What is PEVA and PVC. Which is Better?

Even if you’ve just started shopping for shower curtains, at some point you will ask yourself what is PEVA shower curtain, and how does it compare to a traditional shower curtain made of PVC vinyl. This article will explain the differences so that you can make the best selection for you in choosing your new peva vs pvc shower curtain.

If you’ve ever opened a new shower curtain package and smelled that overpowering plastic like odor. Then you’ve experienced PVC vinyl that has been traditionally used in so many of our household products. And that smell means that toxic gases are being released into the air of your home.

Because of this toxicity, an increasing number of informed consumers are making the conscious decision to eliminate PVC items from their homes, and instead search for items that are healthier options, such as PEVA, for their family, and the environment.

What is PEVA vs PVC?

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PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate), is a PVC-free, non-chlorinated material that is odorless and biodegradable. PEVA has been specifically developed to be a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional material of toxic PVC.

What is PVC and Why is it Unhealthy?

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride plastic) is what we more commonly know as vinyl. PVC is used in many common uses including home furnishings (such as shower curtains), toys, packaging, car parts and building materials to name just a few.

Although PVC is very versatile, it is also extremely toxic. In fact it is among the most toxic substances currently contaminating people and the environment throughout its lifecycle, from production, to use, to disposal.

Health and Environmental Impacts of PVC

  • PVC contains phthalates, which are plastic softeners. Phthalates have been linked to reproductive and hormonal and problems, and are labeled by the EPA as a “probable human carcinogen.” In fact, phthalates have been banned in the manufacture of U.S. children’s products since 2009.
  • PVC shower curtains release VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), which have been linked to respiratory problems and liver damage.
  • Because it contains chloride, both the manufacturing and the disposal of PVC products create a cancer-causing chemical that builds up in our environment.

So to some it is a bit alarming that PVC vinyl shower curtains are still available in the U.S. Not only are they a non-green solution, but the fact that they emit noxious gases in the enclosed environment of a bathroom means we may be releasing poisons into the air we breathe each day without even realizing it.

What is a PEVA Shower Curtain?

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Traditionally, most shower curtains had been made either of fabric or of PVC. But in recent years there has been increasing demand and popularity in PEVA shower curtains. These shower curtains are totally free of PVC. Instead they are made of eco-friendly, odorless PEVA.

Benefits of PEVA

Here are some of the reasons many people prefer shower curtains made of PEVA instead of PVC shower curtains:

  • Biodegradable and non-chlorinated, making it the most environmentally sound material
  • Emits no toxic odors into your bathroom or home
  • PEVA is mildew-resistant
  • 100% waterproof, so there’s no need to purchase a separate liner
  • Easy to clean and maintain – just wipe down with a sponge
  • Highly durable and long lasting

A broader variety of decorative options have become available each year in these non-PVC PEVA shower curtains. Manufacturers are recognizing that consumers prefer green healthy alternatives for their homes.

PEVA vs PVC Shower Curtain Liners

Have a fabric shower curtain you want to protect? The easy maintenance and mildew-free qualities of PEVA make shower curtains made of PEVA an excellent choice for a shower curtain liner.

You are completely remodeling your bathroom or simply replacing an older PVC vinyl shower curtain. Consider getting a new PVC-free shower curtain. You will rest easy knowing that you’ve selected a healthier option for your family and for the environment.

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