Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sewage?

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sewage?


Bathrooms are sensitive areas in any homestead; they are supposed to be for privacy and relaxation. Most homeowners use detergents, bathroom cleaners, and air fresheners to keep their bathrooms clean and subtle. However much you may be cleaning your bathroom, you still smell some awful sewerage smell from the surrounding drains. The smell can make you feel uncomfortable and pose a health hazard to the family if not handled promptly. Some problems can be the miner; hence you can fix them yourself, whereas some are major and need to be addressed by a professional. In this article, let us find out why does my bathroom smell like sewage.



Clogged plumbing vent and drain pipes


Clogged vents and pipes prevent water and toilet running from getting drained off. Suppose you notice this problem; try as much as possible to fix it before it expands. This may signify a plumbing problem, so ignoring it can result in a sewerage smell in the bathroom. Professional plumbers can sort out the problem by unclogging the drain from blockages and leaks.

There might be debris buildup causing the blockage or buildup, making the bathroom smell awful. To address this issue in time, it is recommendable that you check the bathroom vent and pipes and clean them regularly so they are not clogged up. Use hot water to unclog drains; there might be debris or Bactria build, so hot water will help flush off the dirt, allowing good drainage. In case of a persistent smell, always call an expert to address the issues as soon as possible. If you want to drain sinks and remove scums or any other bacterium, pour boiled vinegar into the drains to disinfect them.


Presence of molds and mildew

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sewage?

Damping, dirty surfaces, toilet flanges, sink leaks, and lack of enough ventilation can make the bathroom grow molds and mildew, which might seem like a sewer. Addressing these issues on time will be safe for you and your family. This can be done by wiping off the surfaces by using disinfectants. If you keep linens and towels in the bathroom, clean them regularly, air them outside, and clean the curtains.

Clean and dry off any wooden furniture in the bathroom; porous materials like combs’ should also be thoroughly cleaned. Ensure you clean the sinks regularly, especially if you use them occasionally; scrub with a brush both inside and outside. After that, pour hydrochloric acid or any other commercial cleaning detergents in the holes, leave it for some minutes, and clean it off with warm water. Call a professional to inspect the sinks, pipes, and vents if the smell persists. However, if the icky smell does not fade off, try using hydrogen sulfide, and after cleaning up, spray the air fresheners to invite an amazing smell.


Damaged toilet


Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sewage?


The sewer gas might sneak into your bathroom because your toilet is probably damaged as it’s subjected to wear and tear. Wax sealing that has been used on the base of the toilet can be worn out hence becoming loose, allowing air to escape out, causing sewerage smells to seep into the bathroom. To work well with the wax base, ensure the toilet is emptied before removing the broken wax base, and wear gloves when addressing the issue so that you may not injure yourself. Be keen to notice any minor cracks in the toilet bowl because they lead to water leaks from the toile p trap. If your toilet is damaged in any way, it is recommendable to call an expert to fix it as soon as possible.



Full septic tank


You will notice the sewerage smell if the septic tank is connected to the drainage system. This can indicate a full septic tank because, after some time, you will notice bubbles from the toilet drains, which later may become sluggish. The only solution to avoid the smell is to drain the septic tank. Do a regular check to notice the level of the septic tank so that you are not caught unaware. So, before you can confirm in any other place where the smell may be coming from, the septic tank may be the area of concern.


The smell from a shower drain


Sediments like dead skin cells, hair, and shower gel form daily due to showering. This debris can get clogged into the sink or drains, resulting in a bad odor or slow water leaks. If water is not drained after taking a bath, it’s high time that you have to clean up the bathroom to unclog the drain. Use a screwdriver to open the drain and take off any debris. Then pour hot water mixed with vinegar since it will loosen the buildups and make them drain with ease. If the water doesn’t flow, you need to call an expert to examine and address the underlying issue. Keep in mind that it is important to always ensure your bathroom drain is closed fully to avoid these smells from taking over your space. With that you can ensure the smell is not felt at all.


How to fix bad smell emanating from the bathroom


There are different techniques and products you can use whenever you are experiencing a bad smell in your bathroom. This includes the use of baking soda, vinegar, lemon, fresh coffee grounds, vanilla and more. For example, the fresh coffee grounds can easily absorb any odors around your bathroom. All, you need to do is to dry it and place them on a cloth bag in your bathroom. After some time, you will feel the reduction of the smell. A mixture of lemon and vanilla adds a sweet and fresh fragrance to your bathroom. On the other hand, a slice of bergamot is a better and convenient way of reducing the odors in your bathroom. They are essential oils that are not harmful. This requires you to cut it into half pieces and place them in different containers at different corners of your bathroom. You can as well use other products such as onions, pandan leaves, lemon grass and fragrant charcoal. However, these do not last longer since they are work around solutions and not long term deodorizers.



Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Sewage? If you notice a sewerage smell in the bathroom, act upon it as soon as possible because it can lead to serious health problems. Bathrooms should remain clean, fresh, and comfortable since they are private rooms for bathing and relaxation when setting up your body. Remove debris, molds, and mildew, and thoroughly clean the drains if you notice the smell. An expert should fix clogged vents and pipes. The wax ring base should be replaced if broken, and drain the septic tank is connected to the drainage system. Use hot water fixed with vinegar to pour in sinks or drains to unclog the vents and remove bacteria. If you try doing all those activities mentioned and don’t notice any change, it is wise to call an expert to address it on time because it can lead to health risks, and it can be embarrassing to have a smelly room inside your homestead.

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