HotelSpa® Giant 10″ Color Changing LED Rainfall Shower Head

The showerhead is an innovation that has undergone a series of technological transformations over the years it has been in existence. Today, consumers have a wide selection of showerhead types to choose from. One of the most popular kinds of the showerhead is the LED showerhead. This kind of showerhead features LED lighting powered by water pressure. The lights light up with different colors based on the temperature of the water. For example, blue light indicates that the water is cold while the red light means the water is hot. Of the many LED showerhead models available, none is as advanced as the HotelSpa® Giant 10″ Color-Changing LED-Rainfall-Shower-Head.


1. LED Rainfall Showerhead

In addition to being an LED showerhead, the HotelSpa® Giant 10″ Color-Changing LED showerhead is also a Rainfall-Shower-Head with a 10-inch showerhead. The latter showerhead features a reflective chrome face with LED perimeter lights. The lights change automatically based on water temperature. The color changing shower head is of particular benefit to seniors and children who are sometimes incapable of telling how hot the water is until they get burned. The shower head will light flashing red to indicate the water is dangerously hot, blue to show the water is cold, green to indicate the water is lukewarm and hot to indicate the water is hot.

2. Height adjustable extension arm

Five fully adjusting dynamic Shower Head and Hand Shower five mounts let in: Power Rain, Massage, Stay-Warm Mist, Water-saving Economy Rain and Pause.

The 15-inch height adjustable extension arm offers 3 feet of movement. The main benefit of this extension arm is that it allows persons of varying heights to use the shower. With stainless steel profile, the arm is beautifully designed and blends in perfectly to form part of the bathroom decor. The arm can also be mounted onto the wall easily without necessitating any tools.

3. Temperature sensor

The 10-inch showerhead is equipped with a three color-changing sensor. The sensor’s primary function is to pick up the temperature of the water and light the LED accordingly. The temperature sensor means that the HotelSpa 10 inch showerhead is not just a basic shower head with beautiful rainbow lights but is an advanced showerhead. Also, the sensor gives the LED lighting accuracy regarding water temperature. This temperature sensor is responsible for the different temperature indicating colors, i.e. blue for below 95 degrees Fahrenheit, green for between 95 and 108 Fahrenheit, and red for between 109 and 122 Fahrenheit and flashing red beyond 122 Fahrenheit.

4. Elegant design

Designed to be a fashionable showerhead, the HotelSpa® Giant 10″ Color-Changing LED-Rainfall-Shower-Head looks great and blends in with any bathroom decor regardless the size of the bathroom. As such, this showerhead would be a great addition to any bathroom.

5. Temperature control settings

For purposes of controlling the temperature of the water, this showerhead features control settings. Also, since this is a Rainfall-Shower-Head it is possible to control water pressure of the water flowing through the showerhead.

  • Easy to install without the need of specialized tools
  • LED lights have a long lifespan of 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to ten years
  • Has an appealing design
  • Can accommodate persons of different heights
  • Does not use batteries or electricity for the LED to light
  • Large 10-inch showerhead offers a downpour like a shower experience
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • The showerhead produces a humming noise
  • The LED lights appear dim in a brightly lit bathroom
  • Some consumers have complained of leakage
  • Does not feature a massage setting

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most commonly asked questions about this showerhead is whether the LED lights are bright enough? The answer to this question depends on how brightly lit a bathroom is. The LED lights tend to appear dim in a brightly lit room and appear bright in a darkened room.

Another frequently asked question is whether this showerhead is a wall mounted showerhead? The answer is that the showerhead is a wall mounted showerhead that takes roughly ten minutes to install. It is important to note that the showerhead is not a ceiling mounted showerhead.

Consumers also ask about the showerhead’s LED lights and whether the water lights. The 10-inch showerhead has a ring of lights around it, which light up when water passes through the showerhead. Thus, the water does not light.


LED showerheads and Rainfall showerheads are arguably the most popular types of showerheads. That being said, the fact that the HotelSpa® Giant 10″ Color-Changing LED-Rainfall-Shower-Head is both an LED showerhead and a Rainfall-Shower-Head means that it is a unique showerhead whose advanced features makes it a great addition, regardless of its few drawbacks listed above.

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