Best Ceiling Mounted Shower Head Reviews

Move your mind to the time of day you choose to take a revitalizing or relaxing shower. Some people associate that moment to the afternoons or evenings, when they arrive from work and need to discharge all the tensions that have accumulated throughout the day, while others prefer to shower in the morning, to clear up and be well prepared for the new day that starts. Today we present a type of shower that you will love, whether you are the first or the second. Pay attention!

Choose a ceiling shower for your bathroom

The baths are a very nice bathroom installation, but they are falling into disuse, because the spaces of the new houses are getting smaller and smaller and it is quite complicated to install a bathtub in small bathrooms. Also, most people have less and less time to enjoy a relaxing bath, so talk about the amount of water spent in a bathroom and what it costs to carry out a good bath cleaning.

Calibrate the temperature of your new shower ceiling, get under and feel how the water falls through your hair and your body. It’s even more relaxing than a bath in a bathtub, do not you think? You still do not have a roof shower? Do not wait more!

This type of sprinklers will give you the feeling that you are under a shower of rain. You will feel how the water falls gently and it cleanses you completely. When you try a ‘Rain Shower’ for the first time you will not want to go back to the conventional shower heads, because they will know little by little. One of the trends in bathroom decoration this season is this type of sprinkler, especially if it is ultra-fine models of mirror polished stainless steel and of a good size, that is, from 200 millimeters to 500 millimeters.

There are models of different shapes, whether square, rectangular, round or triangular, and installation forms differ in that some have a hook that is installed in the upper part of the bathroom, while others are placed directly on the ceiling or in the ceiling. wall.

In turn, this type of showers have several options when it comes to expelling water and you can choose with a single button if you want to fall as a rain, in a way more like water vapor or if you prefer that your shower looks like a waterfall, for example, according to whether you are looking for a stimulating, relaxing or spa effect, always different from everything you have tried before.

Also, you can install soothing lights in this type of shower, to get an experience as relaxing as possible. Do not wait any longer and choose your shower ceiling.

Advantages of using a ceiling shower instead of a bathtub

Using a ceiling shower instead of having a conventional bathtub has many advantages, which are detailed below:

  • Greater practicality: A bathtub can be the option that many people prefer if they have enough time to be able to soak for long periods of time and relax, although the shower offers greater practicality and is the best option for all those who have many tasks or little time for cleaning. The built-in shower is ideal to be able to clean at any time and in a matter of minutes, or if you want to also spend a relaxing time taking advantage of the Rain Showers and its special feeling.
  • Water saving: A good bath requires a large amount of liters of water (an estimated 250 liters) while for a shower 50 liters is enough, which is a huge saving for the user.
  • It occupies less space: If there is a small space in the home, it is always better to bet on a roof shower, which will not require too much space to be installed. They also give a greater sense of spaciousness, especially in those cases in which a glass screen is used.
  • Greater accessibility for the elderly: having a roof shower in your home is a great help for those elderly people who have to clean themselves, as this way they will not face major obstacles like those in bathtubs. In this way they can enter and exit it without any problem.
  • Better design: Beyond all the functional themes indicated in this article, it is worth highlighting the aesthetic aspect offered by the roof showers, much more elegant and modern.
  • Unique feeling: I think you’ll never forget me the first time I tried it. You will think that it does not have to be so different from when you put the shower head attached to the wall. Several times I have thought about the exact difference. In the end I have come to the conclusion that the fact that it falls completely vertical and with less pressure , causes the water to fall, as if it were rainwater. The sensation is just that, that of a jet of water that falls with hardly any force or aggressiveness

As you can see, having built-in ceiling showers is a perfect option for anyone who is making a renovation in their home or is carrying out a new construction. A rain shower ceiling offers an unbeatable feeling, a modern and elegant aesthetic design, and a lot of advantages in terms of water savings, space, practicality …

In the market there are a large number of manufacturers and models so that each person can choose the shower that best suits their needs and structural requirements. No doubt the showers are the best option for any bathroom, whether it is a large size or if it is a small bathroom.