How to Clean Blinds in Tub

Whether you enjoy working on the landscaping around your house, or you’d rather spend your entire paycheck on a brand new couch, youclean blinds in tub have to admit that you spend a bit of your time and money making your home look and feel nice. Obviously, when you spend your time and money on something you want to make sure that you protect your investment. While we’re not talking about opening a trust fund for your window blinds, we are talking about making sure that you properly take care of them so they last for as long as possible. The first step to doing that is cleaning your blinds on a semi-regular basis. In fact, when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned the blinds hanging in your windows? If it’s been more than six months, then keep reading to learn several different ways on how to clean blinds in tub and keep them looking fresh and new.

Securing and Pre-Treating Blinds

1. Lower your blinds and shut the slats. Doing this makes the blinds easier to spread, which is more convenient for cleaning.

2. Once you’ve lowered them all the way down with pull the string, use the turning rod to adjust the angle of the slats.

3. Position the blinds so that they’re completely closed.

4. Tie back your curtains and move any other furnishings. Your goal is to remove anything that could get in the way of cleaning the blinds. You could also take your curtains down and wash them while you’re washing the blinds.

5. Using a paper towel, remove dust and any other debris from the blinds. Now is a good time to look for any problem areas on your blinds. Make sure to keep your eye out for any sticky stuff, food, or bug splatter so you can give that area extra attention if it needs it.

Clearing the Dust Off of the Blinds

1. Make sure you have a pair of cotton gloves or another type of soft dusting tool. People enjoy using a cotton glove because it allows you to reach around the blinds by hand, but an old sock can work just as well.

2. Once you have your dusting tool, run your fingers lightly over the slats. Make sure that you start with the center of each slat and work your way towards the edges, as this prevents smearing dust from one side of the slat to the other. Once you finish one side, go back to the center and work your way to the other side. Make sure that you do this for each of the slats.

3. Make sure to change or clean your duster when it begins to get too dirty. This will prevent you from spreading the dust all over the clean slats.
4. Flip the blinds around and repeat the process on the opposite side of the slats.

Vacuuming Tough Stuff off of the Blinds

1. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a hose, you’ll need to attach a duster or upholstery brush to the hose.

2. Even with the right vacuum, you have to make sure that you’re holding onto the blinds while you vacuum. Blinds are extremely delicate, so taking care is essential while cleaning them. It’s also helpful to set your vacuum setting on the lowest option possible.

3. Move the vacuum from the center of the slats to the sides of the slats. The most important thing to remember is to always vacuum in the direction of the slats. For example, if you have Venetian blinds, then you should always vacuum left to right.

4. Working one slat at a time, go back and forth until each of the slats has been cleaned.

5. Using the turning rod, spin the flat all the way around.

6. Repeat the cleaning process on the opposite side of the slats.

Scrubbing Light Stains off of Blinds

1. Fill a bucket with warm water.

2. Stir in approximately ¼ of white vinegar. If you’d like a stronger mixture, then use equal parts water and vinegar. You could also try mixing in ¼ cup of liquid dish soap instead of using extra vinegar.

3. Dampen a clean cloth or sponge into the mixture. You want to make sure that whatever you use is non-abrasive, like a cotton cloth or soft sponge.

4. Scrubbing horizontally along the lines, wipe down the blinds until the stains come off of them. Make sure that you only apply a light amount of pressure so you don’t damage the slats.

5. Clean the pull cord, headrail, and other accessories.

6. Using a clean cloth, scrub the spots or stains that may not have washed away the first time around.

7. Dry the blinds thoroughly.

Cleaning Light Stains off of Wooden Blinds

1. If you have wooden blinds, then you want to avoid soaking them in water at all costs. Instead, you’ll want to use a wood cleaner or furniture polish on each of the slats.

2. Using a clean sock or cloth, rub the cleaner back and forth along the slat.

3. Using a new clean sock, wipe any excess cleaner off of the slats.

Giving Dirty Blinds a Deep Cleaning

1. Undo the brackets at the end of the headrail in order to remove the blind. This should be relatively easy with a flat-head screwdriver. Since not all blinds have the same type of locking mechanism, make sure to refer to the manual if you’re a bit confused.

2. Consider laying a towel down on the floor of your bathtub if you think that you may scratch your blinds.

3. Spread the blinds on the floor of the bathtub. Make sure that the headrail and other metal parts are kept out of the water if possible. This will prevent them from rusting, which is definitely something that you want to be concerned about. Also, if you don’t have the space for the blinds in your bathroom, then you can always lay them on a tarp on your lawn to do this.

4. Allow your water to flow until it covers the blinds.

5. Pour approximately ¼ cup of mild dish detergent into the water. You’ll also want to add up to ¼ cup of white vinegar. Obviously, only add the vinegar if you think that you need a stronger solution to get the grease and dirt off of your blinds.

6. Allow your blinds to soak for at least 30 minutes, but you should leave the blinds in the water for longer if they’re extremely dirty. If you’re pretty good about dusting them on a regular basis, then they shouldn’t need to soak for too long. If your blinds have a nice layer of dirt on them, then soak them for three hours or more to ensure that all of the dirt is able to be scrubbed off.

7. If soaking your blinds didn’t take the dirt and grime off, then you may need to use a scrub brush to complete the job. If you decide to take this route, make sure that you choose something soft to scrub them with so you don’t risk damaging your blinds. Using a gentle amount of pressure, scrub each slat until they’re all clean.

8. Drain your bathtub and turn on the clean water.

9. Using clean water, rinse the blinds in the bathtub. The goal here is to remove all of the soap from the blinds. This is especially easy if you have a detachable showerhead, which can be used to spray the slats down.

10. Now is the time to dry your blinds. If it’s a nice day, then try hanging the blinds out to dry outside. You can do this by draping the blinds over a railing or fence. If you don’t have nice weather, then you can always hang them over the shower curtain rod or another spot. To speed up this part, wipe off the blinds using a dry, soft cloth. You could also try using a hairdryer on a low setting. If you do choose to use a blowdryer, make sure that you keep it at least eight inches from the blinds at all times. Heat can cause blinds to warp, so be careful not to keep it near a heater or radiator.

There may be quite a few steps that go into cleaning your blinds, but you really can’t deny how important it is to keep up with your cleaning. If you tend to spend quite a bit of your money on decorating your house, then there’s a good chance that you’ve spent a decent amount of money on the blinds that are hanging throughout your house. If this is true, then make sure to follow these simple tips to ensure that your investment is protected. Why spend your hard-earned money on something if you’re not going to take care of them properly? If it’s been too long since you’ve cleaned your blinds, then follow these tips and schedule a day to clean your blinds! You’ll be happy you did when they look as good as they did when you first got them!

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