How to Choose Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom storage can sometimes be very tricky, and over the toilet cabinets can be a great help. These simple space savers that can be put into this typically small room are more often than not disregarded and not thought about. This is very understandable. People often just consider the general floor area of the bathroom, and not really the whole space that is available throughout the room.

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You may be surprised at the many storage space savers that a small bathroom can offer, especially utilizing the top part of the wall behind the toilet. What does one normally do with that space? Generally, that area is totally empty and unused. But a wise homeowner can turn that space into a useful over the toilet storage area.

What Are Over The Toilet Cabinets

You don’t have to think too hard to imagine what an over the toilet cabinet looks like. In its simplest form, it is a storage unit that makes use of the empty space against the wall above the toilet. The cabinet may rest on the floor or it may that is affixed high on the wall.

There are many creative ways to come up with a cabinet that will not only serve the purpose of storing bathroom items, but will also add aesthetic value to any bathroom. Any of these styles can assist you in generating all types of over the toilet storage ideas.

Benefits of These Cabinets

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Providing an instant solution for storage problems is something that an over the toilet cabinet will definitely achieve. There are many essential things that are needed to be in the bathroom, like toilet papers, bottles and packs of toiletries, towels, and other necessities. Most people do not have room to stock these in the bathroom so these items are usually stored somewhere far from the bathroom.

Another advantage of putting this type of cabinet or storage above the toilet is that this can be a great opportunity to redecorate the bathroom. This may be a simple addition to the room, but one can use it to start beautifying the space where members of the family find solace and spend time totally by themselves.

The cabinet can be made creatively and come in the same color as the bathroom tiles, or paint a bold and striking color to make the room appear brighter.

There are already many popular furniture and home decorating shops that sell these types of cabinets. You can even find many popular designs online. Since most toilets come in standard size, looking for a cabinet that would fit this particular space in the bathroom is not a difficult task. You have the option of getting a storage space that is customized to your size and style requirements.

Choose Your Style

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There are many styles and design that one can choose from for over the toilet cabinets. These are just a few of the popular ones.

  • Standing Cabinets – This can be a wooden storage space where the unit actually stands on the floor on either side of the toilet. The base may be just above the tank of the toilet and has the length that may or may not necessarily go up to the ceiling. This may be covered in wood with a creative handle. An alternative material for the cabinet cover may be glass.
  • Multipurpose Cabinet with Drawers and Shelf – This is a cabinet that is divided into many storage divisions. The upper half contains a closed space. Just below the enclosed part of the cabinet is a shelf and underneath it are two or four mini drawers. The typical material for this cabinet is wood, while a combination of glass and wood may be used for the mini cabinet doors.
  • Open Shelves – A space above the toilet through the use of open shelves is also a creative way of maximizing storage space in the bathroom. This is where hair dryers, razors, and other electrical appliances for bathroom use may be placed. The advantage of open shelves is that it’s easier to access bathroom essentials and would be easier to organize.
  • Recessed Cabinet – This is a cabinet that is built into the wall so that only the cabinet door is out farther than the wall itself. Those who get this clean and minimalist type of cabinet sometimes prefer to use a mirror as a cabinet door, so that it becomes multipurpose. Or, to keep it flush to the wall, you don’t need a door on it at all but leave it as a simple open storage alcove with or without shelves.

There are many more designs that can be used for over the toilet storage. Whether it’s customized or bought from a store, the important thing is that it provides storage and beautifies the bathroom.

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