HotelSpa® Ultra Luxury Rainfall Dual Shower Head

Sometimes typical single shower heads do not give you the mental refreshment you get after a shower, and when they do, you are only going to get the ‘normal’ mental refreshment. If you want to get more than the ‘normal’, dual shower head is the best pick. Most of us are familiar with the single shower head that comes with a single stream of water. Dual shower heads provide separate stream of water spray by use of two shower heads.

Below I have compiled some notable features of one of the best and popular Dual Shower head in the market today- HotelSpa® Ultra Luxury 30 Setting 3-way Rainfall-Dual-Shower-Head.


  1. Three ways dual head shower system.

The HotelSpa® Ultra Luxury Dual-Shower-Head system will certainly improve your experience in the shower in a way that you wouldn’t expect. The 3-ways dual shower setting allows you to enjoy showers at same equal pressure separately or at once. But that will depend on your preferences for there is a choice of 30 full water flow patterns which typically means plenty of fun when showering thanks to the high-power spiralFlo design on this shower head which allows the spiral flow water pattern.

  1. The shower heads settings provide soothing and relaxing luxurious experience

Each shower head, i.e., the handheld and the main, has different shower settings. This includes power rain, massage, hydrating mist, rain/massage and rain /mist and water-saving economy rain setting. All these setting allow you to enjoy much more relaxing and soothing shower sessions. The 6 setting 6 inches rainfall feature allows this shower head to produce the best water pressure and the best pattern for a soothing shower for the whole family.

  1. Chrome finish makes it very attractive.

The Icon Anystream eight Jet Shower Head are made-up to death. These changeable shower head are elaborately crafted from undestroyable, substantial brass section to get a eternal fixture inwards your bath interior decoration.

This Dual-Shower-Head Combo is silver in color and its durability improved by the chrome finish. The hose is stainless steel and comes with conical nuts created by brass so that you will be able to tighten them with your hand and they will look great even after years of hard use. Its super-sleek design makes it the most popular shower head you will find in the market today.

  1. Angle, Adjustable Overhead bracelets, provides effective water flow.

The HotelSpa® Ultra Luxury Dual-Shower-Head is fully adjustable. This means you can have both shower heads going in any direction while you have your shower. If you want to use one head, all you need is to change the flow to one head. This increases the water pressure that gives you more thorough shower and a relaxing pattern for a gentle bath. It is actually very easy to use for any member of your family.

  1. 3- zone level Dial with rub- clean jets

This shower head has 6 “ large chrome faces with easy to clean rub jets that can be angled towards 3 separate zones, with a click-level dial thereby allowing you to move your shower head in any direction you like. This is very convenient especially when you need to set your shower head in a better or comfortable position. The click-level dial also ensures a relaxing customized shower as you can easily move hands over it while it’s wet.

  1. Tool-free installation and lifetime warranty.

Installing the HotelSpa® Ultra Luxury Dual-Shower-Head is very easy and can be done without any tools. You can connect it in a matter of minutes with any standard overhead shower arm. This saves you a lot of money and so to say, saves you lots of time. What is even better about it, is that it has a lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer. You will enjoy the guaranteed warranty so long as you buy from a credible and authorized dealer.

  • Luxurious waterfall settings.
  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • 30 different settings
  • Installation is a breeze, no tools required
  • Extra pressure due to Precision SpiralFlo design.
  • Long hose, 5-foot- convenient for shower and baths.
  • Fits every shower arm.
  • Has more plastic, making it have a cheaper feel. However, it’s very sturdy.
  • The hard unit is very high.


  1. How can I use the handheld when the shower head is still running?

On the left side of the shower head, you will get a knob. You can turn that knob and switch water flow from the shower head to the handheld.

  1. Does the handheld have an on-off control?

No, this model has three setting all at the main shower head

  1. Does the shower head swivel?

Yes, it moves around just like the typical shower head.

Final Verdict:

HotelSpa® Ultra Luxury has everything you need in Dual-Shower-Head, Shower-Head-Combo, and Handheld Shower. With this dual shower head, you will definitely look forward to every shower. With 30 different settings, you will always have the best relaxing spa experience right at your place without hurting your pocket and don’t forget it is backed with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, just make sure you buy it from authorized dealer.

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