How to Install Electric Shower

Electric showers are needed to provide normal temperature water out of the cold water supply, which is a good tending against one’s electric boiler and high electric bills. The power consumption of electric showers is in-between 8.5kW and 10.8kW. To get the best use of the electric shower just get it installed to a separate fuse connection of electrical supply circuit. You need to know how to install electric shower before you touch anything.

Different type of electric shower is available based on their power consumption. It’s necessary to select an Electric shower on the basis of power consumption. You need to check this factor before buying this it should vary between 8.5kW and 10.8kW. Some of the available power ratings are 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 kW by different companies.

How to Install an Electric Shower?

The purpose of installing an electric shower can easily be solved as it needs cold water supply to provide hot water readily at required point. It is necessary to decide before going to install the electric shower as this a long-lasting product and required some better investment. Select a branded and good quality product which comes with easy installation technique and better customer support service.

Electric showers always work independently as it has the work to heat the cold water which passes through its circuit. It eliminating the need amount of hot water to the tank or directly supply hot water at the point of requirement without storing it.

What do you need to install an electric shower?

Here are few steps on how to install electric shower:

You should first pick a perfect location for placing the electric shower which should be near to the cold water supply and find a closest pot to install the independent circuit. As we need a different electrical power supply for heating the water by the electrical showers so we need to connect it independently with different electrical circuits.

One can take the help of the electrician to find a better place to instant it for the shower so that it gets the adequate amount of electricity. One can also include a consumer unit with the circuit also. Then with the help of a plumber build a plumbing system which will accommodate the electric shower with it.

After that install the independent circuit unit to the nearest location of the electric shower with the consumer units or with the earth cables. One need to wire that independent circuit to a different isolating switch, which should be placed above the shower head which help the shower to turn off when not needed. With the help of an electric cable attach the isolating switch with the electric shower power unit. Attach the pipe for the cold water supply to the required point where the electric shower unit is mounted.

After that connect a non-return valve or a tap to isolate the main water supply from the electric shower’s water supply. Then connect the shower pipe to the shower unit by using a compression unit fitting. Then mount the shower unit with the shower head attach to the wall.

After connecting it turn on the entire unit the water supply as well as the independent circuit to check that the electric shower is working properly with proper heating of the water in an efficient manner. After that one can check the different mode settings present in the electric shower so that it can be varied from low to high or can be set to economy mode as per user requirement.

Thus these listed steps will help you to install an electric shower at your home. Sometime if you go for any branded product of electric shower they provide an installation unit who come down to your home check the requirement suggest you the best available product of their brand with the affordable rang of the customer. Their in stating unit also provides all the support to instant it in your home with their train professionals of electrician and plumbers.

This is also another way on how to install the electric shower at your home safely. If someone prefer to instant it at its own then can follow the instruction listed on the product manual that can help him or her to install the kit at home him or herself also. It’s better to take the help of the professional while installing at your own for double sure of the installing to avoid any danger situation such as short-circuits etc.

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