Aid 3″ Lift Raised Open Front Plastic Toilet Seat with Cover

BEMIS Medic-Aid is a trusted toilet seat that leaves you assured of satisfaction. It is created from commercial plastic which makes it suitable for commercial use. Hotel owners find this material to be long-lasting and chip resistant. The US-based manufacturer boasts about using earth-friendly processes and materials.

This toilet seat matches most of the elongated toilets including Toto, Kohler, American Standard among others. When fixed into the hole it withstands the weight that comes while you are sitting. In addition to the elegant design it does not compromise on the users’ comfort. Of course, this offers paradise and warm feeling.

Not on is this seat durable but also the manufacturer guarantees no callbacks due to loose toilets. It has a StaTite fastening system that snaps during installation. This means it will never wiggle eve if used by the overweight or people who love sitting on the cover.

The most special feature is the large 3 inches bumpers. The hinge lifts the seat for ease of use by the elderly ad those having back problems. Using the toilet has become easy without the need to bend. This innovation is intended to make life convenient so before buying ensure you know your mounting hole size.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish design
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Perfect for only elongated toilet design
  • Overpriced
  • May slip off some times.


Plastic vs. Wood​ Toilet Seat

Another sub-type category when it comes to toilet seats is the material used. Usually, the two most common ones out there are wood and plastic. Wood is the all-time favorite by many westerners because of it gives added warmth.

Although wood has been the staple of a good toilet seat, this doesn’t mean that plastic ones can’t make a case for being better.

You can still find great toilet seats that are made out of plastic. However, if you’re looking for one, just be sure to get a seat made from high-quality plastic.

One useful feature of wooden toilet seats is that they’re sturdier than plastic. Again, there are durable plastic toilet seats out there, but wooden seats will guarantee more of a fool-proof purchase.

Since they’re made out of wood, these toilet seats can take in more weight, thus preventing any cracks. So if you’re looking to play it safe, a wooden toilet seat will be a good option. Just remember that these seats are more expensive than the plastic ones.

What Else is There to Consider?​


The aesthetics of your toilet seat might be just a secondary concern after durability, but it still matters. Particularly, the toilet seat is one of the first things that people would see in your bathroom.

If you’re someone who has a lot of guests, having a toilet seat that’s visually appealing would be great. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a seat that’s made out of gold. Often, you just need to find a toilet seat that will suit the design of your bathroom.

If your bathroom has black linings, for example, try to look for a toilet seat with a touch of black to it!


Before, toilet seats are more commonly known as just a lid and an added layer for your toilet bowl. Nowadays, technology has caught up with your average toilet seat as well.

There are many innovations when it comes to toilet seats, with a lot of them coming from Japan.

As of now, there are toilet seats that are fully automated when it comes to their opening and closing mechanism. Also, you have seats that have a heater on it. Although wooden seats can offer you natural warmth, these seats are more advanced.

So if you’re a person who’s always having trouble with a harsh climate, this could be for you. Or maybe you’re someone who just wants a post-modern feel to his toilet bowl? A high-tech toilet seat sounds appealing indeed!​

Size and Installation​

Another feature that you should take a look into is the installation of the toilet seat. Toilet seats should be convenient to install. You’ll know it’s easy when you can do it by yourself.

Thus, try to avoid toilet seats that have complicated hinges. Not only could these be harder to install, but it can also break if handled wrongly. A good old fashioned hinge for your toilet seat will work just fine.

When installing your toilet seat, be sure that you have to correct size. This is why it’s important to know if you should buy the elongated or round seat.

Moreover, be sure to check the bolts that come with the seat. Sturdy and undamaged bolts are another thing that you should check before buying.

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