Difference Between Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi

Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi. It goes without saying that most people enjoy relaxing when they don’t have a million other things to do. Unfortunately,Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi finding the time to relax can be a bit difficult when you have to keep up on the chores, make sure your kids make it to their after school activities, and cook gourmet meals for your family every night. Well, okay, you’re probably not making gourmet meals every night, but the point still stands: finding time to relax can actually be more stressful than running around all day, completing what seems like an endless amount of errands. One excellent way to get the relaxation and peace of mind that we’re all craving is to add a hot tub or Jacuzzi to your property. Now, before we talk about how to find the best hot tub or jacuzzi for your needs, let’s take a moment to discuss the main differences between a hot tub vs Jacuzzi.

What’s the Difference Between Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi?

It may come as a surprise to find out that there’s really only one difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi: while there are several different kinds and brands of hot tubs, Jacuzzi is the name of one of the biggest hot tub manufacturers in the world. In fact, Jacuzzi would consider themselves to be THE hot tub manufacturer, considering that they’ve been around since the middle of the 20th century. Now that you understand that Jacuzzi is pretty much used as a general term for hot tubs, like how Kleenex is used to describe all tissues, let’s talk about how you can get a hot tub (or Jacuzzi) of your very own!

Location, Location, Location

Before you can think about anything else, you have to decide where you’re going to put your hot tub. While most people choose to put their hot tubs outside on their patio or deck, other people choose to put their hot tubs inside of their home, usually in the master suite or sunroom. The first thing you’ll want to do is measure the area where you’d like to put the hot tub to ensure that there’s enough room to get in and out of the bathtub. You also want to make sure there’s enough room for sufficient ventilation and the stairs for the hot tub if you’re going to use them. Also, you’ll have to make sure that there’s an electrical outlet where you’re going to put the hot tub, and you’ll want to make sure that the outlet can meet the electrical needs of your hot tub. You can get an idea of how the hot tub will fit by using a rope or a garden hose to outline the size of the hot tub. Obviously, you want to leave room for all of the equipment, as well.

The Seating

Obviously, you’ll want to think about how much seating you’ll want to have in your hot tub. If you tend to invite a lot of people over and you’re looking forward to hot tub parties, then you should definitely look for a hot tub that provides plenty of space for your company. On the other hand, if you plan on spending time alone or with one or two other people, then you wouldn’t really need to have a whole bunch of seating. With that being said, it might just be in your best interest and prepare yourself to have a hot tub party in the future anyway.

Lounge Seating

Some hot tubs actually come with lounge seating, which allows you to lay back, entirely submerged in the water. This type of seating usually comes with more jets, so you’re able to receive full-body massages any time you’d like. Keep in mind, though, if you get a hot tub that has lounge seats, then you’re most likely going to sacrifice two or more regular seats for your guests.

Think About the Electricity

When it comes to buying a new hot tub, you most definitely have to take the electrical components into consideration. If you plan on moving the hot tub in the future, then it’s recommended that you get a hot tub with a Plug-and-Play connection. These are capable of fitting into a 120-volt outlet, but a lot of hot tubs come with convertible voltage so you could hardwire the hot tub in the future if you chose to do so. Your other option is to get a 240V hardwired hot tub, which heats faster and stays hot longer than Plug-and-Play hot tub. While it’s nice to do your own work, an electrician should be hired to wire a 240v system.

What About the Material?

There are several types of materials that are used to make hot tubs, and while they’re all great options, you should think about your needs before you decide on a specific type.

Acrylic Shell

Acrylic is a durable, versatile, and gorgeous material used to make hot tubs, as well as an unbelievable number of other products. Molds form the acrylic into contoured shapes that provide a comfortable, form-fitting seating arrangement in a range of different sizes. Supported by a frame, acrylic bathtubs can vary in price, so make sure to do your research before making a purchase.

Resin Unicast Hot Tubs

With its shell and cabinet combined as one piece, molded resin hot tubs are built to last. Because they are one solid piece of resin, resin cast hot tubs are strong and durable, with an eye-catching appearance. Unfortunately, some companies cut corners by heating the space using a pump instead of a dedicated heater, so you have to make sure you investigate the company before spending your hard-earned money on one of their products.

Vinyl Soft Tubs & Blow-Up Spas

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a hot tub, then you might want to consider buying a vinyl soft tub or a blow-up spa. Inflatable hot tubs are a short-term option for those looking for a hot tub to last for only a few seasons. Unfortunately, these hot tubs don’t come with jets, bubbles, or massage potential, so you shouldn’t really have too high of expectations with this hot tub. On the other side of things, the great thing about these tubs is the fact that they’re portable and are capable of being used in a variety of different places.

Equipment, Features, and Other Options

It’s important to narrow down your preferences before choosing your hot tub, so keep reading to learn about a few of the most common features included with hot tubs!
Hydrotherapy Jets
A lot of hot tubs on the market today come with a variety of different jets that provide an incredible amount of massaging power. Even though high jet counts and expensive massage packs sound amazing, most of them are too expensive to replace and don’t even work as well as they should. Also, if there are too many jets in your hot tub, then you run the risk of decreasing the pressure of the jets, so it’s important to be logical about the number of jets in your hot tub and where they’re placed.


Hot tub pumps are installed to provide flow to the jets, but having more horsepower or more pumps doesn’t mean that you have a better hot tub. In fact, having a hot tub with too much horsepower or too many pumps will consume a lot of energy, which would inevitably raise your electric bill.


While some people think that covering the hot tub is an option, covering your hot tub is more of a necessity. Because heat rises, covering your hot tub will conserve energy and save you money on your electric bill. Also, the locking straps provided with the cover allow you to protect the hot tub from weather, dirt, and neighborhood critters looking for a nice place to relax.

Lighting, Sound, and Water Features

While these aren’t necessary features, they sure are nice to have. Plenty of hot tubs on the market today come with LED lighting, Bluetooth audio options, and lighted water features. As we said, you don’t have to have these features, but you should certainly take them into consideration when choosing a hot tub.


Now, it’s time to talk about different brands of hot tubs. Of course, Jacuzzi is the leader when it comes to creating high-quality hot tubs and spas, but there are other qualified competitors to take into consideration, as well. Before you choose a hot tub or brand, do your research and compare companies to find the best bang for your buck.

As you can clearly see, there isn’t much of a difference between Jacuzzi and other hot tubs when it comes to defining the two. But if you’re looking for a high-quality hot tub that is capable of providing you with the rest and relaxation that you deserve, then you might want to consider paying the extra money for a brand that knows what they’re doing. Jacuzzi cares about the quality of their hot tubs and the needs of their customers, so what are you waiting for? Check out Jacuzzi hot tubs today!

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