Types of Toilets

You may be astonished but, there exists different toilet variety in the market today. They defer in terms of structure, size, shape performance and sanitation. This variety of toilets also ranges in efficiency and cost, this being of great help if you have the know-how about them, helping you to select the perfect toilet.

Today, we explore the various kinds of toilets based on their performance and shapes.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Toilet

Several of factors are to be considered when considering the types of toilets that are perfect for you and your home. You have to think about your location, your mode of sanitation, plumbing system, size of the washroom, style of your home, the frequent users of the toilet, the efficiency of these different toilets and of course the cost that fits your budget.


Do you have surplus water to install a toilet? to avoid clogging of the water source around your area isn’t that reliable you will look for a toilet whose sea stand has a large capacity


Is there ample space in your house? It greatly impacts the type of toilet you choose, if you have a small space, then an elongated toilet will not be an option for you because it will consume a lot of space.


Your comfort is crucial when it comes to choosing your toilet. There are toilet options that are more comfortable  for example ones with an oval shape


If you have budgeted for a cost-effective type of toilet, a tank-less type of toilet will not come across your mind, you will have to choose a toilet that will be cheap and effective at the same time.

Different Types of Toilet

types of toilet flush

Flushing Toilet

The easiest option people want is to pull a trigger or push a trigger, and water starts going down the waste conduit.It means you got yourself a flushing toilet. The next crucial factor of this toilet The next remarkable factor of a flushing toilet is the “S, P, U, J” shape of pitfall.
In the new era generation, most toilets are the flushing one people have reduced the usage of traditional types of toilets like the pit latrine toilet. Various countries like Vietnam and china people spread their bottoms on a hunch flushing toilet.

The contrasting of this type of toilet is discerning “dry” toilet which has no water. The contrast of the flushing toilet is the “dry” toilet, which is waterless and has a strange method of discarding and cleanliness process.

There are many kinds of flushing toilet varieties. Nonetheless, each of the options has its insignia regardless of its functionality and efficiency. They include:

  • tornado flush,
  • cyclone flush
  • G-max.These are all insignias derived from various products and are attractive to customers, mostly if they are of high quality and quiet.

One-Piece Toilet

In this type of toilet, the tank is linked to the bowl creating, the toilet as the same unit of ceramic.

The outstanding feature of the one-piece toilet is that the measurement of the tank is relatively tiny, absence of the crevice, making it cleaning easy.
Often purchasing this option of a toilet is complemented with a toilet seat.Its only limitation of this type of toilet is that is quite costly.

One of the other advantages of the one-piece is the small diameter between one wall and the other.

Installation of this type of toilet is easy provided that there is a surplus supply of water to connect the water to.

Two-Piece Toilet

It is the most familiar variety of toilets whose usage is vastly spread all around the world ..As opposed to the one-piece toilet the bowl and tank are separately placed this giving the tank a high capacity to hold more water.

In as much as people prefer the one-piece type of toilet, this two-piece toilet has its advantages too. Although today individuals are likely to go for a one-piece toilet, the two- is long-lasting.

It is easy to maintain because and easy to mend of breakages. One has to be keen on choosing a lon-lasting, high-quality two-piece toilet.

Upflush Toilet

The outstanding factor about this type of toilet is that you don’t require a draining system against it ,this type of a toilet is versatile and easy to manage

The only drawbacks are that it is expensive and clogs fast as compared to the one-piece and two-piece types of toilets.

Small Compact Toilets

They are made to be utilised in relatively small spaces. Because of the small sizes, they are the best option if you want to live in small spaces.

They are installed in marine boats and motorhomes. They have no tanks attached to them and small in size, creating more room for you in the house to put more crucial stuff.

Corner Toilet

These toilet types are referred to as a triangle toilet, and this is apparent since the water tank is the appearance of a triangle and thus being the best choice for comfortability.

It can fit into small spaces, they are rarely installed in spacious rooms. This type of toilet gives room for design innovations in the house and, they are a perfect fit because they don’t clog paths in the huse. This type of toilet deserves consideration before purchasing it.

Wall Mounted Toilet

It is an outstanding type of toilet and comfortable type of toilet. When this type of toilet is mentioned what should come into our minds is that the bowl is mounted to the wall, it is highly placed and doesn’t reach to the surface of the wall. The good side of this type of toilet is that it looks tankless..nonetheless its doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a tank the tank is actually confined on the interior side of the wall.

This type of toilet makes cleaning soo much easy and there are not prone to leakage issue. Everything with an advantage must have a disadvantage one being that if you need to modify or the tank is ruined the repair process is cumbersome and tedious and must require a professional to do to make it stable.

Square Toilet

The appearance of the square toilet seat is similar to a rectangle than a square, and square toilets are one of the various toilets that are unique. It is perceived that these square toilets have a larger bowl to dispose more waste. Nonetheless, the limitations of this type of toilet is that it would be cumbersome to obtain counterparts to replace it.is also quite uncomfortable to use. The only reason why individual purchase this type of toilet is for decorative and décor purpose. It could fit into complex designs.

Elongated Toilet

This type of toilet is shaped into an oval shape to fit perfectly into our bottom, One advantage of this type of toilet is that it is preferable by adults thus is being the desired choice for most customers. At times it may take a lot of space compared to other types of toilets. It has a long pipeline making disposals very effective.

At times individuals say that elongated toilets consume a lot of room than various options of bowls, but frequently, this isn’t crucial. And normally, the elongated toilet choices have a bigger pipeline compared to various options of toilets.

The large bowl and water surface is the best for catching all the waste. Nonetheless a little limitation is that the faeces sometimes leave a mess on the elongated part.

Round Bowl Toilet

Apart from the appealing and attractive shape, the amazing part is the incredible size of the bowl. It is advisable though that you select these options of toilets only when needed because the difference of its length is only a few inches compared with the elongated toilet seat.

With this type of a toilet, the flashing power is less compared to  the types of toilets

Tankless Toilet

Hold up, can a toilet function without a tank?  These types of toilets are linked parallel to the pipe, plus when the water is going down the pipe, the tank-less toilet’s bowl is installed with a different type of electric pump to make it strong.
Tankless toilets are installed with a broader pipe if compared to other varieties of toilets Since the toilet requires a high capacity of water to make flushing effective without leaving any mess. The importance of this toilet option is the modern-day patterns, and the size is much tiny. However, the installation is sometimes complicated, and if the battery is dead, the toilet can’t flush.
There are mechanically designed tankless toilets though that do not need an electric pump, but it is not going to be as clean as a powerful flush, and you would need a lot of water to push the waste down the pipe.

Go over every type of toilet considering the advantages and disadvantages and again and see which types of toilets suit you best.