Tub To Shower Conversion Ideas

The modern fast-paced living nearly demands homeowners to include some units. The worry, however, comes when the available space is quite limited. As a result, it leads to the concern about if it is worth squeezing one in.
The truth is that there is no other thing as relaxing as a warm and bubbly immersion. Of course, the experience makes all the cares disappear and leaves you healthy. The good thing is having the time to spend in a bath is a luxury of and in itself. For that reason having a bathroom that is packed of its features makes sense.

Luckily if your home is newly constructed you will certainly find a tub or a shower included. For the people living in older houses that have not been updated or have not needed for conversion to a standard bath amenity, chances are that you will be having a small space. The presence of a tub, a small-sized vanity, and a toilet may not leave room for adding a shower.

That means the existing design will need removing out more or a few walls and even re-configuring the standing tub.Because the conversion project is a financial commitment, it is necessary to consider the option that guarantees no money dumping.

Here is some foolproof tub to shower conversion ideas

Remove the tub and install a new shower

Converting an old-fashioned bathtub to a shower remains the most stylish and useful update for every home. Choosing a walk-in shower makes the bathroom space feel superior and newer. It also ensures people having mobility problems get more access to the facilities.

Keeping in mind that the task is not that small, you can weigh between utilizing your DIY skills or hiring a professional. With such assistance, you can easily assess the existing space and figure out the potential solutions. The point where the bathtub is standing, however, can provide enough room for building a shower unit. To keep the water from spilling and leaking into the other side of the bathroom a tile or concrete surface will be needed to reduce that incident.

The other concern for a limited-space shower installation is on the door placement. If you will need a shower door, ensure there is enough room to allow it to swing open without thrashing the sink or toilet. Luckily this is not a must-have feature. The reason is that the market offers attractive half glass sheets that can contain the water.
The partitions can, however, allow cool air in, so ensure this space is warm enough. Consider installing heated flooring for the shower because the heat also helps dry the floor thus reducing the chances of slips. Adding a healthy heating system makes the shower very comfortable and offers a spa-like feeling.

One problem of tearing a tub out and changing it with a shower comes in resale. The majority of homeowners need tubs for washing children, mainly if the remodeled bathroom is a space shared by the entire family.
The process of removing the tub exposes the concrete support board and also subfloor beneath. This project makes the time ideal for assessing and fixing any damages available. The damages are usually initiated by long-time exposure to wetness. And if it is necessary to do the replacement it will save you time and stress in the long run if taken care of now.

Fix the plumbing

When creating a shower or tub unit, either as an upgrade or first-time installation, retrofitting the existing plumbing system in the bathroom is the less offensive solution. This means you can retain the standing tub despite the fact that you will be adding the necessary fixtures for the shower.

Some people, however, feel that plumbing is a pain not knowing the benefit it presents. Yes, this is the way to make the bathroom look cool and functional but something can go off beam. The process involves opening up the walls from the room next to the bath and then bring the drains in the right place.

The conversion by default ensures increased flow of water in a shower. While doing this it is also a good opportunity to add elegance to the plumbing. One tip to make the space cooler using plumbing is to consider a sleek lined shower drains. The plates are often hidden so it is hard to tell if a drain is available there. Even better it will help in moving water out fast from the shower to ensure you do not stand in water incase the drain clogs. This is also the right time to choose a tile for use on the walls. Small baths usually have a tiny window above the tub, so it is another thing that needs remedy.

The popular solution includes walling off and then tiling it or changing it to a glass block. This is a material that bears the potential effects of water. Discuss any other potential window solutions with the builder. Remember the shower space needs an enclosure, as well. You can mount for sliding doors above the tub, however a less costly and highly decorative way to go about it is to choose shower curtains having plastic liners. The buy appropriate hardware that will make the shower appear more spacious.

Remodel the Tub Kit

If you have just one tub it can provide enough space for incorporating a shower. However, to cut down costs and avoid discarding the available unit it is worth considering to remodel it. Even with just an ordinary design, most homeowners will be flexible about buying the house. Well, this is an aspect that preserves marketability while also saving on plumbing costs. With slight adjustments, the water supply plus drain lines will be in place.

Choosing a shower stall equipment is also a fantastic option when the tub is rarely used. With its functional benefits, this conversion is also an update opportunity. It adds the aesthetics of  the bathroom and it brings a more modern look or just ensures it better fits your tastes. The good things is that you can choose from different colors and styles available.  And also you can decide to transform the wet-area walls using custom-made acrylic or equip composite systems having convenient features including floating shelves and grab bars. The remodel provides a fresh look to the entire with installation that is finished within one day.

Avoid Building Near a Window

Including a window within every shower space is as beautiful in the same way it is practical. The feature when open it ventilates the room and allows in fresh air. Even if it is non-opening it still brings in natural lighting and sometimes amazing views of the outside. Of course, there are more issues that arise other than providing privacy. This leads to concerns about if it is a good idea to include a window in bathroom or the shower.

On the flip side if the tub is just ordinary one, and is placed underneath a window, things will become slightly complicated when looking at how best to do the placement. Because to some extent having one in this area should be nearly avoided.

Truly there are many chances that water can seep into the walls through the window frames. Then you will be talking about yucky mold. And even worse severe house damage. The result will be sucking. It will force you to remove the newly installed shower if place in the exact location the tub was. So it is good to play safely while doing the remodel without compromising somethings.

Always install the shower in a place having no window. Otherwise choose to close it up or place one at a height enough to provide complete privacy and also allow you to have solid walls. Remember the shower unit should be very close to the existing plumbing system. This as well helps in minimizing costs.

Choose the Right Shower Stall Size

When remodeling a tub to shower in a bathroom, it is more likely that you will consider installing a  standard sized stall unit. Indeed the market offers many to choose from as per your home’s needs. While you have the opportunity to pick just the right one, ensure that you know your right measurements.

New showers stalls are not a thing to be shopped for daily. In fact, this could be the time that you need to get the best one. It can entail anything that will spray water and get you cleaned. The differences range from size, construction, materials, and configuration. If you have a limited budget to worth with, then the array of options is available to you.

Most construction codes however have standard sizes of the bathroom floors. So in case the existing tub cubicle is too small it will probably need modification. For instance, it may be necessary to add short wall partions to make the completed shower space deep enough.

Always focus on ceiling height, distance from the side of the toilet to the shower wall, distance from front part of the toilet to any shower wall and the door swing. If all the measurements are clearly checked on to avoid potential obstructions and problems. The layout can help you get deeper and also utilize the space properly.

Watch on the Shower Floor

During the demolition of the existing tub, there are several things worth focusing on to save the hassle and money in the future. From the status of the existing plumbing system to the framing and subfloor it is crucial to check and consider replacing if necessary. There are high chances that mildew, mold, and rot, can occur in the bathroom. Thus the conversion offers an opportune time to upgrade everything to avoid unexpected failure.

The floor of the shower, often known as the shower pan determines the cost and style of the tub-to-shower conversion. The market provides the liberty of choice between the basic types available. You may find one that encloses water using curbs that demand users to step on while entering and the other option is curbless.

Shower floors having curbs are a full enclosure that contains all the water spray. It is also good because all the splash is channeled to the drain. It is crucial howeve to have a pan with the right slant to remove it completely. This, in turn, makes the installation process to be usually easier and much cheaper.

Curbless shower stalls on the other side are barrier-free and very accurate. Nonetheless it is trickier to create the slope of its drainage on the floor. The reason is that it must be built underneath the point of the nearby flooring surface is at. That means it is necessary to raise the floor level or lower the shower pan.

If you choose to raise the floor of the bathroom, it might go higher than all the other floors it is meeting. For instance, the floor of the main bedroom. In this case a transition edge is needed which will look awkward. The good thing is that this design defeats the benefit of installing curbless shower. Yes, you can roll inside using a wheelchair easily.


Finally, the most valued piece of any home is the bathrooms. Along with other features, it can be a realtime centerpiece yet still functional. Yes, some of the rooms have either a bathtub or can have a shower or a combination.

Regardless of the one you choose, each presents several advantages over the other. From high resale value to age in place usability, you will find that there is one that is completely necessary. The functionality, however, stresses the dignity to remain at a home instead of being a barrier to living.

Remember conversion from tub to shower can be a difficult project. It will undoubtedly touch on remodeling many other facets of the bathroom. While the task seems to be complex, the process once completed pays off itself.

This is an opportunity to upgrade the lighting, ventilation, and also build extra amenities. That means enhanced shower experiences and time.