Standard Ceiling Height

best ceiling height

The standard height for ceilings used to be eight feet. Not anymore. New homes are typically coming in with 9 ft ceilings.  Also, two-story homes now feature a first floor with nine-foot ceilings and a second floor with an eight-foot ceiling. Compared with modern homes with nine-foot ceilings, old houses with eight-foot roofs present a … Read more

How to Install Electric Shower

how to install an electric shower

Electric showers are needed to provide normal temperature water out of the cold water supply, which is a good tending against one’s electric boiler and high electric bills. The power consumption of electric showers is in-between 8.5kW and 10.8kW. To get the best use of the electric shower just get it installed to a separate … Read more

How To Choose A Shower Head?

How To Choose A Shower Head

If you are renovating your bathroom, or if you are just tired of having a shower head that does not deliver the water flow and meet your demands, then it is time to purchase a new one. The problem that most people face when buying a shower head is quality. Where it may be expedient … Read more

Standard Shower Head Height

rain shower head height

Have you experienced stepping into a shower with the shower head placed too low that you have to contort yourself just to get your hair wet? It’s one of those frustrating things about being a six, or even seven-footer. You might be wondering if there’s any building code requiring a standard shower head height, as … Read more