Shower vs Grower

shower vs growerFor most men, the size of the penis is an important aspect. Why? This part of the body is believed to represent masculinity and above all virility. As a result, the subjective term grower vs shower has become more common today.
Sometimes exclaimed defensively before any encounters with a new sexual partner. I other instances hot debates have evolved around the same. But should this really be a thing worth worrying about, Shower vs Grower?

Strangely enough, some people have felt disappointed and others left broken. Many individuals on the other end have made wrong assumptions about others. This guideline sheds more light on how to distinguish between the two. Read on and find out all you need to know about the topic.

Things Considered to Determine the Categories

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The status of the penis while erect is one determining the factor of telling between the varieties, growers vs showers. For clear reasons, everyone belongs to a particular camp. However, the majority of men lie within the part considered to be the normal size range. Typically the growth means that nature is taking its way to bring enough equality to all the types.

While there is no defined breakpoint to tell the extent of expansion, it is admitted that there is an average increase in erection. Nevertheless, it is not worth assessing the size in the sagging state. Yes, according to some experts, this length does not correlate to exactly how the penis becomes big when erect. However, what does, is surprising because it is its elasticity. That means the extent that the penis can stretch tells it clearly.

But others ask if the flaccid length is a relevant measurement, why are the categories existing in the first place? Admittedly, not much is recognized as to the reason making this instance occurs. As a result, some experts believe that genetics is a key determinant of penis shape and size. The aspects are usually modified and formed by hormonal sensitivity during early growth phases and after adolescence.

Is There Some Approved Difference Between the Shower vs Grower?

Absolutely. There has been extensive research regarding this topic. Perhaps to make things clear enough all penises become bigger when erect. But some evidence is available showing the distinction between showers and growers.

The term showers refer to people who have penises that do no show any change in length either when soft or hard. On the other side, growers describe people having penises that become considerably longer and at times wider when erect.

In simpler terms, the dichotomy grower vs. shower actually means: a grower is an individual having a small soft penis that gets significantly larger when erect. A shower, on the other end, is someone having a moderately large soft penis that does not really get bigger while erect.

What Does Science Say About Shower vs Grower?

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The differences between the two terms and how to determine the type someone has is still being researched on. However, in a study that involved 274 male participants suffering from erectile dysfunction bore some fruit. Every man had three aspects of the penis measurements taken: when stretched, flaccid, and erect. The group also undertook the Doppler ultrasound that was followed by answering questions regarding their well-being and relationship statuses.

Then the variations between the lengths for every man were calculated. The median value obtained was 4 centimeters. From then, this average measurement has been used to tell between growers and showers. So anyone whose penis stretches beyond 1.5 inches while erect is a grower. And for those who extend to as low as 1.5 inches is a shower.

Terminologies to know


This term refers to when the penis is at a default state. It occurs especially when someone is not sexually awakened. At this time the penis remains soft and slackly hanging from the groin area.


This state arises during the times the penis is not erect. Also, it occurs when someone is sexually aroused and it becomes elongated from the usual state. This condition happens to the penis of both shower and growers.


When a man is sexually aroused, the tissues around the penis gets filled with blood. And the penis remains in this state until ejaculation occurs or up to when you have not aroused anymore.

What are The Exact Causes of This?

Believe it or not, for the coming years people should expect the mysteries around the penis to stand. Thankfully, scientists have led studies to dig deep into this shroud of the grower vs. shower problem. Some of the factors that contribute to either of the groups include:

Tissue elasticity

The extent to which the penile tissues can grow and stretch contributes to the looks on the penis. This appearance consists of the outer skin layers, the fibrous tissues in the inner layers, and all the ligaments attaching the penis to the rest of the body especially around the groin area. Someone’s genes, however, determines the range of the elasticity of the tissues.


Almost a good amount of the tissues around the penis consists of collagen. Indeed, this is the same protein that is found all over the body. But genetics is another contribution to how collagen is distributed in the body.

General health.

For the penis to erect blood flow is an important component of this process. So if you have a condition that may inhibit circulation can the this is likely to affect how the penis extends when erect. For instance, ED, diabetes, and heart conditions can impact erection.

Is One More Common Than The Other?

With the increasing and unbalanced numbers of penis-associated news, there are more stories fluttering every day. And the most thrilling on to almost everyone is to tell what exactly defines if someone will be born either as a grower or a shower. The judges are still out debating about this and the final words are not yet attained.

Following the results from the IJIR study, approximately about 74 percent of the participants were showers. However, this outcome is not certainly reflecting the exact thing withing the whole world’s men population. The reality is not enough information is available to help people fully know which of the two is the most common.
The good thing is that the two groups show no huge differences. Both can occur in anyone in any race, with co-illnesses, smoking history, flaccid penile length, erectile function, and even degree of penile rigidity.

How Can You Determine the Exact Group You Fall in?

In most instances, it is not necessary to perform a test to know which category you fall under between the grower and shower. From a quick observation, if you have a penis that looks nearly the same when it is hard or soft, chances are that you are a shower. On the other side, in case it appears extremely bigger or longer while it is erect, then you are a grower. If you find this criterion hard to tell, then no worries. Yes, you can tell the difference by following the simplest tips provided by experts.

Here is what you need to do:

When the penis is soft enough, measure from the baseline of its shaft to the tip of its head. You can use either a measuring tape, ruler or whatever you find to be convenient. Ensure that the bottom of the tool you choose to use is flat to the skin. But particularly be careful to place it properly along the base to get the most precise measurement.

Equally, you will need to do all you feel should do to get erect. Be careful not do this in public or near somebody who has not agreed to see it. Then, measure the penis once more from its tip to the head. Compare the difference in size in both cases. If you find the length to be above 1.5 inches unlike the flaccid measurement, certainly you are a grower. In case the difference found is below 1.5 inches, then you are in the shower category.

Do not worry if you could not accomplish being erect. The stretched size will do you good. Start out while the penis is still flaccid. Then stretch it out by pulling it outward slowly on the tip or on the skin around the tip. Keep in mind that you may find this process to be somehow more comfortable. And stop elongating immediately it begins to feel pain. Measure the penis again from the head to the baseline.

Can This Status Become Different Over Time?

Of course, collagen levels and tissue elasticity changes as someone ages. Because the two are the key causes of penile size differences it determines this so much. Over time people become showers as the tissues continue to stretch out. It is undoubted that most of the young people will averagely fall under the growers’ category.

On the other side, other people may end up being growers over time. The reason is that the tissues around the penile area will keep shrinking or become slightly elastic. This change makes the penis to draw in and also experience a big increase in size when you are erect.

Can Diet Change Help?

Being a grower sometimes bothers most people. Why? Because even if the penis is large it might be hidden away. However, this status is fine as long as you get erected. It is normal that men desire to uphold their status and first impression. And so changing the diet can tremendously affect the penile area. But this will not make you go from either a grower to a shower or the opposite.

Does Grower vs Shower Impact the General Size of Your Erection?

According to the study, it is clear that growers have more increase in penis size and specifically the length. The assumptions are that this result could be due to the small size of sample in comparison to the possibles billions of people in the world. It is worth noting that the participants were o ED treatment so chances are that the penile functioning issues available could contribute to the general growth in length.

Does Your Sex Life Really Matter?

The primary thing is the way you feel regarding your penis. As long as you are happy with it and you also feel confident when using it, then its looks, either when flaccid or stretched will not bring any difference in the satisfaction of your sex life.

However, it is critical to communicate confidently to your partner about it to have a healthy sexual role. These, of course, are the key things that are closely related to having a strong and positive relationship. In the end, you get a better and more open sexual connection with the other person.

On the other side, some women believe that a large penis shows that a man is masculine enough and can reproduce. Perhaps this aspect can be a pretty huge value if you are in a relationship. But again, growers, when fully erect, can attain that same length. Moreover, being a grower comes with an extra benefit. When the penis has the ability to grow it provides protection.


In conclusion, there is no big difference between showers and growers completely. From the limited research available, the penis has an average change in the size of about one and a half inches. And the thing is at this point the penis will look like it is flaccid, lacks bearing on the feels, and functions when it becomes erect.

However, there are some medical conditions or other factors that may make someone be a grower and the other a shower. But as it is often, the term grower vs. shower is just a belief. The majority of the men have penises that are smaller when flaccid and bigger when hard, despite the size.

Remember that the penis is like a muscle. The amount of blood flow in there will determine how large it becomes. The key thing is for you like it as it is or consult a doctor if you have any concerns.

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