How To Choose A Shower Head?

If you are renovating your bathroom, or if you are just tired of having a luxury shower head that does not deliver the water flow and meet your demands, then it is time to purchase a new one. How To Choose A Shower Head? The problem that most people face when buying a shower head is quality. Where it may be expedient to buy the lowest priced model, it may not be the best long-term solution. Taking a few moments to go through the steps in buying a shower head can save you time, money, and frustration.

How To Choose A Shower Head?

How To Choose A Shower Head?

Here are five steps to help you pick the best shower head for your bathroom.

1# What is the material of the shower head?

There are primarily two types of materials which are used on shower heads. The first is plastic and the second is metal. Plastics are a bit cheaper than the metal solution, but they have a tendency to break, especially when you have a bathroom that is used by multiple people who desire multiple showerhead settings.

Joints and ball bearings which are metal tend to last longer and do not wear out as quickly. The metal construction is also more durable. The weight of the metal may be a bit uncomfortable for some users, specifically those with arthritis or younger users due to the weight.

2# Determine the water pressure needed for the shower head to be capable

Water will flow through the rain shower head regardless of the water pressure that you have. The issue is that if the pressure is not enough, you will only get a trickle effect. On the other end if you put a small shower head on a pipe with a large amount of water pressure you will either get hard water or your connection will leak/break.

Before purchasing a showerhead, check to see the recommended PSI for ideal use. If the PSI is not listed on the product, contact the manufacturer and ask them. Of course, you will need to know the approximate pressure that your pipes are giving out. A simple gauge can help you to determine this.

3# What is the versatility of the product?

You want to find a showerhead that is versatile, meaning that it has various settings and can be used by multiple people comfortably. With a handheld showerhead, you will want to ensure that the showerhead can be utilized both in hand and mounted in a fixed position. If multiple shower head settings are available, a purchaser should check to see the diversity between the configuration. It does no good to have a shower head with 12 settings if they are all so similar that no one ever changes them.

4# Check for installation compatibility

Not all handheld showerheads are created the same. There are various methods which are available for connectivity and installation. And where there is usually no issues with the connection size, there are issues which can arise from the connection type. Some showerheads use a threaded method so you will need to ensure that the threads correspond, other showerheads use a clamp or a screw method to secure the shower head to the pipe. If the installation is not compatible or if there are gaps between the connections you will not get the best performance from the showerhead, even if you seal those holes with plumber’s tape.

5# Aesthetics and Pricing

Aesthetics and pricing do play a role in picking out the perfect shower head. A buyer must balance the functionality of the product with their budget. Keep in mind that the lower the product costs, the lower the quality of the materials (in most cases). Also, lower-priced shower heads may exclude warranty on the product. When weighing the Aesthetics and price of a product consider:

  • Is the cost for replacement worth the savings now?
  • Do the material and finish match the décor of my actual room?
  • Am I gaining anything from the additional cost?
  • What am I sacrificing if I chose a cheaper model?
  • Are the Aesthetics part of the mold or are they added on top of the primary material?
  • Will I need to buy gaskets, fittings, and other hardware to install the shower head?
  • What is the expected life of the product?

Again, you will need to balance the functionality with the budget and with your needs. However, you should not sacrifice the quality of a product just to get the best deal. Pick the right shower-head the first time and you will not have to replace it shortly. Your bathroom is a part of your home, an area which you should feel comfortable in. As you will take a shower every day, ensure that your shower head brings you comfort, cleans you well, and does not offset the balance of the room.

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