Standard Shower Head Height

Have you experienced stepping into a shower with the shower head placed too low that you have to contort yourself just to get your hair wet? It’s one of those frustrating things about being a six, or even seven-footer. You might be wondering if there’s any building code requiring a standard shower head height, as you certainly don’t want to do dealing with a shower head that sprays water only at your chin or worse, on your shoulders.

What do you need to know about shower head height?

standard height of shower head

But here’s the truth that you should know—no building code sets the shower head height in residential areas. It would continue up to the homeowner or builder in determining the height of the shower head, taking into consideration things like the height of the family members.

Obviously, if you are a six-footer, then you will need the shower head to be placed more than 72 inches above the finished floor surface. The fixed shower head, in particular, must be placed at least six inches above your head. So that would mean a height of at least 80 inches above the floor surface.

However, you must additionally take into consideration the other people in your household. Kids, naturally, won’t be able to reach and adjust the multi-function controls on the shower head if it is set too high. Shorter adults won’t also appreciate if the shower head is placed eight feet above the ground. A shower head set too high for short guys would be difficult to reach, as well as to adjust its multi-function controls, if there’s any.

One solution to this difficulty is to install more than one shower head. This would accommodate everyone in the household, from the tallest individual to the little ones. With a combo shower head unit installed in the shower, everyone gets to shower regardless of their height.

A combo shower head, with two or more shower heads, is ideal for a big family with members of varying heights. The detachable second head can be used by shorter family members to shower parts of their bodies. It would also be helpful for people who have disabilities as they can access the shower.

For the tall guys, the second head may appear to be inconsequential. But it can improve the area of spray in a shower and create a multi-point showering experience. For spouses, having a combo shower head is very useful as this would allow them to take a shower at the same time. Choose a best faucet for your shower.

Adjustable Shower Head

Dimensioned elevation drawings of Minimum and Seated Shower Heights and Clearances with man and woman for scale


If you feel that having a combo shower head would translate to higher water bills, or you just don’t think that this is the type of shower head you need at home, then there are other options.

An adjustable shower head is one of shower fixtures that you should have to accommodate all your family members. This is a fixed shower head that can easily change shower height or angle in seconds. You can easily position the shower spray to wherever you desire with an adjustable shower head.

There are different types of adjustable shower head.

There are units with an adjustable arm with wing nuts, allowing the user to move the shower height up or down. A shower head with the adjustable arm is a good unit to get if the differences in height among your family members aren’t that significance. It is particularly recommended if there are no kids in your household, as the little ones would need help in adjusting the arm.

Another alternative would be an adjustable shower head with an auto-lock arm. It’s almost the same as the shower head with an adjustable arm, but the main difference is that it automatically locks into place without wing nuts.

Then there are adjustable shower heads with a sliding bar. You can adjust the height of the shower head by sliding it up or down the bar.

Adjustable shower head with a flexible neck is another option. You can move the shower up if you desire, or move it down so that shorter people or children can be accommodated.

Handheld Shower Head

You can put a handheld shower head instead to accommodate the shorter people in your household.

The handheld shower head gives users the best of both worlds, so to speak. It can function as a fixed shower head as it can be placed on a sturdy wall mount. This would work well for tall adults.

On the other hand, a handheld shower head can be very useful for short adults and kids. They can unhook the shower head from the wall mount and move the shower head closer to them. You may have to unhook the shower head yourself and give it to your child if your little one can’t reach for it herself.

In choosing a handheld shower head, you must look into the hose length. The standard length is five feet although there are handheld shower heads that are up to six feet long.

With a long hose, you will be able to shower other parts of your body comfortably. The same goes for other bathers in your household. Moreover, a long tube would come in handy for cleaning other parts of the bathroom as you would be able to reach these areas quickly.

Final Note

It’s really up to you to choose among adjustable shower heads, handheld shower heads, or combo shower head for your shower. Factors such as price and design may come into play and affect your buying decision.

Indeed, you don’t need to worry when it comes to the height of the shower head above the floor surface. Whether you have family members who can pass up as a professional basketball player or you, have short people in your household, the height of the shower head is the least of your worries. There are a lot of shower head models that you can choose from, whether you prefer a fixed or handheld type.