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When it comes to taking care of your tub, (as well as your entire bathroom, for that matter) one of the most important things to take into consideration would be the best tub caulk selection. The thing is, just as the seafarers of yore used to stuff a bunch of ropes and tar in between the boards on their boats to keep the water from coming in. Sealing the edges and exposed pieces of floor and walls in your bathroom is essential for keeping the mold and mildew well away.

Now, to do this properly so that you won’t have to do it again in a couple of months. The first thing you need to get is a good caulking. You see, no matter how thorough a caulking job you do on your part. If the caulk you’re using is of low quality and tends to wear off quickly, all of your efforts can end up being completely in vain.

While virtually all parts of the bathroom are often exposed to water or steam. It’s also true that the bath tub will inevitably take the brunt of the water damage over time. So, to keep the mold and other water-caused pollutions, so to speak, well away from your bathroom, taking care of the bath tub should certainly be one of your priorities when it comes to bathroom maintenance.

Best Picks: 5 Best Tub Caulk Reviews

Best Tub Caulk – A List of Products

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the five best tub caulk for bath tubs currently on the market. As you will see, these products come in different shapes and sizes. Ultimately all of them serve the purpose of keeping your bathroom as dry as possible. We’ve also prepared for you an informative buyer’s guide. You can learn about what caulk parameters you should pay your attention to in case when you first time buying it. Also, we’ve ventured to answer some of the most frequently asked questions in this category, for good measure.
Right then folks, without further ado, here’s the deal.

1) Flex Shot – Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk

Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk, 8-oz, Clear (2 Pack)


  • Can be used both as a caulk and a sealant
  • Excellent water-wicking properties
  • Comes in a convenient ready-to-use packaging
  • The pointy head on this bottle of caulk enables you to use it readily at all times and get to tough-to-reach areas
  • Mildew-resistant


  • Small packaging (you may need two or three bottles to get the job done)
  • A tad pricey

One of the things you have to have if you mean to caulk is a thing called caulking gun. Now, this contraption, although not the most expensive tool out there on the market. You will cost some money if you already don’t have one. Which is bound to increase the overall expenses on your bathroom caulking project.

That said, with this caulk from Flex Shot, you won’t be having these problems any time soon. Because it comes with a pointed tip ready bottle. You can use to caulk your bath tub straight away sans the caulking gun. This simple but clever design choice by the folks at Flex Shot can save you some money if you don’t want to have to buy or rent a caulking gun.

Thanks to its excellent temperature-regulating as well as moisture-wicking properties. You can use this caulk for a wide variety of jobs – from sealing bath tubs to filling cracks in pieces of clay pottery and fixing minor imperfection on your car’s body.

2) Storystore – Caulk Strip PE Self-Adhesive Tape

Caulk Strip PE Self Adhesive Tape for Bathtub Bathroom Shower Toilet Kitchen and Wall Sealing


  • Elegant, polished design
  • Pre-shaped and comes with a special protective film
  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • Water, mold, and oil-resistant


  • Some users may not like the strip tape design
  • Some customers reported problems with the tape peeling off after a while

As our entry number two, we’ve got a caulking product that comes in the shape of a tape rather than a caulking paste or a caulking gun-like can. So, using this caulk is somewhat easier in the sense. That all you have to do to place it where you need is unwind it. Place it where you want. You use this thing just as you would any regular scotch tape.

Of course, this caulk strip is not entirely like a scotch tape. Because it does come with a thin protective film that you need to unpeel before you can place it. The folks at Storystore included this feature because there’s a pretty powerful adhesive here. So once you peel the protective thing off you need to apply the piece of tape soon. Afterwards this adhesive could dry off.

As far as the durability properties of this thing are concerned, you can rest assured that this tape is waterproof. It can mold and any sort of dampness. Even it survive from oil if it ever comes in contact with it. (This could be an interesting feature to take into consideration. If you need to caulk something in your kitchen or elsewhere in your house where you work with oil a lot, like your garage, for example.)

3) Gorilla – White 100-Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk

Gorilla Waterproof Caulk & Seal 100% Silicone Sealant, 10oz Cartridge, White (Pack of 1)


  • Used on a variety of different surfaces
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Does not go any yellower in time
  • Waterproof and doesn’t shrink
  • Convenient, ready-to-caulk packaging


  • Some users reported that this sealant emits an unpleasant vinegar-like smell
  • The packaging could have been a bit bigger for the price

Working like a charm both indoors and outdoors. This Gorilla caulk sealant represents a great solution for a person in need of a reliable caulking solution for multiple different surfaces. For example, other than the obvious bathrooms and other similar areas, this thing will also work wonders for doors and window panes, parts of your car, as well as on your gutters.

What makes this product from the curiously-named Gorilla company so efficient is that it doesn’t shrink over time. Also, it doesn’t get any yellower, or develop cracks, either. (Unless, of course, it gets dirty.). As far as its moisture resistance is concerned, you can rest assured that this thing is completely waterproof. That it will also be able to easily repel mold and mildew.

4) Red Devil – Tub & Wall Caulk Strip

Red Devil 0170 (Wide) Tub & Floor Caulk Strip, 1-1/4" x 5', White


  • Watertight seal
  • White color that fits with a large variety of other colors
  • Durable, long-lasting adhesion
  • Stain-resistant
  • Pre-cut for easy use


  • It may not always be possible to use this strip for all caulking needs due to its limited size
  • Some users reported that this strip won’t stick to the surface well enough

Another product on this list that comes in the shape of an adhesive tape would be this Red Devil tub & wall caulking strip. Other than its curious name, this little roll also possesses some quite interesting features.

For example, it’s worth pointing out that this model comes in a pretty white color that will work well with any other hue that your tub or the walls surrounding it are in. (Also, you can paint over it easily if you want the color to match the rest of the décor.) As far as the durability of this thing is concerned, this thing is fairly stain-resistant, so you can rest assured that it will be able to survive some of the more common stains that can come in contact with it.

When it comes to the installation of this thing, the interesting thing to keep in mind would be that this thing comes pre-shaped and ready to be used right away. So, you don’t have to use scissors to cut strips of this thing or otherwise make other adjustments before using it.

5) Loctite – Polyseamseal Tub and Tile Adhesive Caulk

Loctite Polyseamseal Tub & Tile Adhesive Caulk 5.5 Ounce


  • Works on a variety of surfaces including porcelain, glass, fiberglass, aluminum, and many others
  • Does not emit bad odors
  • Excellent flexibility and durability
  • Made in the US
  • Anti-mold mixture


  • Some users reported that this thing can shrink slightly when it dries off
  • Some users complained about cracks when this caulk dries up

Coming ready with one of those pointy tips that you can use for caulking straight away, this Loctite tub & tile adhesive caulk represents a durable caulk that you can use for a wide variety of bathroom related tasks and general patchwork.

The folks at Loctite made sure that this caulk is not only easy to apply to the surface in question. But it’s sufficiently strong to stay wedged between the wall or the backsplash, question and the kitchen surface or bathtub for a long time after you’ve applied it there. As far as the materials are concerned that you can use for this purpose. This Loctite adhesive caulk can be applied on ceramics, porcelain, glass, enamel, stainless steel, wood, plastics, and some other ones.

On top of these qualities, this caulk is also non-flammable, so you don’t run the risk of it catching fire if you place something hot beside it. Add to that the fact that it also doesn’t smell nearly as bad as many other caulks out there, and you can see why this product has garnered as much popularity as it has.

Best Tub Caulk – A Buyer’s Guide

best bathtub caulk

Extension Tube

Many caulk manufacturers pack their caulks in tubes with a special pointy extension you can use to apply a layer of caulk directly to the area of your interest, so to speak.

This represents a useful addition to the overall design of the bottle, because it means you won’t have to buy additional spraying guns or anything of the sort. All you need to do is squeeze the tube gently as you would a tube of toothpaste, and the caulk will start coming out of it in no time.

Mold & Mildew Resistance

When it comes to the bathroom hygiene. One of the most prominent problems would represent the accumulation of mold, mildew, and other moisture-related pollutants. To ensure your bathroom will be free of this nasty stuff. You may want to look for a caulk that’s got something like ‘mold resistant’ printed on its label.

While the floor and the walls you’ll have to take care of yourself. The grout lines and the area between the bathtub and the wall will be completely free of mold if you use any of the mold-resistant caulks.


Other than ensuring your caulk won’t fall victim to a rampant mold overgrowth in the bathroom, what you also want to make sure is that no moisture can penetrate beneath the caulking line and so compromise its shape or stability.

Similarly to the mold-resistance situation, the waterproofness of a caulking means represents another parameter you need to take into consideration before buying a caulk.


Although a spontaneous combustion isn’t necessarily a tangible risk for bathrooms. Certain chemicals used in cleaning solutions can be flammable, and the same goes for caulks.

Now, this fact causes a potential problem if you use hair dryers or other electrical contraptions in your bathroom. An errant spark sets off an otherwise normal-looking strap of caulk. So, to ensure this doesn’t happen, the manufacturers of these caulks have come up with special caulk formulas that make these non-flammable. So you won’t have to worry about your caulk catching fire any time soon.

Odorless Mixtures

Last but not least, it’d be important to mention that many caulks tend to smell pretty badly, so it’s quite a wonder when you find one that doesn’t.

If the smell is a big factor for you, try to find a caulking product that says ‘odorless’ on its label, or that has some specific fragrance added to it to mask the smell of the chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) What is a good caulk remover?

There are many different caulk-removing products out there on the market, some of them in the form of a gel and some of them in the form of a paste. Products such as the 3M caulk remover, or some types of contractor’s solvents will do the trick just fine. (Of course, if you have found some other product for this purpose, there’s no reason this one wouldn’t function just as well.)

The bottom line is, these caulk removers represent the first step for removing the caulk altogether. If you get a good caulk-remover, the other parts of the task will be much easier to pull off.

Since caulking is a procedure that should be done in any spot, where there’s a danger of mold forming or water damage. The areas around shower fixtures would too benefit from some good caulking.

The thing is, the higher the water resistance in an area, the more it will be able to withstand constant exposure to moisture.

  • 3) Can you caulk over grout?

While the caulks we’ve described in the entries above are all excellent for protecting the surfaces you apply them on, when grout is in question, the story is a bit different.

You see, if the grout between the tiles has been compromised, your best bet would be to replace the old grout with some new grout, rather than filling the gap with caulk. (Or, worse still – apply caulk directly onto the dodgy grout lines.) So, if you want to protect your grout lines because the old grout is damaged, clean out the line thoroughly and then replace it with some more grout.

  • 4) Can I caulk over old caulk?

You can, but it’d be better if you could completely remove the old stuff and clean the area before applying a new layer.

The thing is, if you want to put a new layer of caulk over some old caulk, this new layer has to be thicker and wider than the old one, so that it can stick to the wall around it. Also, you have to make sure that the old caulk is not greasy or that it doesn’t have any oil on it, because in that case – the new caulk just won’t stick to it.

  • 5) Can I caulk over mold?

Technically you can, but don’t do it, because then you’ll trap the stinking mold underneath the new layer of caulk. It will become impossible to remove it without removing the caulk itself.

The thing is, mold represents one of the least desirable occurrences in your bathroom, so before laying down any caulk, make sure to clear it all out.

Final Verdict

All in all, caulking your tub can be an excellent way to preserve both the tub and the walls surrounding it, as well as to ensure that no mold or mildew will form in it after a while. We hope this article helped you find the optimal caulking product for your needs and we wish you a merry and hassle-free purchase.

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