3 Methods How to Keep Shower Caddy from Falling

When you were taking a bath, the hanging shower caddy slipped and fell away. I understand that moment; it will definitely become one of the most annoying moments for you. Here is how to keep shower caddy from falling….

Shower caddies are an excellent accessory for carrying various essential stuff to the bathroom. On the one hand, it has many advantages; on the other hand, it has also disadvantaged. One of its disadvantages is that it is slippery in most fields, which is a dull moment for anyone. How to keep shower caddy from falling?

But to get rid of this annoying moment, you just need to know that how to keep corner shower caddy from falling.  And for this, we will help you, and in this article, we will discuss how to make a shower caddy stick in detail with three great methods. So let’s see. But before that, let’s see why do shower caddies slip.

Why Do Shower Caddies Slip?

There are many reasons for slip shower caddies; some of the reasons are highlighted below.

Shower and Caddies Not Perfectly Fit: Among the many reasons for caddy slip, one of the great reasons is the wrong fit of caddies with shower heads. You can see different types of showers head in the market of different styles; the caddies are also available in different styles.

Some shower caddies have suction grips and plastic protection, and some caddies do not have these features. Due to which the shower pipe and caddy do not match perfectly, and the falling slip is faced.

Shower Remain Wet: Another reason is that the shower pipe is always wet, due to which the place is very slippery, so the caddy is slippery again and again.

Carrying Extra Weight: It often carries a lot of weight due to a large quantity of stuff in the shower caddy, so the caddy slips without controlling the balance a lot.

How to Keep Shower Caddy from Falling

There are many costly ways available to prevent this from happening next, but there are a few easy ways to reach them in your daily life, some of which we are sharing below.

Method #1: Use Hose Clamps

You can easily get the hose clamps in any hardware store. In most of the fields, The hose clamps are made of steel, due to which after setting up the shower caddy in the corner, a few days later you can face the issue like rust. In case to avoid this issue, you must keep in mind when purchasing hose clamps, it needs rustproof steel.

There are also available different sizes of hose clamps, so buy according to the size of your shower neck. Then push the caddy towards the corner so that it sticks to the wall, then put the hose clamps on the other side of the caddy tightly so that the caddy does not slip and it does not move from the place.

Method #2: Use Zip Tie

The second method is a Zip tie; you can easily get it around. It is another simple process that will help you stay the caddy permanently in the corner. Follow the same process as hose clamps in this field.

Hang the caddy on the showerhead’s neck, and tighten the zip tie between the showerhead and the caddy.

Method #3: Use Rubber Bands

If you do not want to spend any money on zip ties and hose clamps, then another most suitable option for you is to use a rubber band. It is a very simple process that you can do easily with the things at hand.

First, it will require three to four pieces of rubber, then push the shower caddy towards the wall at the corner of the showerhead. Then tighten the rubber ones in front of the caddy and make sure that the shower pipe does not slip when it is wet.

Final Verdict

Rubber bands, hose clamps and zip ties are great methods that you can use to prevent caddy from falling permanently. And in my opinion, the process is much easier to apply. And you no longer have to worry about how to keep your shower caddy from sliding. After applying this process, if you again face this problem, I think it’s high time to change the caddy and buy the new best shower caddies for the bathroom.

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