Best High Pressure Shower Heads Reviews

A high pressure shower head is specially designed to provide a high pressure spray with the same amount of water flow. This means that you don’t need to have a high water pressure in your place order to enjoy a refreshing shower, as long as you have a high pressure shower head in your bathroom.

Contrary to what some may perceive, this type of shower head isn’t wasteful at all. Most shower heads of this kind are incorporated with a water saving technology so that water use won’t exceed the 2.5 gallons per minute limit in the United States. It would still give the user a high spray without using a lot of water.

There are different kinds of high pressure shower head. The most common are the fixed head, which is affixed to the shower arm. This type of shower head can’t be removed. But settings and angles can be adjusted depending on the user’s preferences.

The second kind is the hand held shower. As the name indicates, this kind of shower head can be pulled down from a holder and directed to a particular part of the body for rinsing. It can also be mounted in holders and used just like a solid head.

Then there are the combination shower heads, which combines the qualities of fixed and handheld shower heads.

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How to choose a high pressure shower head?

Since good pressure shower heads come with different designs, finish, and prices, you might get overwhelmed with the broad range of choices. While you can buy a low-cost shower head for as little as $10, you still don’t want to purchase and replace a shower head anytime soon. Thus, you need to find a reliable and good quality unit that will be a fixture in your bathroom for years.

There are several factors that you will have to consider when choosing a good pressure shower head:

  1. Design — Generally, good pressure shower heads either have a pressure chamber or adjustable settings. Usually, a shower head with pressure chamber can give a stronger shower than one with an adjustable setting. Check the product description of the unit you’re interested in before buying.
  2. Functions — if you’re just looking for a shower head with primary coverage, you can settle for a standard unit. But if you want to change the shower spray settings now and then, look for a group with different functions. Apparently, that one will cost more.
  3. Head size — if the water pressure in your area is low, you’d rather opt for a unit with a narrow head size. Most of the time, a shower head with a smaller spray area can give a much stronger shower.
  4. Water flow rate — if low water pressure is an issue, you can look for a high pressure shower head which is designed for low water flow situations. Instead of the maximum 2.5 gallons per minute limit, you can look for a unit that can allow for a water flow of 1.75 GPM.
  5. Quality — you can check consumers’ reviews and opt for a unit made by reputable makers. A good quality shower head from a reputable brand will likely last for many years.
  6. Warranty — you may be in awe of the beauty of a shower head you just installed in your bathroom, but how sure are you that it won’t have any flaking right after you use it? As such, buy a product with an extended warranty so you can get protected against defects.
  7. Finish — choose a shower head which can complement the look and feel of the bathroom. Look at other fixtures in your bathroom such as tub and sink faucets, and even the paint and décor to determine the type of finish you’d want from a shower head.

There are a few things that you should consider when selecting a shower head.

Shower heads are extremely common and come in all kinds of variations. It can be very overwhelming to decide on a shower head that will optimize your showering experience.

10 best High Pressure Shower Heads Reviews

1) 3’’ high pressure shower anti-leak anti-clog fixed chrome shower head with adjustable metal swivel ball

Lime and hard water deposits are an adversity that nearly any shower head faces. When these build up on a shower head, it can greatly affect the stream of the head and can alter the way that the water comes out of the nozzle.

Wassa’s shower head prevents this by containing a self cleaning nozzle. The jets are made of silicon, and silicon is generally not affected by the bacteria that cause hard water and lime deposits on any given shower head. This is very nice if you want to keep a shower head for the long term, as you won’t need to worry about replacing it for a very long time.

It is also very easy to install Wassa’s shower head. Most shower heads require you to connect and seal a washer to the shower arm before connecting the shower head itself. Wassa’s shower head contains a swivel brass ball connector and eliminates the need for this procedure. The only thing you really need to do to install Wassa’s shower head is seal the shower arm with teflon tape, which comes with it.

If you are looking for a shower head that is portable and has multiple nozzle settings, you will need to look elsewhere, however. When it comes to that aspect of the shower head, Wassa’s nozzle and stream design is as simple as it gets.


2) 6 function adjustable luxury shower head by Aqua Elegante

Adjustable shower heads are becoming more and more common, but what isn’t common are some of the settings that can be found on Aqua Elegante’s shower head.

Among the usual massage and gentle rain settings that most adjustable shower heads contain, Aqua Elegante’s shower head contains a few more that are quite rare: A water saving mode, and two “mixed” settings that combine the massage and gentle rain settings somewhat. 

This is fantastic if many people are going to use the shower head. It will satisfy anybody who prefers a particular setting.

Another thing that Aqua Elegante’s shower head will satisfy is anybody who just wants to install a shower head quickly. You will not need to perform any complicated plumbing procedures when installing Aqua Elegante’s shower head – all you really need to do is screw it onto the shower arm.

Adjusting the settings on Aqua Elegante’s shower head can be pretty troublesome, especially when the shower is on. The adjuster is on the front of the head, and turning it can result in getting water everywhere.

If you are concerned with saving water, you’ll probably want to only use the water saving setting on Aqua Elegante’s shower head. Other settings will use a lot of water, and you will use a lot more water than you probably want to under those settings.


3) High pressure rain shower head by SparkPod

Most smaller shower heads can disappoint. It can take a while to get a quality shower when using a shower head that only has 30 or so jets. Even if the shower head has adjustable modes, it can still be difficult to enjoy a quality shower with so few jets.

SparkPod’s shower head has an impressive 90 jets. This will ensure that you get a complete, full shower in a very short amount of time. With the average shower head containing about 40 or so jets, SparkPod’s shower offers twice the efficiency. Even though it does not have different jet settings, it won’t matter. SparkPod’s shower head will provide a quality shower no matter what.

You will not need to worry about hard water or lime buildup, either. All 90 jets on SparkPod’s shower head are self cleaning. 

Another thing you won’t need to worry about is installation. All you really need to install SparkPod’s shower head is the teflon tape that it comes with.

If many people are going to use the shower that SparkPod’s shower head is installed in, you’ll want to look elsewhere. It only has one setting, other people who prefer a massage, soft rain, or other kind of setting will be asking for more.

Also, do not expect a good amount of pressure with SparkPod’s shower head. This is because it has 90 jets and also saves water. In order to save said water, some pressure needs to be sacrificed.  


4) Two-function rainshower 8 inch shower head by Moen

Anybody who is looking for a shower head that will provide a complete shower where you can get a quality shower in 5 minutes instead of a half hour will get a lot from Moen’s shower head.

Containing an astonishing (and at times overwhelming) 100 jets, being eight inches in diameter, and producing a water flow of 2.5 gallons per minute, there is no chance of getting an incomplete shower with Moen’s shower head. It also contains a setting that focuses all the water into the inner jets of the head, providing a more concentrated shower that has a little more pressure.

If your shower arm extends from the ceiling instead of the wall, it is easy to install Moen’s shower head into it. You won’t need to perform any complicated plumbing techniques in order to install it.

There are a couple of things that can be improved with Moen’s shower head. First, it is begging for more settings. Similar shower heads have massage settings, gentle rain settings, and variations on those two. Moen’s shower head does not contain any of these.

There is also no way to save water with Moen’s shower head. It flows at 2.5 gallons per minute, and only 2.5 gallons per minute. If you are the type to take longer showers, you will use a lot of water with Moen’s shower head. It would be much more valuable if it had a water saving mode.


5) 4’’ high pressure 5 function shower head by Swelldom

If you are looking for a shower head that is smaller in diameter but also has multiple functions, look no further than Swelldom’s shower head.

It has all the functions that its larger counterparts contain: Massage, rain, mist, rain/mist, and rain/massage. There are very few 4 inch shower heads that contain even two of these functions, and it is very nice that Swelldom’s shower head contains them.

Changing these functions is also quite easy. The functions are changed by moving a small lever on the side of the head. This is much easier than most of the 8 inch shower heads which require you to twist the head itself.

Because it is only 4 inches around, it is also easy to save water with Swelldom’s shower head. Even on its massage or rain/massage settings, you’ll be able to enjoy a lengthy shower without worrying about wasting water.

Perhaps the only thing that could be improved on with Swelldom’s shower head is that sometimes the pressure can be too intense. This is because it is only 4 inches around. Putting Swelldom’s shower head on massage mode can result in a shower that is almost painful and not as pleasurable as an 8 inch shower head could provide.


6) 8’’ ultra thin rain effect shower head by NearMoon

A lot of shower heads can look boring. A lot of them can stand out, and not in a good way. This is especially true when it comes to 8 inch shower heads, which can look like your shower arm has a UFO attached to it.

This is not the case with NearMoon’s shower head. Its ultra thin design will make it stand out in your shower in a good way. Its 90 silicon jets also ensure that your shower is as complete as it can be as well.

Pressure is not sacrificed either. Most 8 inch shower heads with the amount of jets that they possess will take a hit in pressure because of how much water that gets put out. This is not an issue with NearMoon’s shower head.

NearMoon’s shower head suffers from a couple of things that make it less than perfect. The first of these is a lack of functions. Most 8 inch shower heads have massage and rain modes. NearMoon’s shower head has only one mode.

The ultra thin design of NearMoon’s shower head is indeed impressive looking. But it is kind of flimsy and unlike the other shower heads that may not look as attractive, it is possible for NearMoon’s shower head to break or get chipped when installing it.


7) 12’’ large square stainless steel shower head by SR sunrise

Showering can be a time consuming activity if your shower head is small. This is especially true if you are using a 4 inch shower head, which can take you upwards of 30 minutes to get a complete shower.

If you want to get a complete shower and only take about five or so minutes to do it, consider installing SR Sunrise’s shower head into your shower arm. Being a massive 12 inches around and containing well over 100 jets, water will completely cover you the second you turn this shower head on. 

Because of this, you can literally walk into the shower, get under SR Sunrise’s shower head for five minutes, and you’ll get 30 minutes worth of a shower with a smaller 4 inch shower head. SR Sunrise’s shower head will save time.

Avoid SR Sunrise’s shower head if multiple people are using the shower it is connected to. It has no settings. Because of its massive size, it will sacrifice pressure somewhat. This is especially true if the shower head is placed at an angle.


8) 7.6’’ shower head with 13.5’’ adjustable arm by RongMax

Adjustable shower arms are not common in shower heads, yet they are in pretty high demand. A lot of shower heads don’t have a lot of reach, and it can be useful to possess a shower head that extends beyond the original shower arm that it is connected to.

RongMax’s shower head comes with an adjustable arm that extends to 13.5 inches after being connected to the original shower arm. This is very useful for those who do not have a lot of reach or for those who want a few more options when it comes to adjusting the shower head in and of itself.

Another thing that sets RongMax’s shower head apart from others is its water restrictor. Sometimes it just isn’t necessary to use a lot of water when showering, especially if you do not spend a lot of time in the shower. The water restrictor can help with that. Those who do like spending a lot of time in the shower can also benefit from the water restrictor.

Shower heads that are the same size as RongMax’s typically have more than one jet setting. Unfortunately, RongMax’s shower head only has one setting for its jets, which is not ideal if you prefer a shower head that does have a massage or rain function.


9) 10’’ Raindance downpour air shower head by Hansgrohe

Some people take showers matter-of-factly, where they step into the shower for a few minutes then dry off.

But some other people take showers to relax, and that is exactly what Hansgrohe’s shower head is designed to do.

Featuring a feature they call AirPower technology, Hansgrohe’s shower head enriches the jets of the shower head with air. This gives the shower a calming effect that is a major departure from most common shower heads in that the water that comes out of Hansgrohe’s shower head comes out in the form of a mist. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t take away from the pressure; you’ll still get a satisfying shower.

This effect is greater enhanced because of the size of Hansgrohe’s shower head, which is nearly 10 inches around. If you are the type who enjoys a long shower, you’ll get a lot out of Hansgrohe’s shower head.

Although water pressure in Hansgrohe’s shower head is just as intense as any other shower head, it is somewhat reduced because of the AirPower technology. This means it is specifically designed for those who enjoy lengthy showers. If you are the type who just wants to shower for five or so minutes and be finished, you’ll need to look somewhere else.


10) The “Aquadance:” 24 setting slimline shower head and hand shower combo by HotelSpa

Hand showers can be very convenient, especially for those who want to take a very quick shower where they only feel like they need to wash certain parts of their body then be on their way.

However, the problem with hand showers is that they are not perfectly stable, especially when they are not being used as a hand shower.

The Aquadance by HotelSpa solves this problem in a decisive way. Its holder will lock the hand shower in place. This makes it perfectly stable when it is turned on, which is much better than most other hand showers that struggle to remain stable when turned on when inside of the holder.

Another fantastic thing about the Aquadance is that it has literally dozens of settings, 24 to be exact. Whether you want massage settings, rain settings, mist settings, or some combination of these three, the Aquadance has it. 

There is no shortage of shower options with the Aquadance. It is optimal for anybody who needs a shower head for where everybody who uses the shower has a different preference to how they want to take a shower.

The only thing turnoff of the Aquadance is that it is very, very complicated to install. It is not like other shower heads that can usually simply be screwed onto the shower arm. Because it is a shower head and hand shower combo, you’ll need to put in a little more effort to install the Aquadance.


Considering the following things will narrow your search for a shower head down considerably.

Nozzle settings

The first thing you should consider is if you desire nozzle settings of the shower head. Does the shower head only have a standard stream, or does it have other kinds of streams?

Some people prefer different shower streams, such as a stream that has a massaging effect or a stream that provides more of an impact.

Although these kinds of settings are common in shower heads nowadays, there are many shower heads that do not contain the feature of having multiple stream settings.


Another thing you should consider is if the shower head is portable or not.

While most shower heads are grounded, some of them are portable. Portable shower heads can improve a showering experience, but you need to be aware that they can be unstable when standing on their own.

Portable shower heads can also be pretty messy as water can get all over the bathtub or shower. This is especially true if you remove the shower head.

Water pressure

Pressure is the single most important thing in a shower head. If the water pressure is too high, it can not only make the shower uncomfortable but it can also waste a lot of water.

But showers with low pressure are just as bad. If your shower head does not have a lot of pressure, it will take forever to properly clean yourself while the water just dribbles on you.

Make sure that the piping of your home can handle the kind of pressure that the shower head provides.

The Materials Necessary for Shower Head Installation

Most shower heads install very easily. As long as the shower arm is set in place, all you really need to do is make sure the end of the shower arm is secured with teflon tape.

Why does the shower arm need to be secured with teflon tape? It prevents water from being dispensed around the shower head.

Something else that allows water to “focus” through the shower arm into the shower head is a washer. A washer a small rubber ring that is placed around the part of the shower head that gets attached to the shower arm.

Ask yourself the following two questions when you are ready to install your shower head:

Is my shower arm secure with teflon tape?


Is my new shower head secured with a washer?

Those are the two things that are absolutely necessary to install any shower head.

That is what you need to consider for a simple installation. Now, let’s talk about more complicated installation procedures where some semblance of plumbing might need to take place.

Just like your shower head needs to be secured with a washer, your shower arm also needs to be secured by a washer.

The purpose of a washer is to make sure that water is dispensed through the shower arm properly. 

Have you ever turned on your shower and found that there is water leaking out of the ends of your shower arm and shower head when you turn the shower on? 

This is probably because the washers of your shower arm have been worn down. Don’t forget that rubber deteriorates over time. And don’t forget that they prevent water from leaking from the shower arm.

If your shower arm is leaking, the first thing you should probably do is see if the washer inserted in the shower arm is deteriorating. It probably is.

Water pressure and capacity

Water can move very fast.

This seems like a very silly statement, but it is true. We may not know it in a shower because when water is dispensed via a shower, we are experiencing a very slowed down version of the water that was being pumped through the shower head.

Water capacity is intimately tied to water pressure because the more water that is available, the faster it can be pumped out.

Do not forget this very simple rule. And this rule does seem simple, but it can have its complications. The complications arise because of the following observation:

Different homes have different maximum water capacities. This is something that you absolutely need to know before installing any kind of shower head.

The reason why your 8 inch shower head might have less pressure than your 4 inch shower head is because your 8 inch shower head might be using more water than your 4 inch one.

Do the research about what kind of capacities the piping of your home contains when it comes to pressure. Determine the maximum amount of gallons per minute the water supply of your home can dispense. Then go from there to determine what kind of shower head you need.

How do you find out this rate? The simplest way to do it is to test it by using the faucets of your sinks and tubs. If they flow very quickly, it is likely that you’ll be able to install a shower head that can dispense water at the common 2.5 gallon per minute rate.

A complicated way to measure your gallon per minute rate is to set a timer, grab an empty gallon jug of water, then fill the jug with water from your tub as fast as you can and measure how fast it took to fill the gallon jug. This will loosely determine your maximum gallons per minute that your shower can produce.

If you want to determine an exact figure of the maximum amount of gallons per minute that your shower can produce, you’ll probably need to get that kind of information from a plumber or search through the piping of your tub and shower.

What are the advantages of a high pressure shower head?

There are several reasons why homeowners opt to have this type of shower head installed in their bathrooms.

One reason is that rinsing is a lot faster with a high pressure shower. Soap and shampoo are rinsed off quickly with a high pressure shower head. This is something that appeals to busybodies, who want to finish their shower right away because they have lots of things to attend to.

Another reason why many homeowners like to have a high pressure shower in their bathrooms is the relaxation they get from it. In a way, a powerful shower can mimic the effects of hydro massage on the body. High pressure shower can stimulate circulation and relax tired and stressed muscles.

In fact, many people like to spend a few minutes in the bathroom and enjoy a high shower after a tiring day in the office. There are also those who can’t start their day without taking a refreshing shower.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a good flow rate for a shower head?

  • A: The answer to this question is determined by a number of factors. But first, you should know the common flow rate of most shower heads: 2.5 gallons per minute. This is the benchmark that you should be measuring other flow rates around. In order to determine an optimal flow rate for the shower heads in your home, you need to determine the flow rate of other devices in your home that pump water then work from there.

Q: Can shower heads affect water temperature?

  • A: Showers use a lot more water than you think. Do the math: If you take a shower for 10 minutes, and your shower head uses 2.5 gallons per minute, you’ve used 25 gallons of water to take a shower. This can affect water temperature because water heaters can only heat so much water at one time. If you are the type who likes to shower for a long time, it will affect water temperatures if your water heater is not very big.

Q: Do high pressure shower heads use more water?

  • A: The short answer to this question is yes. The long answer is that it depends on how long you want to run the shower for. If you shower for 10 minutes with a shower head that uses 3.5 gallons per minute, you’ll use less water than if you showered for 20 minutes with a shower head that flows at 2.5 gallons per minute. If you are using a high pressure shower head, be very aware of how long you are showering.

Q: Why does taking a shower make you feel better?

  • A: Water is a natural cleanser. When it is dispensed in the way that a shower does, it “shocks” you into being alert. This is especially true if the water is cold and it is also true if the water is coming at a high velocity and the pressure is very high. The water is also much more concentrated into one area, which is also why a shower is stimulating. Rain is not concentrated, which is why it does not feel as good as a shower. 

Q: Are cold showers good for anxiety?

  • A: Cold showers are not only good for anxiety, but they will nearly cure almost any negative mental state. When you are anxious, your brain is usually receiving a lot of stimuli that it doesn’t know what to do with. When you take a cold shower, your brain gets “shocked” into receiving only one stimulus: Cold temperature. It will override any other stimuli that your brain is receiving due to anxiety. Taking cold showers daily is one of the most organic ways to address anxiety.