Best Undermount Bathroom Sinks Reviews

Every day the bathroom is one space at home that gets so much traffic and activities. Life becomes even better if you get the chance to spend more time doing tasks that come your way. Without doubts, the installations chosen for this space intensely impact your routine. Additionally, your preferred bathroom sink will determine the number of benefits you get out of here.

From the ease to clean to expansive upscaled look, the best undermount bathroom sink comes handy, especially in a premium space. However, today homeowners have vast options with a range of styles, colors, and types. As a result, the journey towards finding the best type for your needs is tricky. Even worse, there are high chances that without proper guidance you can select the wrong one.

But what makes an undermount bathroom sink worth buying? How do you make sure that you only select the right model? What should you do to get money-value? Of course, knowing the available brands in the market makes so much sense. Not only is the experience less overwhelming but also more fun.

Here is a review of the top 10 undermount bathroom sinks and a buying guide.  Keep reading and find what suits your home.

Editor’s Picks : 5 Best Undermount Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom Sinks Buying Guide

Choosing the best type of underground sink for your bathroom is crucial. Without limiting your needs, it should depend on your requirements. These are the things to be keen on while choosing.


Build material determines the strength of the sink. So it is an important aspect because some are made from elements with poor longevity. Some of the durable ones include ceramic, pounded copper, stainless steel, high-grade glass, among others.


Generally, body finishes like colors are a key concern. It defines the looks of your bath space and the appearance of the decor. Both texture and color must match the already existing accessories. Besides, this tells how many times you will need to clean.


Bathroom sinks have different types of usage. So it is vital since the drains suit regular bathroom uses. In case you want it for an intended purpose like shaving or for makeups, then consider a model for that specific reason.


Before leaving to buy your sink, ensure you measure where it will be fitted. Not only space is important but also checking the pan’s dimensions carefully is necessary. Why? This will bring you a worthy decision of if it fits the particular area or not. The wrong size of sinks will make the whole installation process not be smooth.


This is a key consideration because if you go wrong at some point will damage both the designed space, walls, and even the sink. If you buy a heavy model, ensure it is installed on the strong surface and not the ordinary one. Avoid placing heavy pans on cracked or wooden surfaces.

Accessories accessibility

When you have the plan of buying a new sink, then ensure you know the types and number of accessories included in the kit. Some brands have faucets and additional accessories and fixtures. So always confirm the availability before buying.

Top 9 Bathroom Sinks Reviews

1. Nantucket Sinks UM-16×11-W 16-Inch by 11-Inch

Nantucket rectangle ceramic sink is a popular under-mount vanity model in many homes. The reason is it is mainly simple-looking with its rectangular shape. The 18inches length and 12.8inches width add up to its excellent performance. Of course, it fits any bathroom furniture.

It is always hard to find a perfectly deep sink bowl. This model is about 7inches that offers the right room for use. Even better, it is easily installed on a faucet with any height. This fits well mid-sized or small bathrooms. Water will not stand or spill from such a lovely bowl thanks to the flat bottom.

Its design is outstanding with continuous curved lines. Its longevity is nothing to worry about ay longer. It is made from high-quality clear china and then decorated using porcelain finish.

It has no joints to ensure it does not crack unless it experiences huge impacts. It is not time-consuming to install this unit since it has a 1.75inches drain. This allows you to fit in well in any drainage pipe. Also, its overflow drain prevents drenching of the furniture due to overflown water.


  • Holds up well for long
  • Well priced
  • Easy installation


  • Comes in just one color
  • Size not accurate
  • No extra accessories

2. DECOLAV 1402-CWH Callensia Classically Redefined Rectangular Vitreous China Undermount Lavatory Sink

There is much more beyond having an artistic sink in the bathroom. DECOLAV 1402-CWH clearly brings this out as it is stylish ad does not sacrifice durability and functionality. It is classically engineered with a rectangular shape to be hidden under the counter.

The sink is very elegant so you will not have any chances to complain. Its simple design on the edges is enhanced with a glossy color finish thus matches any existing décor well. It will definitely offer you money value because of the high-quality material. Vitreous china makes it win and also adds its beauty particularly to a new bathroom. It will not have scratches or even corrode.

It follows the easy drop-in installation process which is easy. The entire structure measures 20.39inches wide, 14.48inch deep and 8.26inch high which is very convenient for daily use. Its height is small enough to allow you to fix it on any height.

Like most of the models in the market, it is ADA compliant to give the confidence of purchase. Its center drain delivers maximum water drainage thus prevents standing water.


  • Lage enough
  • Stain-resistant
  • Classic looks


  • No color variations
  • Off-center manufacturer logo
  • Very fragile

3. Kohler 2210-0 Vitreous china Wall Mounted Oval Bathroom Sink

Kohler is known as a leading bathroom sinks manufacturer for decades. From the products delivered to the market, it is evident why the brand has a lifelong reputation. The Caxton undermount sink offers a combined sunken look and the amazing durable vitreous china. The unit’s color complements well the modern and traditional bathroom décor. This is a perfect option for giving the bath area a whole new look. And yes, it fits any bathroom, whether freshly installed or renovated.

The sink is beautiful and simple but made from strong, longlasting porcelain. This allows a longlasting a lifetime without scratches or unpleasant watermarks. The absence of faucet holes also makes this model fit well all the bathroom designs.

It is considered a worthy purchase because it is quick and easy to install. It takes a few minutes to complete without the need for complex tools. This featured sealed overflow enhances its quality thus it is ideal for commercial and hospital uses. Coupled with a limited warranty that goes for a year, it is clear that the manufacture highly rates the sink.


  • Space-saving
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • Pretty small for large bathrooms
  • Costly
  • May arrive broken

4. American Standard 0495.221.020 Ovalyn 17-Inch Basin Undercounter Bathroom Sink

This Ovalyn, under-counter sink looks sleek, unique, and aesthetic. It can be installed in any counter and bring the most out of it in different designs of bathrooms. The refined glossiness on its surface provides a slightly elegant appearance. Users certainly will not want to start using the contemporary sink again after seeing the bowl. The model is a dealbreaker for anyone who wants to upgrade the bath area. Of course, its design is attractive to bring the necessary attraction.

Installing the sink is easy because it attaches well to already existing plumbing systems. Besides, not many tools will be required fo the process and the manufacturer includes an instruction manual and all the needed connectors. It will save you time in case you desire to have it working immediately.

The center drain included ensures that the water drains optimally and also prevents standing water. The material used for making it, porcelain ceramic, ensures it has quality, strength, and an excellent shine. This withstands very severe tear and wears and also guarantees years of nonstop use. The unit is leak-free and corrosion-free.


  • Study construction
  • Durable
  • Easy to install


  • Company logo improperly placed
  • No color or style options
  • Maybe too big for small baths

5. KINGO HOME Above Counter White Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

Kingo Home is well shaped to ensure fit well any bathroom and also bring a sense of style. The basin is oval styled to present a modern design while its edges on top are decorated with simple curves. The white color on the surface is adorned with a non-porous sleek texture providing it with an attractive look.

Although its outside finish is delicate, its glossy coat will not allow scratches or stains. That is why it is unsurpassed in the durability side, all thanks to its construction material. Porcelain is appreciated by many to guarantee a long time of service.

This unit boasts of its comprehensive structure which provides enough size. It has 16inches length, 5.5inches height, and 13inches width. Its drain hole size of 1.75inches is wide enough for everyday use. It will let out a huge volume of water instantly so reducing any potential water splash.

Its installation task is very simple because it is easily fixed on the countertop. With just the screws it will be up ad running as desired. Even better, combining it with a long faucet with nickel-coating faucet and a pop-up drain pipe will give a matching outlook.


  • Extraordinary quality
  • Simple to install
  • Prevents water splash


  • Not suitable for big bathrooms.
  • No popup drainage
  • No faucet installation hole

6. Generic Rectangle Undermount Vitreous Ceramic Lavatory Vanity Bathroom Sink

As the name suggests, this model by Generic is geometrically designed. With a rectangular shape, it brings that timeless style that fits well in guest and master baths or even powder rooms. The sink lives up to its functionality all thanks to its exterior and interior dimensions. With measurements of 20.9 x 13.5 x 6.5 inches and 19 x 11.75 x 5.5 inches, it will surely fit anywhere in the bathroom.

Packed with a standard drain opening of 1.75 inches, it is easy to install in both pull-up and pop-up drainage systems. This offers maximum flow capabilities, yes the water will drain efficiently and quickly. Its overflow hole makes it much more comfortable to use regularly.

This sink looks sleek, contemporary and smooth due to the vitreous ceramic construction. That quality material promises a lifelong gloss and resistance to scratches and rust. The spotless texture matches any bright baths or offers enough contrast to dark-colored ones.

Its rectangular shape is highlighted by round curves, providing this smooth and unique style. The curved corners even prevent accidental hurts that are common with sharp corners.


  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Artistic textures
  • High-quality material


  • Overflows experienced
  • No color variations
  • Prone to stability issues

7. KES Bathroom Vessel Sink

KES sink is a European inspired decor that prides in unique vessel design. The style makes it fit right into any bathroom and also blend well with the surroundings. Thanks to its white color, homes with both old-fashioned and modern bathroom designs find it a perfect addition.

Precisely cut to 19inches long and 14.65inches wide, this quality sink definitely fits into most faucets with a good height. Its drain hole is shaped such that it installs without any trouble.

The surface is a real sign of elegant art. It is smoothly constructed without a single mark or ridges. The structure is completed with its delicate curves in most parts.

It provides a height of five-inches to ensures the convenient use of the sink daily. No water will be displaced to the countertop. The durability feature earns praise, due to the high-quality ceramics used in its construction. The glossy finish is stain-resistant and in turn, makes it quite easy to clean.

The process of installing the KES sink is simple. It needs just a counter or wall mount. No complex tools are needed to get it working.


  • Excellent quality
  • Glossy finish
  • Easy installation process


  • The pack has no drain pipe
  • Delicate
  • Heavy

8. KOHLER K-2882-47 Rectangle Undercounter Bathroom Sinks

Homeowners looking for the best combo undermount bathroom sink should look at the KOHLER K-2882-0 Verticyl. This model offers an unbeatable style with a modern touch. The complete features enable it to perfectly décorate your bathroom and also provide the best service for a longer period.

This sink is finished using Vitreous china that makes it tougher and glossier. The users get the opportunity to enjoy a longer lifespan with it without scratches or corrosion. Its sharp rectangular edges provide a smooth and refined look and fit well the counter. The basin is geometrically designed to offer maximum capacity and also match the existing décor in the bathroom.

Kohler is a global favorite product that delivers expected quality. It is simple to install so in no minutes it will be running. There is no need for many tools so you can do it. The variation in color options makes it easy to choose what perfectly suits your bathroom.

Cleaning and maintenance are also easy with this bathroom sink. Use soft and wet clothing or sponge to wipe its surface to avoid bruising the material.


  • Deep enough
  • Multiple color options
  • Durable construction


  • No faucet holes
  • Delicate surfaces
  • Maybe too big for small-sized baths

9. VCCUCINE Rectangle Above Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink

Are you searching for an eccentric countertop sink for your modern style bathroom? Then VCCUCINE rectangle vanity will come in handy. Its white basin has an appearance that beautifies any bath decor. With simple rectangular construction and a gorgeous interior, it adds up as a perfect charm.

The interior part is decorated with sharp bends which is a specialty feature to this model if not damaged. The sink measures 18.9inches long and 14.57inches wide that makes it fit for installation in any bath size. It also has a sufficient height of  5inches to allow installation on any type of faucets. This height also prevents falling water splashes on the counter. The sink has an adequate drain hole of 1.75inches at the center for fast water dispersion.

The fact that this model has a ceramic construction is a good reason to buy it. This ensures that you get money-value and extended service time. The manufacturer also has added a crystalline finish to give its glossy looks. The material used makes it quite easy to maintain and clean. Simply wipe off with a soft and wet cloth to remove any dirt.


  • Elegant design
  • High-quality material
  • Stain and scratch-resistant


  • Splashes water often
  • No full-proof warranty
  • No popup drain included

What is the most common material for a bathroom sink?

  • One key thing when choosing bathroom sinks is in the materials used. Keep in mind, the unit should be stable, durable, and easy to maintain. Moreover, the impact it brings to your bathroom design matters. That is why ceramic is the most commonly used on the surface. Granted, it protects the sink even with regular use.

Are pedestal sinks out of style?

  • What goes around, comes back around. This prettily describes the life of pedestal sinks. After being replaced by big models, thanks to its grace and practicality, the sink still holds a place in bathrooms. The space-savers are stylish and work well.

Are ceramic bathroom sinks durable?

  • Bathroom sinks made from ceramic are durable. The material contains metal, clay, and glass so guarantees excellent performance. The surface of a ceramic sink is smooth so it will not rust or absorb water. This makes it stay for a longer time without the need to replace it.

Are acrylic bathroom sinks durable?

  • Acrylics are durable if used carefully but will not live for long under normal bathroom usage. The material is soft polycarbonate so it cannot withstand scratches. So any impact will leave it gouged and demand for replacement.

Are ceramic sinks any good?

  • Ceramic is a non-metal material that is shaped to set sinks. It is stain-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and so a good choice for household products. As a result, they have good looks and feel that gives the desired makeover for any home.

Are ceramic sinks better than stainless steel?

  • Both ceramic as stainless steel as materials are durable but they have their pros and cons. In the end, decide on one that better suits your bathroom and what offers the looks you prefer. To remove any doubts the two are durable and excellently looking.


Every homeowner has specific preferences and tastes. But regarding the renovation of a bathroom, all the details matter. With the right fittings and décor, you get an effective and attractive space. This growing popularity is the reason for considering the best undermount sink. The products are famous for their smooth details and excellent features.

Indeed, it is an opportunity to find enough and stylish counter space. Equally, you do not see any forms of caulking. But shopping around for the right sinks is sometimes a lengthy and frustrating process. As a result, the market has a heap of options that is hard to explore the differences. Luckily, this guide offers the top ten choices that perfectly fit your home. With any of the above types, you will love the designs and functionality.

So without being confused further add value, color, and style to your home today. In case, you are still on the fence and not ready to consider mounting an undermount bathroom sink, it is worth noting how much it contributes to the resale value of the property. It is wise to hire professionals if you have no time or for you to get peace of mind from this remodeling job.