Best Toto Toilet Reviews

In the toilet industry, there is a big completion, and this gives homeowners a difficult time to choose the ​​top rated toilet that suits their needs. Because of the different types of brands available, you cannot trust even the best plumbers to select for you the best toto toilet.

However, there is an outstanding brand on the market, and everybody talks about their ​top pick toilets. Toto is a ​top company in the manufacture of the ​​recommended toilets at very competitive prices.
The company is widely known all over the world, and they produce a wide range of toilet designs to suit the needs of different customers. Because of their wide range of toilets, it is still difficult for some people to pick out the ​​​good quality toilet.

This is why I have made these ​top ​toilet reviews from Toto so that you can have some options to choose from that will suit your requirements. ​

After going through the five Top Rated Toto toilet reviews, it will be easy for you to make a decision on the ​right toilet. Regardless of the toilet that you choose, be sure of enjoying comfort and high performance.

​Choosing the ​​​​Best TOTO Toilet

Are you looking for the ​excellent flushing toilet for your home needs? You can try out TOTO toilets. The company has manufactured very many good toilets. From regular, flush, double cyclone, to dual flush TOTO is always at the top of the list. To get a great TOTO toilet you will keep so many things in mind. Here is a simple guide that makes these considerations easy to grasp.

​Top Considerations When Choosing the ​Right TOTO Toilets
Even if toilets are manufactured by the same brand, they do not come with similar features or design.

For this matter, you must have a few things in mind that you should check when buying the ​wonderful Toto toilet. The following things will be of great help to you.

As a buyer, you might shy away from buying ​right Toto toilets thinking that they are unaffordable. The truth is, their toilets come at very affordable prices. But there are models that are also very expensive too.

A basic toilet with all the features you would love can cost less than 300 bucks. You can also get high-end models that run for over 2000 bucks. Depending on your budget, you are sure of getting a ​popular toilet that will work well for you.

Installing ​​​​highly rated Toto toilets is very simple task, and you will not experience any problem doing so. With their modern installation, the toilets come with a standard rough-in of 12 inches, but you can also get some models with 14 inches rough-in. ​

All in all, expect to have the best and easy installation with any Toto toilet.

Toilet Sizing
This is also another important feature that you should consider. For instance, if you want to install the toilet in a half bathroom, you can opt for a model that doesn’t have a water tank to save space.

Flushing Power and Water Efficiency
Toto being the leading manufacturer of the ​​market-leading toilets , their toilets have extremely high flushing power. You can compare the flushing performance of different models to come up with the ​quality toilet that has quiet yet very powerful flushing.

You would also love a toilet that conserves water. Do your search well and make comparisons on the gallons of water a toilet uses per flush.

​Toilet Bowl Type
​The ​TOTO toilets come in three toilet bowl designs namely oval, round, and elongated. Like any other round toilet, the TOTO rounded bowl will take up very limited space. Because of this it is ideal for small apartments.

The elongated bowl however, is longer and the main designed that many modern toilets take after. It needs the freedom of space and that’s cool. But remember that the toilet bowl shape determines the toilet seat shape as well.

​Height of Toilet
​TOTO toilets like any other flushing toilets have set standards for a toilet height if raised from the ground. The standard height for TOTO toilets is usually 14 to 15 inches like any other ideal flushing toilet would come in.

However, there are also the ADA compliant ones that are 17 to 19 inches. Just remember that if there are the elderly in the picture and those living with disabilities then buy an ADA compliant toilet. This is recommended for such.

​Flushing System
​The ​effective flushing toilets come with many types of flushing systems. The most common flushing system being gravity feed. The next in line the pressure assisted systems. However, there are other three major types of flushing systems that are least used namely double cyclone, power assisted, and dual flush systems. Every flushing system has its advantages and therefore you should look at the type you choose closely to determine what suits your needs.

​Water Usage Type
​Conventional toilets especially those made since 1994 adhere to the Federal standard of 1.6 gal per flush at maximum. TOTO toilets have always followed that. But today their system is much more improved and does better.

It has incorporated the Water Sense Technology that allows their toilet to use up to 1.28 gallons per flush only. This is the good quality you can get today. So choose your TOTO toilet with these advantages in mind so you can always save on water bill.

​Type of Design
​Do you want a1 Piece or 2 Piece TOTO toilet design? That’s how best they come. A one-piece design integrates both the toilet bowl and the TOTO toilet tank into one piece. This helps to save space and makes the toilet very easy to clean.

However, it makes it very hard to install. A two-piece TOTO toilet on the other hand has the traditional look that many toilets have. With the tank and bowl separated. They are easy to install and are highly durable. Though; they take up much more space than the one-piece when installed.

​When installing the TOTO toilet, always take your bathrooms measurements to ensure that there is enough space for the toilet you have chosen. If you don’t know how to take up the toilet measurements, you can check out the next title.

​How to Take the Measurements of Your TOTO Flushing Toilet
​Measuring a flushing toilet is very easy. However, if you have never done it before you could find it extremely difficult. Here is the simplest way to get the best measurements for your TOTO flushing toilets.

​Take a tape measure and measure your toilet from the ground to the top of the seat. A standard TOTO toilet will have a dimension of 14 – 15 inches. For normal toilets, you could also get 10 inches and 15 inches too. ADA compliant TOTO toilets will have no less than 17 inches and no more than 19 inches too.

​Measure also the rough in. The rough in determines the space you have to install your toilet. Rough In is the distance between the floor drain and the wall. It gives you the right toilet seat design to go with always.

​Common Types of TOTO Toilets Flushing Systems Explained
​Gravity Flushing
​Gravity feed flushing systems like in any other flushing toilet refers to the use gravity to fill the toilet bowl with water and flush the waste away. When flushed such toilet water is pushed down by the use of gravity.

​Dual Flush System
​Dual flush system is increasingly popular even in the TOTO flush toilet systems. This type of flushing system allows you to select the type of flush to use depending on the type of call you have gone for always.

​Pressure Assisted
​A pressure assisted flushing system has a different mechanism. It has a sealed tank. The tank generates air pressure as the water fills it up. In turn the pressure is used to release the water and flush the waste fast.

​Well, these are the most common flushing designs for TOTO toilets. However, more innovative designs have come up today. You can get these by reading TOTO toilets product reviews and more.

Recommended 5 Toto Toilet Reviews in 2020

Toto is the leading manufacturer of ​top pick toilets in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that all their toilets will suit your bathroom needs. I have picked some of their ​market-leading toto toilets and reviewed them as indicated below.

​1. TOTO MS854114#01 Elongated One Piece Toilet

The TOTO MS854114#01 is a one piece toilet with a sleek high profile and features a large flush valve.

As compared to other toilets with 2-inch flush valve, this one has 3-inch valve hence boosting its performance.

Powerful and Quiet Flush
The toilet utilizes power gravity flushing system which is very powerful and quiet. This model is not as loud as others such that everybody around you will know when you have a bowel movement. It is very quiet yet functional.

Low Water Consumption
This model doesn’t consume a lot of water when flushing. With its siphon jet flushing action, it only uses 1.6 gallons per flush. ​

Comfortable Seat
Using this toilet gives you comfort, thanks to its ergonomic design. The seat of the toilet is unique and made to ensure there is reduced injury. This makes the toilet very comfortable for all types of users.

Easy Installation
Toto toilets are designed to provide users with an easy time setting up. This model includes top tightening mounting bolts that give room for easy installation.

​2. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your current toilet, you can make great improvements by installing the new TOTO CST744SL.

The two-piece toilet not only gives your bathroom a good looking appearance but also gives you the seating comfort you need when doing your business.

Powerful Flush
If you have suffered from toilets that clog, worry no more because you will not experience that with this toilet. The powerful flush drives everything away leaving your toilet clean and odorless.

Fully Glazed Trap-Way
The toilet should be one of the cleanest parts of your house. To prevent the development of bacteria, this toilet features a fully glazed trap way hence maintaining the general cleanliness of your toilet. ​

Water Efficient
Some toilets end up using a lot of water and yet their flushing performance is questionable. You can save a lot of water in a year when you have this toilet. It uses up to 1.6 GPF which is pretty low consumption.

Seating Comfort
The toilet suits all types of users. If you have elderly or people with disability in your house, they will find it very easy to use this toilet without assistance.

3. TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia Dual Flush Toilet

Almost all Toto products come with a conventional design, and so does the TOTO CST412MF.01 model.

The toilet best suits users are looking for a model with a universal design. Here are more details about this toilet.

Dual Flush
The dual flushing option of the toilet is satisfying. The toilet flushes quietly and it also saves you money because less water is used per flush.

Ease of Cleaning
I know the hardest and most annoying task for most people is cleaning the toilet. With this wear resistant model, you will enjoy every bit of cleaning. It has an easy to clean surface so your toilet will always be looking clean and neat. ​

Chrome Push-Button
For easy use, there is a chrome push button that is easy to press when you need to flush. Pushing this button provides the required flush to drive away masses.

​4. TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank

Do you want to install a contemporary toilet with a high profile design? Then try the TOTO Drake Elongated toilet.

The two piece toilet brags of a larger water surface in comparison to other toilets.

Fully Glazed Trapway
If you are worried about bacteria developing, there is no need for much stress because this toilet ensures that there is no room for the development of bacteria.

Regardless of the model of Toto toilets that you select, always be sure of easy installation. This is something that gives users some peace of mind knowing that they can do the installation process within a short time. ​

Water Conservation
Having this toilet will not hike your water bills, in fact, you will not a considerable decrease in the water consumption. This is because the toilet only uses 1.6 gpf which is recommendable for water saving purposes.

​5. TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 One Piece Toilet

Another recommendable toilet from Toto that will be a great investment is the TOTO MS604114CEFG#01.

This is a one-piece toilet that you can install in your main bathroom or guest bathroom.

Efficient Flushing System
The toilet uses only 1.28 gpf and utilizes the double cyclone flushing system for the best performance. The result is a quick, powerful and quiet flush with low water consumption.

Easy Installation
Some toilets do not come with a seat, so you need to purchase one separately. This model is easy to install and ready to use because a seat is included. The SoftClose toilet seat is comfortable for all types of users.

Toilet Smoothness
This toilet is super smooth, and this makes it very easy to clean. There is an ion barrier glazing that greatly helps in keeping the toilet ever clean.

​Frequently Asked Questions about TOTO Flushing Toilets

Customers will always have various concerns before they buy any product. Because of these they never want to leave any stone unturned. This is why they ask a number of questions. Here is what has been sampled from the many TOTO toilet customers.

​What is “Comfort Height” as Used in Toilets?

​The term “comfort height” will be met often when shopping for toilets. It refers to the ADA compliance that we mentioned earlier. Therefore if you are looking for an ADA compliant toilet you should look out for this term. AD toilets are usually great for the elderly and people living with disabilities.

​Apart from Water Usage, What Else Determines Toilet Water Use?

​There are a number of factors that will still determine how much water your toilet uses. One of the major factors is the flushing system. Dual flushing system for instance allows you to choose which type of flush to go for when you are done with the call. They have stipulations for short and long calls.

​What Does the Term Water Sense Technology Stand for?

​The Water Sense Technology is an innovation that encourages every toilet manufacturer to keep water conservation at best. To get accredited for this technology, a toilet has to be verified to be on the least, 20% more efficient than any average toilet of 1.6 gallons per flush. This leaves a toilet with Water Sense Technology to work at 1.28 gallons of water per flush or less.

​What Other Factors are Essential When Choosing Toilets?

​This is often asked to clarify the air. Basically there are things that you might have left out and this question can help clear the air. In many occasions and going with what we have given, factors such as the price of toilet, brand, and also color will also play a key role too.

​Between a One Piece and Two Piece Toilet; which is Best​?

​Every toilet has its merits and demerits. A one-piece design integrates both the toilet bowl and the tank into one piece. This saves space and makes the toilet very easy to clean. But, it makes it hard to install. A two-piece TOTO toilet has its tank and bowl separated. They are easy to install. However, they take up much space than the one-piece during installation. Choose what high quality is for you.

​What Types of Materials are TOTO Toilet Seats Made of?

​There are mainly two types of materials that many TOTO toilets have embraced. The very first one is usually the high design plastic and the next is hard wood. The design of the seat comes with the design of the bowl. Therefore before you buy your seat, you might want to know what your toilet bowl shape is.

​Where Can I get the TOTO Toilet Accessories?

​Toilet accessories can be bought online. They can also be purchased from the hardware and malls. Just look out for what’s convenient. Today we also have ecommerce stores to go with too.

​Check this video below to see the installation process of a ​Toto Toilet

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Toto is a company that you can trust for all your toilet requirements. They have the ​perfect toilets in the world that sell at very affordable prices.

Concerning all their products, I believe there is a model that will suit the needs of many customers based of several features such a flushing performance, water efficiency, dual or single flush among other things. ​

I’m hopeful that you can get something from these reviews which will help you pick the most appropriate toilet. It doesn’t matter which toilet you pick from these top five reviews; you can always count yourself lucky. They are highly durable and performing toilets worth installing in your bathroom.

​The ​top quality TOTO toilet should be that which suits your needs. The choice might depend on many factors including the people who will use the toilet. Always make sure that you go with a design that you love.