DreamSpa® All Chrome Water Temperature Color Changing LED Shower Head

n the former shower heads were not design the way they are designed today. They were only pipe fittings that blasted water at your head and anywhere else you may point it to. These days, shower heads have taken on a whole new identity. With their designs and tech installations, there are some shower heads out there now that will massage you with water, regulate the water temperature and indicate via a lighting system installed.

Feature and Benefits

The DreamSpa Color-changing LED shower head is one such shower head. This small piece of home equipment offers you a five setting eight-inch extra-large rainfall LED shower head that is powered by the flow of the water through it. This makes the device not dependent on any source of power other than the running water. It offers a water temperature sensor that changes between three colors with the change in the water temperature. The lights are bright enough to be used alone. If you are a person that likes to shower in the dark this feature will immediately alert you to any change in water temperature.

Power Rain is among the five setting included in the five settings offered by this shower head. The settings are there to regulate the flow of water. Pulsating Massage, Economy Rain, Water-Saving Pause and Hydro-Mist complete the settings offered by this device. Each setting is designed to produce specific gusts, pressures and water temperature or a combination of all to produce memorable shower experiences. The regulated pressure and flow of the water from the showerhead will make your shower session feel like a trip to the spa. It will be like having a massage therapist in the shower with you giving you spa treatment while you shower.

A-Flow™ 2 Function Waterfall and Water Spray Luxury Shower Head

The whole thing represents really lightweight and comprises white plastic along the front end and chrome plastic along the back. It’s snipped cool cobalt blue. General they appear equal an advanced, a lot pricy shower-head.

The design is very stylish as it boasts an eight-inch chrome face that will evenly distribute water all over your body. There is a reflective rim equipped to the face, and also it has a bell-shape. E showerhead looks slightly like a drop of water. The overall design of the high precision dial with three zones and jets to rub and clean will not only clean, but is will easily be away the oils on your skin. This massage and clean spray will supply the needed volume of water pressure to get rid of the stuck on oils and dirt off your skin. The LED lights install that indicates the temperature will last for more than a decade even under the most maximum daily usage. The LEDs light up automatically depending on the temperature of the water.
With every great product come the good and the bad aspects of that product. It is no different for this highly advance showerhead. There is always going to be some good things about a product or device, and there may be some bad things about it as well.

Some of the pros to having and using this device are as follow:


• There is no need of an outside power source

• The LEDs indicate the water temperature

• It can adjust

• Easy to install

• No tools required for installation

• It has a large chrome face

• It is portable

• It offers five different power settings


• It is not a very durable product

• It could have had more power settings

There will always be questions and queries from customers and in this article, some of these issues are answered.


Q. Why is the product shipped in a brown box?

A. That is how all the products from this manufacturer are shipped.

Q. What is its finish?

A. It has a chrome finish.

Q. How bright are the lights?

A. The lights can be used by themselves.

Final Verdict

This showerhead is an excellent piece of home equipment. The features that it offers are worth its price. The temperature LED lights are convenient, and they work with just the power of the water running through. This is ideal to carry with you on vacations of trips if the location or destination you have selected may not have the shower feature you may have been accustomed to. The size of the showerhead and the fact that it is so easy to install makes it a perfect travel companion. This is a very useful device that has many benefits and features.

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