Over The Toilet Storage Ideas

When it comes to home improvement, adding over the toilet storage in the bathroom is a fairly small project. But it can make a huge impact on the overall look and functionality of your bathroom.

Turning that empty wall area above the toilet tank into a usable storage area can be an effective way to save space. Alternatively, it can be an interior design element to beautify the bathroom. Or, it can serve both of these purposes.

How to Make a Toilet Storage?

Think about your primary purpose for considering an over the toilet cabinet. Maybe your bathroom doesn’t currently have adequate storage, and this will be a space saving solution for all those toiletries and towels that currently have nowhere else to go. Or maybe you need an additional storage area for backup items that currently take up valuable space in other cabinets.

Or perhaps that big empty space over the toilet catches your eye every time you walk into the bathroom and you want to add a cabinet or shelves as a decorative accent to complete the overall look of the room. Or it may be all of things things.

It’s important to know what problem you are seeking to solve, and how you intend to use this storage, before you start looking for a particular solution.

How to Fit a Toilet Cabinet

over the toilet wall cabinet lowes

Once you’ve decided you want to make use of that blank space over the toilet tank and add a cabinet or shelves, the first thing you’ll need to consider is the size. In order to figure out the optimal size of whatever you’ll be installing in that space, you will need to take measurements of the following:

  • Height of the toilet tank – Toilets come in different sizes and shapes, so you want to be sure that your storage unit will be high enough to clear the top of the tank, with at least 6 inches to spare. Remember, you need to leave enough room to be able to remove the toilet tank lid in case of some toilet maintenance.
  • Size of the empty wall space – Measure from that spot 6 inches above the tank, to the ceiling. Then measure the width of the available area.
    See if there is more room than just the approximately 30-40 inch width above the typical toilet. Then consider if you want to select shelves or cabinetry that fit exactly aligned above the toilet, or perhaps choose some that extend wider so as to use that extra wall space.
  • Overall bathroom dimensions – As with planning furniture and cabinet placement in any interior space, you need to know the overall dimensions of the room. Take floor measurements of length and width so that you know this information. It will certainly come in handy when you are determining the size and style of your cabinet or shelving.

Cabinet or Shelving: Choose Your Style of Over The Toilet Storage

Depending on your needs, there are many different types of over the toilet storage that you can install to maximize space in your bathroom. Some of the choices include:

  • Cabinet or Stand Alone Shelves
  • Cabinet With Doors, Without Doors, or With Glass Doors
  • Material of Cabinet or Shelves
  • Color of Cabinet or Shelves

It’s very important to consider the relative size of the cabinet versus the overall room. You want to make sure that everything will look in proportion when complete. So, you don’t want to add a cabinet that is too big or heavily constructed relative to the overall room.

For example, a larger bathroom can typically accommodate a larger cabinet, with or without doors. And depending on the overall room décor, the cabinet may be light or dark colored.

But that same large cabinet can look much too overpowering in a small bathroom. Smaller bathrooms usually look better with a cabinet with no doors, or glass doors, or simple shelves. If you prefer a cabinet with closed doors for storage needs, then consider going with a lighter colored cabinet or one painted the color of the bathroom wall so that it will blend in and not stand out and grab attention.

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